Friday, August 24, 2012

Dark Days

Well, unless you live under a rock (like I have been prone to do here and there) you are no doubt aware of the Lance situation. Before I go any further, a friend forwarded me this link to Lances statement and I think everybody should read is the link:


Whether you think he did or didn't, I think the sad part is that he has been convicted by the USADA with no trial. His only option was whether to oppose that conviction and go to arbitration (which we all know is a rigged system where you have to somehow prove your innocence but don't have the legal means to do it as in a trial).

Where all this goes from here is beyond me....I just know that I sure don't see how this will make anything better. Just who will those 7 TDF titles be given to?

Also of note, I can't help but wonder how this will affect LIVESTRONG...their mission has nothing to do with any of this but I'm afraid they will take a serious beating.

There are so many out there who have long ago convicted Lance....I have NO IDEA if he is innocent or guilty...all I know is what I've heard like most everyone else....I'd sure like to see and hear the ACTUAL case against him (and that isn't the case the media have been using for years now...I mean the one with REAL EVIDENCE, not just a bunch of hearsay, he-said, she-said). Sadly, it is USADA's public position that as he declined going to arbitration, that is the same as an admission of guilt (which is exactly what all the media have jumped on and are saying).

All I know for sure is that it's a dark day in cycling. One of the darkest I can recall. I'll be waiting to see how any good comes out of all this. But in the meantime I'll continue to ride my bikes, fund-raise for LIVESTRONG, and enjoy watching whatever races I can.

It will be interesting to see tonight's stage of the US Pro Cycling Tour and see just what Phil and Paul have to say about this.

And so I retreat into my DVR with the Pro Cycling Challenge and the Vuelta. Nothing has changed dramatically in my life with today's announcement, but I still feel like I've been kicked in the gut somehow.

And life goes on.



  1. Yes, I know what you mean, even though I have tended to believe that he did dope (just in the context of the times, to me he is still a fantastic champion even if he did dope); this still makes me sad to see his reputation sullied in this way. Maybe it is better to allow the did-he-didn't-he debate to die down (although, maybe it won't) finally and move on.

    Still, I thought that it would be very cool if the entire peloton were wearing Livestrong bracelets today -- but surely that was a most unrealistic thought -- I noticed that Bobke had his on, though!

    Also, I wonder why the media tend to treat him as the mastermind. Does no one question how he got started, got so entrenched, who created and enabled this "conspiracy" at the beginning? If he did dope, starting shortly after recovering from cancer, eyes really should look toward the ones who guided a, what? 25 or 26 y.o. onto that path.

    Moving on...

    Today's stage in the USPCC was the best yet! So looking forward to the TT tomorrow. and REALLY happy for today's winner!!! and mountain jersey winner too (mixed with a little disappointment, but the final outcome really eases the pain!)

    I will really start paying attention to the Vuelta next week; I just couldn't watch each stage of both races and accomplish some of my other goals -- like getting moving again -- I am up to running (or almost running, I am not very fast) 2 miles again. I used to do 6 regularly so still have a long way to go.


  2. I believe that if you look at any generation of pro athletes in ANY sport, the elite ones are doing whatever they can to get an edge, and always have been. The only real sad part of all this is that nobody is going back after the OTHER elites...Indurain, Mercyx, Lemond...Hinault...does anybody truly believe they were all squeaky clean? Of course, by saying this some will say I'm just sour grapes and trying to sully the reputation of the best there ever were...I just believe that it's most likely very difficult to be THE BEST without finding an edge...however that said, I also believe that there ARE those who come along every now and then in every sport who ARE that much better than the rest, who are forced to cheat to TRY to catch up. MAYBE, just MAYBE Lance AND all the other greats truly were those people...I'd like to think so. I know that just because Travis Tygart has convicted Lance doesn't necessarily make it so. It also doesn't mean it isn't...only a select few TRULY know the truth here...and sadly, I'm not one of them. No matter what happens out of all this, Lance will still be the winner of those 7 TDF's in my book. much like I still consider Floyd the winner in 06.

