Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tour Talk Continues

Wow, the Team TT was as exciting as I expected! And what a way for Garmin to FINALLY win their first stage...a true Team award! Good for them...and then getting Thor in yellow is just icing on the cake. I bet they were pretty happy at the dinner table!

How about Eisel crashing out about 8 seconds into the race? I haven't yet heard if he made the cut or utterly horrible that would be for him and HTC if he is out...I'll keep my fingers crossed he was able to make it...tho it would take the TT of his life to do it. I have to give Alberto credit..he whipped his Spanish boyz into a frenzy and even going first they did pretty great! He will surely not go down without a fight. RS did really good also, which was nice to see.

I am extremely disappointed about Bobke's new role though...he's there in the morning and then a few zany commercials, and that appears to be it. But I DID see TWO new Road ID commercials today and they were dang funny! That's three zany Bobke ads in 2 stages! I wonder how many they made?

I'm starting to recall that July, along with being the awesome TOUR month, is also when I'm beat cuz I'm up early even on the weekends. Though I get the final 2 weeks to watch the episodes at my leisure as Jeannie is going up to Seattle to teach for 3 weeks...I myself head up to LiveSTRONG Davis next weekend, and on Monday I drive home and that's when she fly's north. Not the best handoff, but at least we don't have to pay doggie-sitters. The babies hate it when we go away....I just can't BELIEVE that LS Davis is already here...gosh...seems like I had MONTHS, and all of a sudden I drive up on Friday! Never been there before (Davis), but it will be a grand time I'm sure! Angie (aka Rocket Girl) has arranged a private tour of the Bicycle Hall of Fame on Friday evening for Team Fatty, along with a dinner. THAT will be pretty awesome! Then Saturday is hang out at LiveSTRONG village and such I assume, and maybe if we're lucky we can scrounge tickets to the awards dinner/banquet on Sat night....I haven't missed one yet, but I'm at Fatty's mercy as I didn't earn enough for my own tickets. It's been a tough year for fundraising as we have been SO busy at work...but so it goes. I do what I can.

OK...enough on that...I can't think of anything else off the top of my head...but figured we needed a new playground to yak fills up pretty QUICK in July!

OH...just checked my Fantasy team...I'm down in 8647th place with a whopping 497 points. But that's only my points for today...I didn't make my team up until last night, and it wouldn't let me add any of my riders for Stage one (which was already over) I guess I lost out completely. I thought they wouldn't count the first stage cuz the teams hadn't all been made and finalized yet...guess I would need to read the rules. Oh well....I'm sure overall my team will get slaughtered. Though I expect to do fairly well in the overall...but who knows...that's the beauty of it...the Tour is a blank slate!

OK...I need some sleep...5:30 is coming up FAST! (I give the broadcast a half-hour so I can ff thru the commercials)...around 7am I need to head out on my 4th of July road ride...going out EARLY cuz it's been HOT inland all of a sudden...summer truly is here. It's about time too!



  1. I'm wondering if Bobke's roll might change once the NBC weekend show isn't on? (Which I think was only today and yesterday - not sure about next week). I do like the history they have spliced in, especially the 7-Eleven stuff today - that was super. But if Bob isn't doing much in the prime time show...what will he be doing all day?!

    And yes, those Road ID commercials are funny. They filmed them during ToC. Cute!

    Up at five again tomorrow. And either Tues or Wednesday is 4:30! Nope, not gonna do it for a sprint stage!!

  2. I was hoping the same thing, Cathy, that the evening short broadcasts were because they put together those afternoon NBC programs and just used then again. I did love the 7-11 piece too. I wasn't aware of all of the drama in the first 3 days of that Tour!

    I had meant to talk about those RoadID commercials yesterday - they completely crack me up because Bob is such a nut! I love them. I've seen 4 different ones so far - think my fave might be with P&P.

