Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene was nastier than I thought. And also "Team Leopard-Shack"?

Well...Irene didn't appear to be that nasty of a hurricane, but the flooding associated with it was a real shocker to much of the northeast. My friends and family in Virginia emerged unscathed, and my sister in law up in NY/Manhattan says it was pretty much a non-event overall for her. But tell that to the people in Vermont, or Connecticut, or any of the myriad of people in the New England area who lost houses, or roads. Or the people on Hatteras Island in NC who AGAIN lost the roads to their island. I admit I was shocked in the days after by the extent of the flooding. The video of the raging floodwater's in Vermont are just unbelievable! I don't even know how many of the scenic covered bridges the area is famous for are now gone. But it still could have OH so much worse had it been a greater wind category storm. And the season has just begun. Batten down the hatches over there. Susie, I hope things are good...haven't heard from you since last week. I hear there are still MILLIONS of people back east with no power...hopefully you aren't one of them, and your house is unscathed.

And now...on to the cycling rumors. Rae already saw it (thanks for your comment on the last post)...and it prompted me to quickly whip over to VN...and sure enough, it's a full fledged rumor that RS and LT will combine next year. I have to say that is a VERY BAD idea. I LIKE RS being a full blown American team! I have nothing whatsoever against fact, I think it's an awesome team and is chock full of amazing riders! They have NO NEED to merge with another team (IMO). RS looking to get out of cycling? Is this another team going down the drain (albeit slower than HTC)? If this rumor is true, American cycling is getting crushed. Sponsors must really be moving elsewhere with their advertising dollars. That HTC is breaking up just breaks my heart...but for RS to follow by having to join with another team would be crushing. At least it appears BMC is not only hanging in there, but spending money like it grows on trees! Both Thor AND Gilbert? On a team dedicated to WINNING the TDF next year?

I just don't know what to think of this news, though admittedly it's not news yet...only speculation. Tomorrow we should be hearing where ALL the HTC guys are going next year...and I guess Sept 1st is open-door on who goes to where for all the teams. Should be an interesting day....though quite honestly I think that day when everybody can announce their future plans should wait until AFTER the Vuelta.

OK....not a lot going on here at the home front...other than I got word yesterday that I will most likely be heading up to Sunnyvale for a few weeks, leaving on Tuesday (day after Labor Day). Haven't been up there for work in quite a while now....sure can use the overtime we also have news that PG (one of the furry-kids) needs surgery AGAIN. This time for lumps....we had them checked (they suck some cells out of them and see what they are) appears to be a lipoma (a fat blob)....but it's about the size of half an orange just under her belly skin hanging there. The other one is smaller and under her front leg armpit...and it is a pre-cancer thing which they highly recommend we get removed. Somehow she knew I had a trip coming up...seems if there's an extra dollar to be found, either the babies or one of our cars suck it right up...and that's IF we have anything left after the Fed/State governments get thru with us. Sheesh...

OK. That's it from the Central Coast. Oh wait...I forgot...had this from last week but the race in Colo pre-empted me from posting it...thought it was rather humorous (I see I wasn't the ONLY one who thought the media was making a pretty big deal out of the VA Earthquake):

OK, OK...I know that there was actual damage sustained all over the east coast....but I STILL thought this was quite funny!

And finally, there is this....a joke I got on the internet from a friend and made me laugh out loud :

Vatican Humor

After getting all of Pope Benedict's luggage loaded into the  limo (and he doesn't travel light), the driver notices the Pope is still standing on the curb. 
'Excuse me, Your Holiness,' says the driver, 'Would you please take your seat so we can leave?' 
'Well, to tell you the truth, ' says the Pope, ' they  never let me drive at the Vatican when I was a cardinal,  and I'd really like to drive today. ' 
'I'm sorry, Your Holiness, but I cannot let you do that. I'd lose my job! What if something should happen?' protests the driver, wishing he'd never gone to work that morning.
'Who's going to tell?' says the Pope with a smile. 
Reluctantly, the driver gets in the back as the Pope climbs in behind the wheel. The driver quickly regrets his decision when, after exiting the airport, the Pontiff floors it, accelerating  the limo to 205 kph. (Remember, the Pope is German) 
'Please slow down, Your Holiness!' pleads the worried driver, but the Pope keeps the pedal to the metal until they hear sirens.

'Oh, dear God, I'm going to lose my license -- and my job!' moans the driver. 
The Pope pulls over and rolls down the window as the cop approaches, but the cop takes one look at him, goes back to his motorcycle, and gets on the radio. 
'I need to talk to the Chief,'  he says to the dispatcher.
The Chief gets on the radio and the cop tells him that he's stopped a limo going 205 kph.

'So bust him,' says the Chief.

'I don't think we want to do that, he's really important,' said the cop.
The Chief exclaimed, 'All the more reason!'
'No, I mean really important,' said the cop with a bit of persistence.
The Chief then asked, 'Who do you have there, the mayor?'
Cop: 'Bigger.'
Chief: 'A senator?'
 Cop: 'Bigger.'
Chief: 'The Prime Minister?'
Cop: 'Bigger.'
'Well,' said the Chief, 'who is it?'
Cop: 'I think it's God!'
The Chief is even more puzzled and curious, 'What makes you think it's God?'

Cop: 'His chauffeur is the Pope!'
And with that, I say Game ON!


