Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Test post on

Railway climbing Cuesta grade as seen from the East Cuesta Ridge, 4/9/11

This is a first post at a new site. I'm hoping it eliminates some of the problems I've encountered at And I'm also hoping that when I post pictures they will be IN the post, not at the top. So. Here goes. Test test test.
Looking over the 101 freeway to the West Cuesta Ridge from the East Ridge, 4/9/11
So far, so good. I can change the size of my pictures (I uploaded them in full format, 14mp size, though this appears as large as I can make them in the post. Still it's better than tumblr, AND I can put them IN the post. LIKE IT!
Here's the link to the old IA site to test how links work:

A big test will be to see if I can get in at work AND be able to comment. We shall see. THEN if all that is good I need to work on the site some, make it snazzy and all that. OK...all for now. signing off.


  1. blah blah blah, test test test. We'll see how the comments work.

  2. Well....test comment from far so good!

  3. It appears that I can click on a picture and get a high-rez view...SWEET! I LIKE IT! And it also appears you DON'T have to have a google-account (which is free btw, just need to sign up) to post can use open-ID or a few others (that I know nothing about). Now to work on the look of the site.

  4. If you are interested, here's the story on our launch tonight here at Vandenberg:

    And here's the Mission Control site that is updated step by step all thru launch and the initial 4 minutes or so of flight:

  5. ooh...interesting...the hyperlinks didn't take (for the launch info)..I will look into that.

    For now you can copy/paste them into Explorer.

  6. Test comment from me :)

    LIKE the photos! When I first saw your email I thought "OH NO" Matt has decided to give up on the blog! Whew - so glad that is not the case.

    Seems like everything works well here on my end.

  7. Hey Bro- I like this a lot better than what we had with tumblr.

    Good job!!

    I love the pictures. :-)

  8. I like seems more familiar or something.. :)

  9. Hi Matt! I like it! I love the pictures - how beautiful - I hope to see more outside photos now that you can post them. Agree with Amy, blogspot is more familiar... or something.

    The grammar & spelling police in me needs to advise you that in your header it should be "too inane".

    I am so mad that I missed Paris-Roubaix last Sunday! I have my DVR set to record "cycling" on VS but apparently it was called something else.

    A bit of excitement here at my house - I got a new car! It's an Infiniti G37x and it's bright screaming red! It makes me smile :-)

  10. Good catch Barbara (I just added that little blurt in the header this morning and hadn't caught my faux-pas). Tomorrow is the Amstel Gold...I plan to get up early again and watch the last hour or so on the internet. Such is my cycling viewing life until TDF time when I will temporarily upgrade my Dish contract.

    And your new car: WOW! That's a NICE car! If I had a car like that it would end up with dog hair all over inside sooner or later, no matter how hard I tried Why, just this morning I took the 'family' to the beach for some walkin' about time. On the way home Syd threw up in the back, and NOT even on the old blanket I had strewn over the entire back of my wagon, but on the dang carpet (the blanket had been 'moved' some, allowing JUST enough room to hit my carpet!) I had to stop the car and sop it up w/ a towel as best I could. Now that I'm home I get to try to clean it better...ahhh...the joys of fur-baby parenthood!) I'm too cheap to shell out the bucks for a beautiful car like that (unless it got like 900 mpg). Maybe someday I'll have a sporty car...(insert dreamy sigh here).

  11. I likey very much!!!! It's cleaner than the last site. I've liked other blogs on Blogspot, glad to see you move. An, I too was afraid you were saying so long. Sorry I haven't commented, life has been complicated. I check in every couple of weeks to see how ya'll are, but just look. It makes me feel like I have a home here.

  12. Cat! I was just about ready to send an email to make sure you were OK since we hadn't heard from you in so long. Hope to hear more from you :)

  13. Matt, about the babies leaving hair in the car... my grandmother used to say if you have kids you can't have another damn thing. Goes for the furry ones too! However, the tradeoffs are usually worth it.