Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a heat wave!

Well, I've been home since last Friday (and to be sure, it's GOOD TO BE HOME!). The usual weather down here...chilly, windy, foggy. But TODAY, the winds shifted. We have offshore winds. Offshore meaning coming off the Mojave desert. Even early this morning it was fairly warm out. By this afternoon it was in the 90's here in Santa Maria. You can count the days on one had (seriously) in a year that we hit high 80's and above. Quite rare...but windy. Just hot windy. All around I think most everybody enjoyed it, except maybe our babies. I took them to the park and they were really lollygagging around at the end, and Sydney was WAY behind on the way home...her tongue hanging out about as far as I've ever seen it. And since we've got home they are all lying about in their special places, panting it up. I'd say I feel their pain, but I like it. I MISS being warm, or hot even. I really enjoyed the weather up in Sunnyvale for most of my recent trip. I didn't wear a jacket ONCE the entire time...going to work at 10:30pm or even getting off at 6am. It was T-shirt nice.

I haven't ridden since I got home fact, since my wet mountain bike ride a week ago Tues up in Sunnyvale. Seems I hurt myself after all on my 'near miss' crash. The one that didn't quite happen. I had a good adrenaline rush after nearly going over the edge of the trail nearing the end of the ride...and when I got up after an evening nap for work that evening I knew something was wrong. My neck was SORE! Neck, upper back..something was tweaked or out of whack. I ended up pumping motrin 800's the entire rest of that week...and it still hurt to even turn my head to look in the side mirrors as I drove. We had a pretty nice weekend here in Santa Maria and I skipped all of it and mostly sat on the couch with a heating pad on my shoulders and neck. It's much better now but still a little sore. I HOPE to ride tomorrow (Thurs) as it's supposed to be another banner day (the projected high is 88 and only 8 mph of wind, which would also be quite rare). Can't pass that kind of day pain or no I'll get out there and see how it goes. We're supposed to be down in the 70's by the weekend, which is STILL above our normal and will be an amazing weekend if it happens. I sure hope so, as I'd like to get out on the Mt bike this weekend and try out my new tires. You see, I treated myself at the end of my month long trip and got new rubber for the mt bike.

New tires on the bike is like new tennis shoes as a kid. You run faster and jump higher. It's the same on the bike. New stuff makes it BETTER. And BETTER is really something, as it's ALWAYS good!

And's October. Halloween is coming quick. Leaves are turning. Fall is here, and soon enough we will once again do the dreaded time-shift. I HATE that time shift. That always signified that winter is at hand. It gets dark early. Yuk. What a waste. Go to work in the dark, and barely have time for an hour ride before dark after. That just STINKS! And it's coming fast. But it's not here yet. So I will do my very best to enjoy the daylight and warm days we have coming our way.

I hope you do the same. Get out there and enjoy. Life is GOOD!


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