  1. Well, here I am procrastinating instead of studying for my trauma recert!

    Today is quite cool (feels cold actually after the close to 100F we had Saturday) and gray; I had hoped for a beautiful day for running but now it will be a case of forcing myself out after I get my "homework" done and visit Mom in the nursing home. We should have some nice days before the storms from tropical storm Lee gets here. I spent the afternoon sleeping yesterday (don't know why I was so tired) so now I am behind on mowing. The crabgrass is setting seed and I need to seal the driveway. Seems like I just washed the windows but it is time to do it again! Oh, and the neighborhood racoon visited my neighbors trash cans again last night--there is trash all over my side yard-- he has picked up the cans but didn't pick up the trash! Why does he do that? This is not the first time! Someone please remind me why I wanted to own a house?

    Our "babies" are expensive but worth it, aren't they Matt? My 2 cats are getting elderly (18 and 15 years old) and one of them has taken to using the floor next to the litter boxes; I've cleaned, put down plastic, tried to block off the area, but whichever one it is, is persisting. I HATE to have my house smell like that! The oldest one is very very skinny, doesn't have much appetite anymore, and is starting to have trouble jumping up onto the back of the sofa (her spot). The vet says it is just old age.

    Well! We still don't know where Cav and Levi are landing, or Oscar Freire; BMC has scooped up TJ van G. and Pinotti, Greenedge has signed Robbie Mc. (I am so glad for that, but sad that it is official--this will be his last season, in fact only half a season riding).

    I support BMC as one of the "home teams" to be sure, as you know, but I don't want to see one team be much stronger than others. HTC was dominating in sprints but just competitive elsewhere so they still interested me. Hmm, I don't think BMC has a strong sprinter, do they? I don't really think of Thor as a bunch sprinter anymore. I wonder how it will work out with Cadel, Thor, and Gilbert; in fact, I wonder how the worlds will go with Thor and Gilbert both gunning for the win!

    Watched the Vuelta stage finish yesterday. Man, I would have had trouble WALKING up those inclines! Some of the motos stalled because of the steepness! The fans were out in force but pretty well behaved (I saw plenty of police making sure of that!). With my fantasy team members (Nibali, Anton, Van den Broeck) pretty much out of contention, along with Zubeldia (usually an unsung top ten finisher) I don't really have anyone to cheer on--I've never warmed to Wiggins, I've "guilt by association" feelings about Cobo, and Froome is an unknown to me -- guess I will go with Froome--he could be closer or in the jersey if he hadn't been working for Wiggins up til now, and he is a young surprise. also Mollema--just because he is Dutch!


  2. Oh, and Janann, how was your drive home? Hope all is well, you are recovered from your adventures and have more pics to show us!

    L'Equipe today says the merger between RS and L-T is for sure, and that most of the L-T squad (outside of the core stars) will be the ones looking for new jobs. Another person commented that he though it was tacky for L-T's main backer to enable the gutting of Saxo Bank then back out after only a year (because Andy didn't win the TdF?) and I have to agree with that...although I realize that L-T was supposed to find a co-sponsor but didn't. I wonder if Trek is wanting to consolidate and sponsor just one team as a name sponsor a la BMC.

    Will Chris Horner be back to just being a super-domestique on this new squad? I hope not, he has been showing his leadership abilities (although not his ability to stay uninjured!)

    And will our Cathy have a job with them next year? I hope so!


  3. Well, one of the shoes has dropped...

  4. (Press Release)

    RadioShack-Nissan-Trek Cycling Super Team Links Top Riders and Sponsors

    Team will feature top riders from Team RadioShack and Leopard-Trek

    5 September 2011 – As announced earlier today, CSE Pro Cycling LLC is proud to announce that RadioShack and Nissan are joining the Leopard-Trek World Tour Team as sponsors for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The team will hold a license in Luxembourg and be named the RadioShack-Nissan-Trek Professional Cycling Team. All marketing operations will be operated out of Austin, Texas by CSE Pro Cycling LLC. All sporting operations will be managed by Johan Bruyneel Sports Management in both Belgium and Luxembourg.

    • The team will continue to represent LIVESTRONG in the global fight against cancer.

    • Key Riders on the Team will be: Time trial World Champion Fabian Cancellara; Andy and Fränk Schleck, the second and third place finishers at the 2011 Tour de France; Tour of California Champion Chris Horner; two-time Tour de France runner-up Andreas Klöden; respective national champions Matthew Busche, Jani Brajkovic, Nelson Oliveira and Robert Wagner; standout neo-pros Jesse Sergent and Ben King; all-around powers Jakob Fuglsang and Haimar Zubeldia; and sprinter Daniele Bennati.

    • The staff and roster will be a combination from the current formations. Further details and specifics will be released by September 15th.

    “With our sponsors’ continuing commitment and the professionalism of our riders, I’m confident that RadioShack-Nissan-Trek will dominate cycling for years to come,” said Johan Bruyneel. “With Team RadioShack, we won 30 races and dominated the most important American races in 2011. Now thanks to the presence of riders like Fabian Cancellara and the Schleck brothers, we have the potential to win not only Classics and major stage races but Grand Tours as well. We will form a team of 30 riders, in regulation with the UCI rules. All contracts with riders and staff that are already signed with Team Leopard-Trek or Team RadioShack will be respected. We are grateful our sponsors believe in this project. This is a great milestone for our team and our global sport."