Saturday, April 28, 2012

I've got a Spring in my step!

Colorado Springs, that is. I fly on Monday for most of May (come home on the 24th, just in time to fly to Virginia for Memorial Day). No rest for the weary and all that. I already shipped out my trusty Mt bike, so depending on the work load I HOPE to get in some nice rides. The Springs is a GREAT place for Mt biking!

I no sooner stepped off the plane from England here in California and it was raining, like I brought it with me. It rained on and off most of the week. Between that and my INSANE work, no rides for me. Today (Saturday) I could have gone out, but it was rather windy and the forecast for tomorrow is the same temps but far less Sunday it is.

And so, April is almost over. I feel like I woke up from a coma or something, and the entire year thus far has passed me by. And here goes almost another month. Work in the Springs will be intense...not sure what kind of hours we will be working, but we're under the gun to do a set amount of work by the end of May. No pressure or anything. Just day after day of 'git er done'. We'll see how it goes...I'm optimistic that I'll get enough time off to make shipping my bike worth while.

I do have this picture to share....I HAD been sitting where the small green pillow is. Fur Babies all OVER me. I squeezed out briefly and got this's sure nice to be missed! We've been on a few walks in my week home, but they will once again be all sad Monday morning, as  they don't understand.

OK...speaking of fur-baby walks, it's time to get them out. Have a GREAT weekend, and if you have a moment to spare, check out Jill (Homers) progress in her FOUR HUNDRED MILE Mt bike race: The Stagecoach 400 (down in  So Cal). She's a little over a day into it as I's a link to the race map with spot track locators on it. Over on the right in the list of participants (alphabetical by first name) just hover your mouse over Jill Homer and her SPOT locator will jump around on the map showing her location in relation to all the other can then click on her name and it will take you to her personal progress page. She is SUCH an ANIMAL! I can't fathom doing the rides she does. Here's a link to the race page:

Just peeked in, she's 152 miles into the race, been ON THE BIKE for 22 hours, with 6 hours off the bike. And she has 248 miles to go. Can you IMAGINE?? I can't! GO JILL!

OK. Off to the park. Happy Saturday!


  1. Holy cow Matt! Off to CO already? You _just_ got home!! What a crazy schedule you've had this year.

    Have you gotten to watch any of the spring races at all? I just signed up for a Giro fantasy team at Velogames. I haven't done that one before and haven't had a chance to really look at the rulesor points chart, but it will be fun anyway :) Anyone have faves for the Giro? I'm looking forward to the TTT - I love those.

    Spent the past 2 days at a technology conference in Chicago (actually the burbs) and am exhausted. Just did't get too much sleep :) It is nice to have some training, but I was struck often by how much we DON'T have in my school district. Being in a wealthier area though was probably not the best comparison to us, I guess. Still a bit depressing. We're always trying to play catch up and using technology already considered "out of date" by the private sector. Soldier on.....

    Derby Day tomorrow!!!! LOVE the Derby :)

  2. Hey JD...yes, my schedule is insane lately...but I HOPE to stay home a bit after this one. Haven't seen one LICK of cycling thus far. Had to look at VN to see what the kits look like (the photos from the team intro's for the Giro). I don't even know who's riding to pick from.