Saturday, June 22, 2013

LIVESTRONG Davis's that time of year of my FAVORITE times....the LIVESTRONG Davis event. I fund-raise all year for LIVESTRONG, even in the face of it's uhm, er...less than fortunate publicity in recent times from some guy who used to ride a bike for a living.  This is my FIFTH year fundraising and doing the LIVESTRONG event...I got sucked in WAY back when Fatty's wife Susan was still battling her cancer. brother Greg and I drove up today...usually we come up on Friday, and our "sista from another mista" Angie holds her big whoop-de-doo and rents out the Cycling Hall of Fame for the evening JUST for team Fatty. This year she's been fighting some personal ordeals and hasn't been on the bike for a LONG time (Greg finally talked to her this afternoon...she said it's been since October since she's ridden). It's sad being  here without our "sista'" as the three of us tear the place apart with FUN every year...but we're glad she seems to be fine and getting her life back on track...we sure wish her the best and hope to see her next year!

Tonight is the Awards banquet...our entire team is invited (as we won the Team event again, and Fatty won the Individual award again). It's always a fun time, and always quite there is lots of food, some wine and beer, and lots of motivational talk by people who are SURVIVORS...telling their story. I"m sure this year will be much the same.

I know my fundraising is down from previous years...tough times at the moment...I know the entire event usually brings in around a Million dollars, and this year we are maybe around 350 grand...quite the hit due to a guy who used to ride bikes falling from grace. But I and my teammates endeavor to persevere (got that from the Outlaw Josey Wales...and it seems fitting). LIVESTRONG is a great organization who helps people and their families survive the cancer fight, free of charge. That is an entirely different animal from that guy who used to ride bikes...that is what I believe and what I tell people who ask...and I continue to pray that I NEVER need their help....but am thankful they are there for those who do need it, and why I continue on in my own small way to help where I can.

Tomorrow is the bike ride...the highlight of the weekend. Greg and I are doing the full 100 miles, my big plan is to DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT all day long. Greg, Fatty and Lisa (aka the HAMMER) are all WAY stronger than I...and my only hope top hang with them is to wheel-suck like a big dog! So...that's my basic strategy...of course, we get front of the pack starting privileges tomorrow morning...and when the announcer says GO and WE are in the very's hard not to be jazzed by that (there is a police escort in front of us) and ride like the WIND to hold the front some point I am SURE I will be THE front of the entire pack...however briefly...this year I need to suck in my pride and get back into the Team Fatty pack and begin my day-long wheel-sucking campaign. IF I am successful, I will finish with Fatty, Hammer and Greg. Last year it was just the 3 of them, as I had dropped off WAY back. I hope to do better this year. We will know by this time tomorrow.

No matter how  I do, it will be a GREAT day, and afterwards the team hangs out and has PIE, compliments of davidh (one of my friends and teammates from the bay area). He brought his entire family this year (wife#1 Allison and his kids too: 13 year old daughter Sage, and 9 yr old son Roan. The ENTIRE FAMILY is shooting for the full century, and realizing that they will be slow have arranged to start at 5am, well ahead of the rest of us at 7:30. ! That's quite a huge thing for 9 and 13 year old kids! Allison and Roan recently completed Fatty's 100 Miles of Nowhere...Allison told me tonight that her and Roan got back to the house in the dark after a LONG day, and they were 5 miles short...she told him it was good enough and he said no, so they put on lights and then rode up and down the street to get those last 5 miles. What were you doing when you were 8 years old? I feel rather embarrassed thinking that I was watching Gilligans Island and such, and NOT riding my bike 100 miles!

OK...we need to be off in mere moments for the banquet...hope you are having a nice weekend, and I"ll check back in maybe tomorrow, maybe next week with an update as to how the rest of the grand LIVESTRONG weekend played out.

Be safe, get in a ride if you can, and CHEERS!

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