    Garmin!!!!! Wooooo Hoooooo! They were exceptional today and so deserved their first Tour stage win (times 9!!). JV looked like a little kid during podiums and I know that this is the realization of a long-held dream for him. It was really a nail-biter too. I can't imagine what it was like waiting in the bus to watch all of the favorite teams take the course after you!THRILLED for them!!

    Got my DVR today!! Hooray! This will REALLY change how I can watch the stages and the HD is incredible :)

    I'm really enjoying Frankie in his videos. Definitely filling some of the gaps left by VN.

    So glad you're here too, Barbara and Amy!!

  3. Just got back from my 4th of July ride...I was a different animal conditions nearly identical to Saturdays (where I was so weak my shadow dropped me at the half-way point and finished 15 minutes ahead of me). Whether it was my eye ointment or not, SOMETHING was drastically different...cuz I set my best time of the year (a full 19 minutes faster than the same exact ride I suffered thru on Sat). coincidentally, the last time I used my eye stuff was on Sat...(morning and night) I had about 36 hours to clear it out of my system... and I rocked it today. I'll continue to use the stuff at night the next few...just had to try that experiment. I can't come to any other conclusion as to what was shutting me down.

    I only watched the first hour and a half of todays live broadcast (had to get out on my ride early cuz it's HOT inland again). Talking about the TTT yesterday, I realized this morning that I TOTALLY dissed Cadel and BMC...they had a HEROIC ride yesterday...and I FORGOT! SO very sorry Cadel! It was a total surprise that they would do THAT good. In fact I was dying that one of my 4$ guys on my fantasy team is Jeff Louder (BMC)...and I had him on the BENCH yesterday! RATS!! I hadn't thought it through and had one of my Katusha guys activated....and I knew they wouldn't be in the top 5 or so. That fantasy stuff is HARD.

    OK...on with my chores (gotta give all the babies their baths, then get laundry going, and yesterday I washed/waxed both I hope to do's been a while since my car has seen anything but dog hair. Later today I'll watch the rest of the stage.

    Congrats on getting your DVR really changes the TV now works FOR you. I like it that you set up your shows to record so easily, and the pausing live TV is just the BOMB! I do it all the time, then I can FF thru the dang commercials (except for the Road ID w/ Bobke). Tonight is steaks on the feast! OK...time for chores. Later gaters!

  4. Loved the TTT as always, happy it is back in the Tour. It is just beautiful. Yay Garmin! Yay BMC! HTC and the SHACK! Showing the rest how it is done!

    I am watching today's stage now,(so glad it is the longer version, and liking the format so far) and wondering if my fantasy team did well. Tonight is the last chance to make changes in the roster--I picked Petacchi as one of my sprinters (along with Farrar and Huschovd), but after seeing him quit during the intermediate sprint today, I am questioning his form. Maybe I should go with JJ Rojas? I really am not sure about Thor, either. He's been pretty quiet all season, and doesn't seem to have the sharp end of his sprint anymore as he did on Credit Agricole. Neither has Boonen, it seems.

    for GC I picked Cadel (of course) and Horner. I've got Gilbert, and an array of midpointers that tend to go for stage wins, like Martinez, Moncoutie, Casar and Iglinsky. BUT now I am having lots of second thoughts. Maybe I should also go for a few more high ticket GC and sprint guys and fill out with cheaper picks. I would pick at least 30 of these guys if I could! but by the middle of week 2 I will be forgetting to tweak the roster and entering the slow spiral of fantasy DS failure!

    I've got 4 days off now, so I can check out Frankie's videos, enter contests, and watch replays to my heart's content (oh I'll get a few chores done now and then!) Re contests, does anyone remember yesterday's code word? I didn't catch it.


  5. Hey Rae...code words so far: Breakaway, Aerodynamic, and Sprint. (I sign up under both my work and home email addresses, so I get TWO spins per day...not that it has EVER helped me win so much as a freaking water bottle over the years).

