Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's THAT time again!

What time is that you ask?


And not long after that it's SUMMER OLYMPICS time! It's gonna be one BUSY SUMMER of TV!

So...let's start with TOUR TALK. WHO is going to step up and take this years race? Will it be one of the favorites? I'd have to say that Froome is the top choice thus far, with Contador and Quintana being the other podium contenders. But there are a LOT of up and comers, and being the Tour, anything can and will happen. This year there's no prologue or opening TT to separate and calm the field, so the first week will once again be complete and utter mayhem as anybody who even THINKS they have a chance and their team will be fighting for position near the front...and we've all seen over and over the outcome of that.

I believe the first mountain stage is 7, so the first 6 will likely just be crazy, as nobody wins the tour in the first week, but you can sure lose it. One thing is for sure: it will be a wild and crazy ride so hang onto your hats!

And then the Olympics...I saw on the news last night that Michael Phelps AGAIN qualified...his 5th straight Olympics, which is a record (along with him ALREADY being the most medaled Olympian in US History). Good for maintain THAT level of fitness at this point in his life? Pretty incredible for sure. It was sad for Ryan Locte (sp?)...who was Phelps nemesis in a few races...he apparently pulled a groin muscle not long before the qualifying events and hasn't qualified in any of his races (I believe...I could be wrong as I'm not completely up on current events). I did catch some of the mens Gymnastics qualifying  last week, which was pretty incredible...those guys are just physical GODS! The stuff they do these days...just WOW!

I haven't upped my satellite package yet to get NBCSports...Jeannie said she'd do it for me tomorrow (we have to add the complete Sports package to get the one channel...and we'll be sure to cancel it at the 30 day point so we don't pay for it after the one month minimum requirement.

OK...I need to get rolling here (I'm at work in early today). Please feel free to rant and rave, and certainly express your thoughts on the Tour AND the always I love to hear your perspectives.

Game ON!