Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pigskin fever!

Well, cycling season is all over but for the crying...and I know most of you aren't big fans here, but it's FOOTBALL TIME!

So far this season my teams are doing great! In college ball Michigan is off to a big THREE and 0 start, after knocking off Notre Dame last weekend (HUGE GAME!) and E. Michigan yesterday.  I caught the 4th quarter of the ND game here in my hotel room here in Sunnyvale after was a roller coaster ride of scoring, and I think any adjoining rooms were wondering if I had a party going on here!) I was working again yesterday so only got to see highlights of the E. Mich game. And their evil nemesis Ohio State LOST yesterday to the Miami Hurricanes (Sorry Barbara)...which also had me cheering wildly! Navy ALMOST knocked off a very high ranked team....they were SO CLOSE to knocking off tenth ranked South Carolina...that would have been UNBELIEVABLE...but alas, they came up OH so short. Still an awesome performance for the Midshipmen of Annapolis!

And Susie (haven't heard from you in a while...hope all is well over/up there), so very sorry about your Terps yesterday...they came up just short of the ranked West VA Mountaineers...

And the Raiders...they knocked off Denver IN Denver last Sunday...that was HUGE! We are actually looking pretty good this year for a change! I have high hopes this year....But as always it's going to be a LONG road.

OK..enough football. I'm still sitting in a hotel up here in Sunnyvale...started off 2 weeks ago on the Graveyard shift, worked that for 3 nights then was moved to the day shift. That didn't work out so good for me...too many managers and such wandering around during the day slowing down or stopping progress...(funny how that works...there must be some kind of formula for the number of mangers on hand proportionally slowing progress).

And for some reason I seemed to have some kind of issue with the highbay manager....she seems to HATE me.... and my life on days has been living hell all week.....she is in charge of deciding who works what jobs. I keep getting assigned to what I have lovingly named the "Furniture Moving Crew", which is stuff that needs to be done (I guess) but is a far cry from building spacecraft. I would be ok with it if she treated me like a person...howver my 'orders' are to report back to her when I complete a job and need re-tasking, however.... she seems highly annoyed when I do that, and seems to find even crappier jobs for me to keep me out of her hair. Yet if I DON'T report back and go find actual work on a spacecraft on my own (thus keeping out of her hair), she eventually finds me and barks at me like I'm a kindy-garter kid (This isn't just me in this situation, but also Greg... the other guy I came up here with). On Friday we had both pretty much had it with this lhorrible situation...I was biting my lip pretty hard not to snap, but Greg  did...he fired off a lovely email to our boss saying he'll work thru the weekend but on Monday he's packing his car and going home. I gather he (our boss) knew we were in tough straits here after his email, and was transferring Greg back to the graveyard shift starting tonight (Greg got first dibs on it as he was originally assigned the graves before I was)....but he says he's had enough and is still going home, so the boss said I can have his'm AWAY from the Dragon lady and the day-shift! Which is bittersweet...cuz the weekend shifts are awesome! (she doesn't work weekends, and we get assigned to the "A" teams...yesterday was a blast working on flight hardware again!)

No work for me today (sunday) first day off since I got up here 2 weeks ago... so am going for a long'ish road ride thru Half Moon Bay today. Never been on any of this ride hopefully the roads are decent and the traffic isn't too bad. I figure there's about a 20 to 30 mile stretch of Hwy 1 along the coast, and a good bit of climbing on Skyline drive. I'm kind of winging it, have no idea how far it will actually be...but I need to be back soon enough to TRY to get a few hours shuteye before going in at 11pm tonight for my first Graves shift. I am assuming the ride will be around 60 to 70 miles...but that's totally a guess.

And on the home front, PG had her surgery on Friday...lumps removed, and dental work (who knew doggie-dental was such a big thing?) She had 2 lumps was a pretty good sized lipoma thing ...about the size of half an orange...the other was much smaller but he cell-sucking test said that was possibly a pre-cancer blob and should be removed. So, she is home and doing well Jeannie says. I sure miss the family...been gone 2 weeks, only 2 more to go. A month is a LONG trip tho...

OK...time for breakfast and then get out there on the bike!



  1. Bah football! It is WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS week!

    Just heard Gesink is out--crashed and broke a leg in training. Although, I don't think he was favored to win.

    Still don't know where Cav will be riding. Is he hoping to be able to announce after he WINS the WC?

    I had a co-worker, who was my charge nurse many nights, fairly early in my career, who for some reason took a dislike to me. She took every opportunity to make me look bad, instead of helping me learn the ropes, and would not speak to me unless she had to! To this day I don't know why. I was new--don't know how I could possibly have offended her! Or have been a threat to her --except I WAS better looking ;)! I finally had to refuse to work with her -- told the manager to make sure that we were not scheduled on the same shifts because in an intensive care unit, that was staffed with only 3 nurses, we couldn't afford to have that kind of silliness going on. Crazy. Maybe that manager felt that you threatened her position or credibility somehow. Hope that you get through the nights okay. The shift does have its good points-- but I find sleeping in the daytime nearly impossible.


  2. Matt, just to clear things up, I am a ND fan - I dated an alum for 8 years and he left me with this ND thing... The past few years (without the boyfriend) have been a little tough to watch, but one of the best things about being a ND fan is that they're ALWAYS ON. Go Irish!


  3. Hey Barbara...who ISN'T a ND fan deep down? I mean, come ON! RUDY??? HELLO!! (just watched it the other day's one of those movies when you come across it you MUST watch!) They had a good weekend..pulled out a big one! MSU is always a tough game...Michigan go LUCKY against ur guys.

    And Rae...cycling? STILL?? Sheesh...that season just goes on forever! (JUST KIDDING!) Can't believe we still don't know where Cav is going...heard yesterday that Levi is going to Saxo! (from a comment over on Fatty's...haven't verified this anywhere yet tho).

    SO...who's gonna EARN the rainbow road jersey this year? And will Fabian pull it off again in the TT?

    As always, it's gonna be GREAT! Well...I need to head in to work...switched back to graves last night...ahhhh! I'm FREEEEEEE! Heading out for a good mtb ride tomorrow...hope to get in about 5000' climbing. Did a nice road loop on Sunday, took me up top of Skyline Dr, then north and west thru Half Moon Bay, then down Hwy 1, finally back over Skyline. Nice day...tho my butt isn't used to 3 n a half straight hours in the saddle lately...was glad to get off the bike.