    Just finished watching todays stage...SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!

    blah blah blah,

    jabber jabber jabber

    yak yak yak

    OK..hope that is enough space for anyone who hasn't seen who won yet...

    WAY TO GO TYLER!! Man is Garmin Cervelo on FIRE! No wins, and now claiming stages TWO AND THREE! Ya' just KNEW it was gonna happen...I think the dam has burst now and it's going to be real fireworks between Garmin and HTC. I liked it that Thor in yellow provided's just always cool to see the yellow jersey out in front sacrificing himself (I think back to Fabian last year leading up climbs for Andy). I will anxiously await the time (maybe TOMORROW?) when Tyler gives THOR a leadout and HE wins a stage..THAT would just be a thing of beauty that will cement their 'help each other achieve great things' relationship.

    I didn't get to find out what happened to Cav...if he got shut-out briefly or what...he just disappeared from behind his amazing leadout, yet out of the mist somehow
    still finished 5th.

    Well...quite a day...wish I had a few more days off...the 3 days was nice (I don't get many long weekends).

    Oh, JD, I'd suggest setting your DVR for tour recordings to go over at LEAST 30 minutes each day (it's one of your settings)...I learned that the hard way by missing the end of a few stages when they go long and I don't watch it till the next day, where I find I missed the end and the prime time is also past. Not much worse than watching a stage the next day, and it being in the last few k of a stage and it cuts out.

    OK...hope everybody had a great 4th of July! Happy Birthday America!

  6. Tour de France GC so far : CATTLE : 3, Pistol Punk : 0

    Ironic! Cows of the World Fight Back!

    If Cadel actually wins this thing, I don't think I'll EVER be able to stop laughing! And cheering!

    My 2nd fave part today was that AC actually thought he won & throws up his arm. HAHAHAHAHA. My fave part of course is that CATTLE beat 'im! Flashback to last year's Fleche Wallone!

    Have to give it up to Thor for staying with the GC guys at the end. WOW! Wish I'd seen more than 1 Shacker though. At this pt, I don't know who it was but HOPE it was Horner. I think I did see the other Shackers right behind the 1st group. Hope so.

    I've spent the morning listening to the Eurosport guys while printing out lots of web stuff to read tonight! So far, this Tour has been GREAT! YEAH for Garmin's win in the TTT & I cried when Tyler won the sprint. So happy for both! Watched both stages repeatedly over the last 2 days.

    And GOOD GOD, Todd Gogowski is on the Prime time coverage & Frankie not on at all?!!! WHO THE H&LL is in charge of Vs/NBC?!!!

  7. SPOILER ALERT! Contains stage info. Don't read if you haven't watched yet!

    Great effort by Alberto today, taking the first of many opportunities to TRY and gain back any seconds he can. Showing his frustration at the end for missing the stage win bodes well for his continued fighting spirit. Best part is that when on the offensive he controls the moment he strikes and the others are forced to respond whether they feel like it or not. Only Evans and Kloden were in the final selection with him today; the others losing 8 seconds on the stage, including the other three leaders from my team. Horner's statement at the end of the stage shows he isn't too worried at this point. He did say it was the hardest 2k he'd done in his life. It looked like it!

  8. Susie b!! ROFLOL!!!

    Another great end to the stage today -- how nice that the first week is no longer a throwaway! Loved the effort by Contador, and seeing Gilbert and Thor stay up with the front group!

    Hmm, could this FINALLY be Klodi's year? Did Levi and Horner make a pact--Levi supports Horner for ToC, and vice versa for the Tour de France? Who is going to be the biggest surprise (Cunego?)--and the biggest disappointment?

    Todd Golgowski annoys me for no discernable reason--I haven't actually heard him say anything awful yet! Although I wasn't impressed with him in other race broadcasts. And he reminds me of the character Alastair from "As Time Goes By"! But I am liking the other new guy so far, he seems to have good chemistry with Bobke and also seems to know cycling--as Hummer did not. Robbie will ask good questions in the interviews so I like that, but would like to see more of him. And YAY for getting rid of that lame "prediction jersey" segment.

