Friday, December 21, 2012


Once again, here's my virtual Christmas card to all friends and visitors to the Asylum (it's copied from my actual card that I create every year in Microsoft Publisher...front, inside top, inside bottom, and backside).

Jeannie and Matt

 Sweet Pea, PG (just a week after her surgery) and Sydney

Another holiday season is drawing near,
And the world seems filled with Christmas cheer.
The year has gone by so very quick,
It’s once again time for us to greet St. Nick.
For many months this year I was out on the road,
Leaving Jeannie and the babies alone in our abode.
But we survived our rather lengthy time apart,
With a joyous reunion and a happy heart.
Some trials have been tossed into our lives of late,
We do our very best and leave the rest to fate.
It seems that our world is filled with strife,
But we’re thankful for the gift of life.
And so, our final words that we’d like you to hear,
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from Jeannie, Matt and the fur-babies!


        PG after the surgery                                                               Sydney after her bath getting warm again

Sweet Pea relaxing on the couch                                       Our house all gussied up for Christmas

Well, that's it for another year.... can you believe it? Soon it will be 2013. It's been a wild ride thru 2012, and ending on an extremely sad note with the shootings over in Connecticut. I think I'll be glad to get this year in the history books. Here's hoping 2013 is better.

Jeannie and I are heading down to Arizona (Yuma) for Christmas, then coming back (Jeannie has to work) and I will head over to Nevada (Pahrump) for a few days returning on New Years Eve-eve. PG has an appt down in Ventura on New Years Eve day with her surgeon....we'll get the official report on her recovery (we're especially interested in how far down the nerve has regenerated in her leg). I will have little to no internet for the majority of the holiday period (I'm on vacation starting Monday, go back to work on Jan 2nd).



  1. Merry Christmas, Matt and Jeannie. I am very happy that PG is doing so well. It was not that long ago that I was agonizing over the right words to say to you in case things did not turn out right. Luckily, that chore will be put off to another day; another day because things don't always turn out right, but for today, let's be glad for how good we have it right now, hugs and kisses, dog kisses included, for everybody.

    Enjoy your holidays, guys.


  2. Merry Christmas to all!


  3. Merry Xmas, Matt & to everyone at the IA! I'd planned to write here today but just found out it's snowing & stickin to the roads so I am OUTTA here!

    May Santa remember where ya'll live! :)

  4. Howdy everybody (both of you I mean)...and MERRY DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS! Just home from Yuma (for the night)...take off in the morning for Pahrump...I'm a traveling fool! Christmas at Mom's was wonderful...always nice to spend some time there...we don't see each other very often these days...lots of miles in the way.

    I figure another day in the car tomorrow, then TWO days of football and egg-nog (dad loves it too)....and IS college bowl season after all. Jeannie would hate it, but she's working tomorrow my dad and I can just go into football overload, with friendly bets on all the games as usual.

    I figure my time is the most precious gift I can give my folks...and the holiday season is my best opportunity of the year being as I get it off anyway.

    Hope everybody had a GREAT Christmas, and is all set for a HAPPY NEW YEAR! After we got home this afternoon I had to fill back up with Diesel...and happened to stop by Walgreens and Rite Aid...both have all their Xmas stuff half off...WELL! I stocked up on some items for NEXT neighbors will just throw up their hands in defeat (I mean even MORE defeat)'s going to be GREAT!!! I can hardly wait!

    Stay warm and nog it up! By next week we won't be able to get that delicious delectable carton of awesomeness for another year!


    1. I've been kind of thinking----this might be the year to switch to LED lights -- I'm still hanging my old c7 lights that are at least 20 years old if not more. Let me think, yes I did have them before I moved to Ohio. I still love the soft glow that they give though! The mini lights on the tree are newer, since they seem to quit working after just 2 or 3 years.

      But the roads are not very clear yet after our snowstorm, so I will wait another day or two then check out prices. It was a cozy day yesterday with the snow falling. We get a snowfall like this generally only once or twice a winter, so I enjoy it!

      I wish I could post a pic here -- one of my neighbors wrote with lights down the trunk of her large hickory tree; very kind of her to remind us to JOG in the middle of December!


    2. Rae...I'd switch to LEDs but it would cost a small fortune! I am running well over 40 strands (I think they are nearly all 100 bulbs...they are all the 'mini' lights, and I have been having amazing luck...most of the strands I've had nearly 10 years...each year I have a few I need to troubleshoot, but they just run and run (one of my 'tips' for running lights outside: smear a tiny blob of grease on the prongs of EACH set before you plug it into that for EVERY plug you have outside..the grease conducts electricity, but keeps the plugs and sockets from corroding and arcing (which creates more resistance, and can cause you to blow the mini fuses in the strand plugs). Being outside lights they inevitably get water in there...and will surely oxidize/corrode if you don't grease them. It me.

      OK..I'm home from Nevada...(made the full 400 mile dash door to door in 6 hours flat, including a stop for lunch in Mojave). For any CHP officers that might happen to be reading, I meant to say that it was an 8 hour cruise at the speed limit.

      It's nice to be home, but it was a grand time!

  5. HAPPY NEW YEARS to all at the IA! My 1st resolution is to get here & chat MUCH more often in 2013! :)

  6. Happy new years to everyone! Bringing it in with Dr. Who this evening!