Friday, December 20, 2013


Hello to all my fellow inmates here at the Asylum! I haven't been doing a very good job of posting these last few months, and I humbly apologize. No good reason, just lots of lame excuses. I hope to do a better job in the coming months. Personally, I'm still in disbelief that it's CHRISTMAS TIME already! How on earth did it sneak up on me so FAST? It's less than a WEEK away! And today (Friday) was my last work day until NEXT YEAR!

So, I won't go on and on (though I surely could...don't test me!)...instead, I'll just wish you all a VERY merry Christmas. And here is our 2013 Christmas card that I'm sending virtually to all of my friends here in the Asylum. Be safe, and we'll see you (ie: talk online via comments and posts) next year...except for those that I will actually see, in which case I'll see you next year.

Note: three of the four screen shots came out a tiny bit crooked...I had to scan my actual card onto an SD card and transfer the files to my desktop, and this is just the way they came out when I photo-shopped them down to size and cropped off the funky edges my scanner gave them. It's either that or they're perfectly straight and you just have weird eyes...take your pick.

And today (Christmas morning) I added these 2 pictures...the road-runner is a new addition to our front door this year, as I JUST brought him back from Mexico yesterday (where the tortoise came from many years ago) for Jeannie. They are made of concrete...I carried that tortoise a LONG ways on a hot summer day across the border thru a LOOOOOOOOOONG customs line (it weighs at least 20lbs, so I'd move 2 steps and put it down, then pick it up and move 2 more steps...thru infinity). The road runner weighs not quite so much thankfully, and a MUCH shorter line made that one not so bad. I'll have to clean and re-paint Mr. turtle with a fresh coat of shellac to make him all shiny like his new friend (he originally looked just like that). I hot-melt glue their Christmas hats on every year when I do the outside decorations (I hot-melt glue created all their hats too). You can do a lot with a hot-melt glue gun when you are motivated!

OK, OK...ONE more "day after Christmas eve" lights shot (realized I haven't taken any pics of this years lights). This is the last one FOR SURE! I PROMISE!


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MATT! And to Jeannie & the babies! Sooooo sorry I haven't been able to chat much the past several months but I DO check in. And in fact, I'm still just bowled over by your hiking/camping trip photos! I used to go to art/craft shows all the time where many pro photographers sold their photos & YOURS rival any of theirs!

    Then came your talent as a fixer-upper extraordinaire! SO impressed with that too! What CAN'T you do?! I do have a request - can we see pics of all the finished rooms?

    I can't believe the end of the year is near. Seems like YESTERDAY that the Tour was starting. I am excited for the Winter Olympics in Feb but worried to pieces about Lindsay Vonn. As much as I want to see her compete at Sochi, I'm so afraid her body is just not ready & she may do irreparable harm. BTW, maybe my memory is going down hill faster then Lindsay, but doesn't there seem to be MORE bad injuries in sports other than cycling (cycling's injuries seem about the same)? Every time I turn on the TV, another football & basketball player gets hurt & will be out for months if not the entire season. Not sure if this is because too many young guys start the pro life too soon or too many OLD bodies keep trying to hang on past what the body can endure. Or if it's something else entirely. Thoughts?

    Well, gotta scoot. Take care & have a FANTASTIC holiday season! :) :)

    1. Yo Susie....thought you had left us (or were hurt or something...been 'awhile' since we've heard from you). Glad you're alive and kicking still. Thanks for all the kind words...I'll surely post some pics when I FINALLY finish all the tile work (still ongoing). I"m pretty jazzed for the Olympics too....but not sure how much I'll get to watch...found out last Thursday that I'm headed back up to Sunnyvale on the 13th of JAn for 6 weeks (then 6 weeks at home, then 6 more weeks)...and I'll be working graveyard shift (11pm to 6am)...the shift was my choice, so I can ride bikes nearly every day if I want and don't have to fight traffic getting off at 3pm w/ the limited winter daylight if I want to ride. But I won't have my beloved DVR available (can't hardly live without that!)...we just switched back to DirectTV from Dish, save us a chunk of $ over the next 2 years, then will likely have to switch back...I'd think if EITHER one of them (Dish/Direct) would just keep their prices NOT insane after your contract is up, zillions of people would just STAY with them instead of switch to their competitor. I don't get it. Switching is just a phone call...and they pay the install fees, AND we get new equip every 2 years (now we have the Jenie that records up to 5 shows, much better than our Dish DVR that only did 2).

      As to Lindsey Vonn...I heard that she has NO ACL on the bad knee, which is why she almost crashed and pulled out the other day...not sure if she can ski at the highest level w/out the ACL...(I didn't think you could, but what do I know?). And Shaun White got hurt too, didn't he? The Winter Olympics are the biggies for the USA...we always kick some butt in the snow and cold...and we've certainly got a great crop of athletes once again!


  2. And MERRY CHRISTMAS to the rest of the Inane Asylum! Even if we've all gone a bit mute the past few months & need to correct that with a New Year's resolution!