    But now that P&P are on the evening show, I may do more listening to Eurosport in the mornings--I do like their perspectives.

    Those RoadID commercials--VAST improvement. Haven't seen any other TdF-specific commercials yet--I still have some favorites that I remember from past years!

    Janann-Matt--did you alter your teams at all? I ended up keeping Petacchi (I think I will regret that, sacrificed Goss to do so) but did add Rojas (I've had him on my season-long team already) and most of the mid-pointers were replaced with bench-sitters. Having the competition for green REALLY go on through all stages altered the strategy. But I stayed up way too late doing this, I think my inner nerd was in full control!


  9. Don't miss Horner's Tour blogs. Here's today's link to paste into your browser: (sorry, don't how to make it active on Matt's playground

  10. Rae, you cracked me up with the Todd-Alastair comparison! He annoys me for no good reason too, except that he always seems to be shouting.

    Sorry, but the prediction jersey segment is still on, at least at the start of the morning show.

    It does appear there is some significant stuff added to the evening show, which is back to 3 hours tonight. But no Bobke commentary during the race.

    This Tour has been incredible so far - much more exciting than most first weeks!! Loved the finish "wall" today!

    On another note, I have decided I need a new hybrid bike because mine is too heavy and I am working way too hard on our gravel rides... so I stopped by my LBS today and not surprisingly I am now jonesing for a new road bike AND a new hybrid... hey no problem, I already bought a new car this year!


  11. Barb, you needed the car to carry the new bikes you are getting! I hope the one you got is big enough. ;-)

    I think Todd is annoying because he over-emphasizes all of his words, as though he is explaining everything to a load of us on the short yellow bus! Just watching him form his words and then deliver them makes me laugh. Liam is quite good at playing the every man part so that Bobke can explain things for a wider audience. While I always liked Bob's commentary, I never understood why Versus would pay him to re-do what P&P had already done in the morning show. There is, afterall, only so much to say in describing some of these stages.

    Garmin-Cervelo should hold the jersey for quite awhile now, perhaps another four days. That will really make their Tour for the team, and is so perfect for all the GC teams. Someone is in yellow who is not an overall contender and it will be up to Thor's team to set the pace and work every day. Everyone is happy! Well, except Cadel. I'm sure he wanted yellow, but a stage win will have to do for now.

  12. Wow what a day today! I was a bit annoyed...I was over at Fatty's early and some yahoo put today's stage winner right at the very top of his comment. I try real hard all day long NOT to hear who won so I can go and watch with amazement like it's live.

    But I just finished the stage, and WAY TO GO CADEL! He is showing some real guts, and he must be tickled to death at where he stands right now. OBVIOUSLY everybody is worried about Alberto...but quite honestly I'm not sure we are seeing (at the moment anyway) the same AC we saw last year. THAT AC would have just flew away from the rest on that climb like he was on a friggin' harley! But he gave it a real go and spun out his climbing gear without shedding the rest.

    I was a bit sad not to see Horner in there, but after the finish Robbie talked to him and he had a flat earlier and buried himself getting back into position, and then was out of gas for the sprint climb. Even so he is only down 18 seconds I think...same w/ Levi. Klodi is down what, 12 secs? Shack is hanging real tough and has some SERIOUS cards in their hand.

    And Frank...he stayed with the group while Andy dropped off a big deal surely but interesting.

    And Barbara, I couldn't agree more about FINALLY the first week is exciting in it's own merit, and not just because it's le Tour. This time last year I'm zooming thru these stages at 300x speed...not this year! (I did zoom thru just a bit today, but that was mostly cuz Jeannie was almost home and I am doing my best no to annoy her with hours of Tour every single night).

