Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well...Christmas is only THREE DAYS AWAY! And I am now officially on Holiday VACATION! (our entire shop closes down every year from just before Xmas to just after New Years...which is why I don't get all the other holidays throughout the year such as Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Cinco de Mayo, Flag Day, First day of Summer, Mothers & Fathers Days, Patriots Day, First day of Autumn, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Every full moon day, and  finally Veterans Day like Jeannie does. OK, she doesn't actually get every full moon day off, but it seems like it.

Anyway, I digress. It's almost Christmas time! Can you BELIEVE IT?

Those that have known me for awhile will know that I go to great lengths every year to make my own Christmas card. I have been doing this since 1997. Digging thru my archive of cards (I have every one), it appears I missed 2 years: 2008 and 2009. I only recall missing one year, I will have to figure out if this is true. Anyway, it's fun to read back thru and see what I (we) were doing and such. My 'rhyme' (verse, ditty, ode) has been my hallmark since the beginning. Someday I might go thru and capture them all for a nostalgic mosey down memory lane (to capture them for the blog I have to "print screen", then paste into Photoshop and crop to size for all 4 of the 'pages' (they're all made in Microsoft Publisher using a quarter-fold, so there are actually 4 printed surfaces). 

I guess I should just post the card and shut up. OK, here you go, my 2011 Christmas card, in 4 part harmony (pretend the first part is the cover, then part 2 is when you open it up under the cover, and so on to the back page).

And there you have it.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the loyal the In-mates AND (Out-mates) of the Asylum! I hope your Holidays are spectacular! Stay safe and warm, see you back NEXT YEAR!


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MATT! And Jeannie, Janann, Rae, Barbara, Cathy, Cat & if you're still out there - Theresa & Amy! Plus, your bro! Sorry I've been so absent these past several months, but I HAVE been coming here to read at least twice a week & just LOVE LOVE LOVE the posts & pics! Thanks to you Matt, I got to "live" out a vacation fantasy in Hawaii! A place I've longed to go since I was 7 or 8 & the Bobsey Twins went there (loved my Bobseys!)

    And wow - what a wife! Not only can she hook AND reel in a MARLIN bigger than her hubby (!) but she can BAKE puff pastry & set 'em swimmin'! Seriously, I'm IMPRESSED! Of course, just such a wife is due "DA MAN"! :) :)

    Hopefully, next year I'll be back here chatting as usual! Hey, anybody watching/hearing about my boy TEBOW?! I'm just thrilled! After a year and a half of him not playing much out there in Broncoland & me not being able to see him when he did PLUS having to listen to all those ESPN blowhards trash him month after incredulous month, I am in ecstasy! And watching those ESPN idiots now having to talk NICE about Timmy & try to explain why he keeps winning just about made me pee my pants! And sorry, Matt, but I will now be rooting AGAINST your team the Raiders, as they are in the same division.

    Alrighty, have a safe, healthy & HAPPY holiday season everyone! I've been battling a bad cold/sinus infection all week & I'm hoping it's OUTTA HERE by Sunday! And loved your Xmas card & rhyme, Matt! (Although I think I see from your doggies' faces that THEY wanted to be dashing around the Hawaiian sands too!) :)

  2. Yo Suz...welcome back! Good to know you've been lurking around, even tho we all missed ur rants, er, I mean comments! (GRIN!) On Yer boy Tebow...I've always been a believer (he was way too tough a competitor in college to be a dud in the NFL like so many have predicted (even Bronco's own Elway, who I ALSO hated btw) have been saying. When he was drafted by Denver, I KNEW it was going to be a long time HATE relation for I JUST KNEW he was going to be a GREAT QB. And he is proving all his naysayers wrong week after week...may not be on fire all game but he comes thru and wins when it counts...and I already hate him (in a good way). WHY OH WHY couldn't he go to a diff division?? DAMN DAMN DAMN!! (but HEY HEY HEY!!! WE ALSO have a QB finally!! Been a LONG TIME since we had a REAL QB!

    Next year is gonna be some real fireworks in the AFC West, you can bet your booties on that!) And it's ok to root against my beloved Raiders...makes it more fun that way...we've got a good rivalry going!

    And some AWESOME bowl games coming up too in the next few weeks (Michigan had a pretty amazing season and has a great bowl game even...the Sugar Bowl vs VA Tech...SHOULD be quite a game!)

  3. Hi all you IAers! Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, and New Year's...and whatever else may make you happy this time of year. For me, it's my Christmas present for myself - I am going to the bike shop this week for big-girl pedals/cleats. My favorite part was when the guy asked which bike these are for, and I just ever so casually said, "my Madone". I still love saying that... but I mean, really, how can you ride a Madone with clips & straps? My best riding buddy took a nasty spill (broken ulna, no health insurance, could have been worse, but it was pretty traumatic for both of us) that she blamed on not getting out of her cleats, so that set me back a season on getting them.

    My sister got my Fatty's book for Christmas - what fun! I gave out Jill Homer's book to some of my cycling girlfriends.

    Happy New Year! I am off work till Jan 3, I think I'll go get a massage!