    Also, Rae, I agree it's impossible to watch BOTH the PTC and the V stages are stacking up in my DVR and I try my best to NOT hear any news...still need to watch the end of yesterdays PTC stage (5), AND then todays...w/ the final TT tomorrow.

    ne comment on the PTC...back from Stage 2, when TJ won the stage by out-sprinting CVV, I immediately thought to myself "hey...he got a good gap at the finish, 4 or 5 bike lengths...there should be a time gap of a second or so there"...and there wasn't. Didn't really understand that...watching the clock there was clearly at LEAST a 1 sec gap before CVV finished...not sure why BMC didn't protest it that night...waiting until stage 3 (when CVV finished in the same group but ahead of TJ) was too late. Not sure how that will all play out in future stages...Garmin has been having a GREAT race for sure...LOVED that Tommy D interview w/ Bobke after the finish when he won...he was a RIOT! When he grabbed Bobke and said "give me a kiss" and kissed Bobke's head...what a nut! (I mean that lovingly!)

    No matter how it turns out, it's been some GREAT racing right here in the US...only sad I'm not there!

  3. Lance Armstrong won those seven races because he was Lance Armstrong. If he had not been there, some other guy using performance enhancers would have won. I really don't get what these people are thinking. He played by the rules (Their rules) and passed their tests. He made America once again a cycling nation and has done so much good and yet...

    I really don't get it. They cheapened and invalidated our sport and like you say, Matt: what good will come of it? Who wins?

    I don't know. Just dropped by to say hello.

    1. Hey TJ...can't you tell? Cycling is cleaner now...the problem is solved. we can be assured there are no dopers in the peleton. (Uhm, well, maybe not...cuz IF Lance was indeed doping his entire career
      AND he passed over 500 tests, then their tests must really SUCK, so why would anybody be worried about getting caught? An old saying comes to mind here...fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me...fool me over 500 times and I guess I should jump off a bridge or something, cuz I'm STOOPID).

      So whew...I feel so much better now...the world is a safer place, and all the clean riders can rejoice. And I also heard they are going to give all 7 of his TDF wins to the lanterne rouge for each of those that's pretty much the only guy they can trust to NOT have been doping...(I didn't really hear that, but it would make as much sense as anything).

  4. To put the LA thing aside for the moment, gosh am I TICKED at NBC/NBC Sports...went to watch the Colorado TT race this evening (the finale) and lo and behold, I only recorded HALF of it (the first half no less)...seems they showed the first half on NBCSports as usual, and THEN switched over to the regular NBC channel...well...I guess my DVR didn't understand this switcharoo, so I did NOT get to see the finish! THAT STINKS!!!! And even worse? This morning when I got up I was starting to watch stage 6 (w/ the final climb up Flagstaff MT) and saw my DVR had somehow recorded that stage twice! So I deleted the 2nd one...WELL....turns out good Ol' NBCSports somehow showed
    THAT stage in two parts also...(though both on NBC Sports I believe), and stupid me deleted the SECOND't get to see THAT end either (where Levi jumped out and took the lead). DAMN DAMN DAMN! Man that ticks me off!

    And so...I don't even know who need to go to Velo News to find out how it went...that just sucks. When the first of the 2 parts of the TT stage ended Big George (my FAV rider!) was just out on course...and I was all jazzed to be watching his FINAL race...and now I missed it! DAMN YOU NBCSports! Switching channels in the middle of a broadcast is just evil!

    1. check for links to videos.
      I learned a few years ago to always double check on the website for the times of the broadcasts, since they have a history of changing (and now they can change on 3 channels, woo-hoo!)

      That website, by the way, today is still featuring the results of LAST YEAR's edition of the USPCC. How lame.


  5. WHAT AN AWESOME RACE!!!!! So sorry you missed getting the 2nd part, Matt. I almost didn't catch that - they are tricksy over at NBC :( I would've been SO mad too.

    THRILLED! THRILLED! THRILLED! I'm assuming you've found the videos/results by now, but won't spoil it in case you haven't. A must watch!

    Wooooo Hoooooo!

  6. Everybody make sure to read Jens' new entry on about why he re-signed with the team and what unfinished business he still has. Geez, is there anything about him we don't like??!! I have an interview with him coming up in Road Mag (and online) soon. His favorite thing? Coming home from a trip and his kids are so excited to see him, they all swarm over him with hugs and kisses and he has to get down on the floor to keep from falling over....priceless!

  7. EVERYONE loves Jens! I'm so happy that he is excited to be back, because goodness knows that every cycling fan is over the moon :) Let us know when your interview comes out Cahty!