    Also, the talk about the officials relegating both Thor and Cav yesterday at the intermediate sprint...what garbage! They are really getting TOO tight...quite honestly Cav had the wheel and Thor was trying to get in on it, which is what happens during sprints. Cav didn't do a head-but, it looked like he more leaned over into Thor so-as to NOT be pushed out of his hard-fought position. I don't see that either of them did anything worth relegating them. Last year they took away the green jersey from Cav with their relegation...only that one was at least for an actual infraction...tho he really got punished harder than I think they should have...but hey, they aren't asking my opinion I guess. Still I think it was too much.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    And on a non-tour related subject (GASP!)...what about THE verdict today? I didn't watch the trial (cuz I have better things to do) but Jeannie did and she was quite certain she was guilty. But watching Gretta tonight (I really like her..she seems very fair and logical about things), she just points out that WE say a diff trial than the actual jury. It's a good reminder that everybody needs to keep in mind. I think the defense dude did an excellent summation (I did watch some of that over the weekend, mostly cuz Jeannie was watching it). I though the prosecution's entire case was pretty much "we have a body, and the mother is a liar liar pant's on fire". Again, just my 2 cents. No idea if justice was served or not. But at least she was innocent until PROVEN guilty, rather than the opposite.

  13. ooh..a typo down in the bottom of my comment (should read "we SAW a diff trial than the actual Jury").

    So far can't find a way to edit even my OWN comments here...there MUST be a way. Oh well...still I really like things here at blogspot very much overall!

  14. Oh, and my haste I forgot to give huge props to Thor for hauling himself up there and keeping yellow...I thought SURE he would lose it, but I guess the Mellow Johnny does indeed give you wings!

    It was VERY close though...cuz there was actually a gap of more than a bike length at the finish from Cadel/Alberto and the rest...but they are usually fairly generous in the sprints as to what constitutes a time-gap.

    Other than the emotional lift of having it (and living forever in the anal's of cycling history showing how many days a person wore yellow), he's prob better off not....won't have to waste the team and I think he will be needing them in days to come in a HUGE way to keep the other contenders under wraps. Also I LOVED George's humongous leadout to the base of the final climb...he really turned himself inside out...he is just such a class act...Cadel is VERY lucky to have him!

  15. I don't understand that verdict either. The remains were found with duct tape!! The accused admitted that she knew the child was dead, claiming she drowned -- and of course the response of a "reasonably good mother" would be to duct tape the child and bury her in the woods instead of calling 91l! combine that with the 911 phone call from her mother. Yes, circumstantial, but still strong enough.
    From the (admittedly few) comments I've read, it sounds like the jury misunderstood the requirements for a conviction. They wanted NO doubt, which of course is impossible.

    I will admit that I haven't followed the trial and could be unaware of something; but really--!

    Isn't a shame that there is so little reward for the breakaway riders? Do they get something for being "most aggressive rider of the day" Have to admire Tommy V. for ALWAYS putting it out there!

    Yes, Cadel is lucky, and I think he is really happy at BMC, even with the questions surrounding a couple of team members.

    I do wish Movistar's luck would change though. If they keep on like this the whole team will be out before stage 10--and they have certainly suffered enough this season!

    Barbara, I must be tuning in at just the right time to miss that waste of time!


  16. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! Contains stage 5 info.

    Jani Brajkovic is out, injuries are concussion, probable fractured collar bone and stitches to the head. He'll be ok but going home. No one trains as hard as Jani and he was in great shape and totally prepared for this Tour. It's such a shame he will miss his chance.

  17. When's the last time you can say you saw the yellow jersey as lead out man in a bunch sprint? Way to go Thor and Tyler. Redefining the way things can be done!

  18. Waddy, Hi! It's been a while... maybe like a year?

    This morning I was looking through the VeloNews "Official Tour Guide" and noticed that for the first 4 stages, the actual winner was the one they predicted to finish SECOND. Pretty funny! Today, however, they hit it right with Cav.

    Another topic - I just finished Jill Homer's new book, Be Brave, Be Strong, about riding the Tour Divide. READ IT! It is an amazing story and she writes SO well. She excerpted a chapter on her blog on Sunday (July 3) - go read it.


  19. You're so right, Waddy (and welcome back!) Thor has displayed the utmost in professionalism and heart in this race! Seeing him lead out Tyler for his first stage win was a great sight and then seeing him haul himself up the last hill to the line among the favorites and climbers competing for GC was amazing. He is winning himself more fans by the day.

    I was cheering for Thomas V today, but was ultimately happy that Cav won in such a commanding style. Its amazing how so many people decide that he "doesn't have it" this year when he doesn't win a stage or two - when it takes many riders a lifetime to get a stage win at the Tour if at all. Great ride by Cav today.

    Rae - I literally laughed out loud when you talked about geeking out and spending a late night on your fantasy team. I did exactly the same thing! I decided to keep the guys that I had and see how things shake out. I did the same thing that you did Matt with Jeff Louder - on my bench for the TTT. Oh well. I really almost never remember to actually change out riders for each stage which is why I just went with as many big names as I could afford so I could just leave them in the entire race :)

    CRAZY crashes today. i was holding my breath for poor Janez when he was semi-conscious on the road like that. So glad that it looks like he'll recover (thanks for the update Cathy). poor kid.

    Gotta concur with everyone about the first week of the Tour. EXCITING! I love the way that they set it up this year. Wasn't it amazing, in one of the first stages of the Tour, to have almost every singe GC contender fighting their way up that short finishing climb the other day? Love it. Courageous ride by Boonen today after having a nasty crash and riding alone for most of the day, trying to make the time cut. Hope he can continue.

    Day for a break tomorrow? Let me guess.....Jeremy Roy???


  20. Hey Waddy...long time, no hear! Welcome back!

    Wow, it was total havoc out there today...JUST finished watching the stage (it's almost 10pm)...I forgot the part of how little sleep I get in July every year. Tonight was ride night after that makes it a later than usual viewing. But it was a spectacular day here...on the coast on base where we rode it was almost hot..which is very rare...and LIGHT winds...even rarer!

    Good on Cav to notch his first win this year...I didn't see Tyler in there at all at the end. Also didn't hear what happened in the intermediate sprint, but Cav totally got screwed...Rojas moved clear across the road, pushing Boonen and totally cutting off Cav.

    And speaking of Boonen...nice to finally hear his name! He did good on the intermediate, but that crash is gonna take a lot out of him...he really fought hard to finish and I applaud that. I like to see guys gutting it out when things get hard.

    And I was chuckling at the end, when they were interviewing Cadel..he had a towel wrapped around his neck and something about him just cracked me up...(he had more chin's than a Chinese phone book came to mind). But he's fighting a real great fight this year and I truly applaud him too.

    As to Jani, gosh that is a matter how well he would have done (ie: good enough to be 'THE MAN' or not) he would have been an awesome teammate when things go up...But Chris and Levi and Klodi are all doing the right things, and that will be a 3 pronged attack and will be great to see.

    Wow...what a week (not even over yet!) of racing...I'm beat.

    Barbara, I have Jill's new book (signed copy, just like yours I assume) but no time to read it yet. I recall following her SPOT map of that race a few years back...I was up in Sunnyvale working and every chance at a computer I"d check in to see where she was...and listen to her phoned in voice reports every day. I couldn't imagine doing that even then, and after reading excerpts from the book, even less so now! Someday I'll meet her...she now lives just 3 hours up the road...maybe get a chance to have her crush me on the bike one day. I think I have a good chance taking her in something short..around 3 or 4 hours, but her arena is the long slogs...anything much into the 5 plus hours and she would just eat me alive.

    OK...gotta hit it...4:15am comes MIGHTY EARLY! Gotta get those muffins and bagels out for my fundraising!

    Oh, and Cathy, thanks for the "Spoiler Alert" at the top of your comment..I was able to dodge that bullet earlier today when checking it was all a surprise today.

    Later gaters! GAME ON!

  21. Hey Waddy, great to see you! Every time I see or even hear the name ‘Juan Antonio Flecha’ I think of you & your daughter! Hope you & the family are well.

    I am bummed for a 2nd day in row! I was hoping YESTERday would be Shack’s “worst day” at this year’s Tour & now **SPOILER ALERT!*** Levi crashes late on today’s stage & can’t get back to the group so loses 65 seconds. CRAP! At least it looks like he’ll be ok, unlike poor Jani. Man, I teared up yesterday seeing him on the ground like that. And he was in such good form & had been targeting this race ALL year. Poor guy. At least he’s fairly young & has got at least another 5-7 Tours ahead of him. Levi crashed out in the 1st stage back in 2001 or 02. FIRST stage! Seems like all the GC contenders crash out or have to abandon at least once or twice in their Tour careers.

    Speaking of Radio Shack, I have to admit I’d started being concerned a little on SUNDAY’s TTT. They finished in 6TH place?!!! That’s not good for them at all. Sure, it was “only 10 seconds” but the point is that the TTT is where they needed to put time into all the other GCers. Heck, Andy & Frank put time into them! FRANK freakin Schleck! Sure, the Leos had Superman to drag them around that super short course (way too short in my opinion, should have been around 40k & btw, I think the Thigh Master pulled at LEAST 35% of the time for the Leos!), but this was still just not great for RS. And what was even worse is that Saxo had a GREAT TTT for them. How did they do THAT?! They went off 1st , have all those mt goats & still only lost 17 seconds to Shack!

    And now, yesterday with almost the entire team having multiple crashes. Poor Popo is not in the best shape & I hope he’ll be able to recover. The team can’t afford to lose him too! Geez, I’m beginning to think the bad luck last year wasn’t Lance’s so much as Johan’s. He did win 9 Tours as DS/manager so maybe the Tour Gods have said he still needs to 'be on the bench' a while longer! Wonder what we can do to help appease the Tour Gods?!

    I know, I know, it’s still the 1st week & ANYthing could happen at any time, but I’m being realistic. Unless both Klodi & Horner don’t have the legs on the 1st mt stage, Levi’s chance at being the main guy is over. Well, I love Horner & have grown very affectionate towards Klodi since 2009, so I would love to see either guy on the podium, but d*mn, I wanted Levi to be right up there with them. (I do realize that with this year’s route, Levi’s shot at the win was VERY slim & even the podium would have been difficult. Basically, like CVV, he needed everything to go perfect to have a realistic chance & this is NOT that).

    I have so much I want to chat about! Couldn’t get here the past couple days. Alrighty, the Cav & Thor sprint relegation – too much, should have been a warning. The Rojas & Boonen relegation yesterday – agree on Rojas but not Boonen. Are the commissaires BLIND?! Rojas pushed Boonen almost off the road!

    And speaking of Tommeke – OMG, didn’t your heart almost break for him yesterday?! Poor guy crashed like that & had to go it ALONE, in pain, for at least 20-30K til the team FINALLY sends ONE guy back for him! Sheesh, times have sure changed – just 5 years ago, if Tom so much as sneezed, the entire friggin team would have surrounded him holding out a tissue. Who else on that team were they supporting? Chavenal?! And it’s not like they didn’t know Tom had crashed, heck, almost the entire team went down with him! Anyway, I was mighty impressed with Boonen yesterday. I hope he can hang in there.

  22. Crap, crap, crap! I was finishing another comment when the power died here & so did my computer. Plus, now the internet connection for MY PC does't work! I'm on my assistant's computer but just can't handle his keyboard & mouse, etc, so will come back tomorrow when our PC tech guys will have hopefully fixed mine. Can't frickin believe it!