Monday, February 17, 2014


Wow...the first week plus has ZOOMED by! I have no possible way to keep up, so I just pick and choose what portions to watch...sadly I'm missing SO MUCH! Susie, keep the "POOP" your ultra condensed take on things! One thing I did see was the last period of the mens US vs Russia hockey game early Saturday morning. OMG! I've never been a huge fan of hockey (I've been to games though, and it's WAY more fun in person, especially the minor leagues!)....but that game was something. And it was pretty clean overall too, especially considering the rivalry. Not a huge van of the Olympics rule that if the net is off it's moorings by even a tiny bit a goal doesn't count rule...seems like a goalie could really take advantage of it (in the NHL they don't have that rule apparently)...but it worked for us this time, sadly enough for the Russians...that goal they got with just about 5 minutes left from about 20 yards out just zipped thru everybody like a beam of light...and then was disallowed cuz our goalie had knocked the net a bit earlier. Because of that disallowed goal it then went to overtime 4 on 4, and after 5 minutes of that we had the greatest shootout I've ever seen! Oshie was pure calm under what must have been amazing pressure! He was all smiles and seemed to REALLY be enjoying himself each time he took the puck and moved in for a kill...and more than a few of those were sudden death if he missed as he was shooting last after his first goal.

Was very sad for Daly (the US Skeleton dude) who had been going back and forth with his friend and American between 3rd and 4th place in the Gold medal round of 4 runs...his friend had barely slipped ahead into Bronze position in the 3rd run, and on his 4th and last run as he was on his takeoff his sled runner came out of the groove and it was all over but for the crying...tough way to end an olympics. His friend got Bronze, and at least he was cool enough to say if anybody was going to beat him he was glad it was his friend...but I thought it was in EXTREMELY poor taste to keep the camera in his face asking him question after question...he was ready to cry and was having a very hard time staying composed...they should have at LEAST cut the video away and just had the audio for crying out hiss for that interview. How the hell do you THINK he feels after just losing any chance at a medal after training his ass off for the last 4 years?

OK...gotta run...Susie, we're all counting on you...feel free to expound in even more detail...I'm doing a LOT of my Olympics viewing vicariously thru you...

later gaters!



  1. The POOP on Day 10 (Mon) -

    Heaven, I'm in heaven...when I'm watching Meryl & Charlie ice dance cheek to cheek. I realize Ice Dancing is not the Olympic event that most men, er, gravitate to, but last night's competition was great & Meryl & Charlie were once again sublime. That we find out today that the Canadian duo are actually nothing but a pair of whiny losers who apparently did NOT learn from their ice rink partners 4 years ago how to handle disappointment & defeat only proves while figure skating can be taught, CLASS cannot.

    62 years. Yes, even before Matt & I were born (!) was the last time the USA medaled in the 2-man bobsled. Glad this long tortuous drought has come to an end. :)

    Skeleton - the cruelest sport? In both the men's & womens' skeleton, the USA celebrated with a medal but also had competitors that were SO close but instead, their Olympics dreams ended in nightmares. I teared up for both.

    Bob! Bob bob bo ob, bananafana fo fob, fee fi mo mob, Bob! Yes, Costas was back in the chair last night! While Matt did a good job, I missed Bob. And while we still can't exactly see the twinkle in his eye, I know it's there.

    OoooOONNNonnh. Not sure how one writes the sound of a fog horn, but the white mist descended yesterday & caused postponement of several mt events. Thank god the Olympics are not ruled by the NFL - they'd have run the events anyway & so what if neither the viewers nor the participants could see a blasted thing. What's a few broken bones, concussions, ACL tears, etc? (Sorry, I'm a bit cranky these days about pro football).

    I will be home watching the "ladies" skating events the next 2 days, so no internet access. You'll have to wait til Friday for an update. :) :)

  2. The POOP on Days 11-13 (Tues – Thurs) – AKA Bonnie Tyler theme week!

    “It’s a HEARTACHE, nothin but a heartache
    Hits you when it’s too late, hits you when you’re dowwwwn
    It’s a FOOLS’ GAME, nothin but a fool’s game
    Sittin on my sofa, feeling like a clown


    Sure, sure, hockey heads are cryin’ from Moscow to Manhattan. And while the Russian men’s team not even getting to the semis was a sole-sucking shock for that entire country, are we REALLY surprised the American gals lost to Canada? Again? How many times is that now?

    Anyway, I’m not talking about hockey, I’m talkin ’bout Figure Skating! Figure skating, man, not hockey, I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT FIGURE SKATING…

    “Once upon a time we were feelin’ the love
    But now we’re only falling apart
    There’s nothing we can do
    Total eclipse of the heart”

    I know, I know, “judging controversy” in Olympic Figure Skating – HOW can that be?! Well, I nailed it during the Team event when I said rightchere that EVERY Russian competitor was being overscored & it was “ominous”. Dingdingding! Ten years ago, the new judging/scoring system was implemented in this sport & it HAS helped, but when (for example) one of the OLYMPIC judges was convicted of “place fixing” more than a decade ago & not only was he NOT thrown out of the sport, but allowed back in after a short suspension AND allowed to judge once again at the highest level, well, what can you expect from a sport like that? A girl whose artistic skill on ice makes Gumby Girl look like Janet freakin Lynn gets the Olympic gold medal, that’s what. It’s a heartache!

    “I need a HERO
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
    He’s gotta be strong & he’s gotta be FAST
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight”.

    TED LIGETY! Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom Gold medalist & hero! I’m saved.

    1. Hey Susie...I watched with agony as the US Ladies hockey game slipped away..that first goal at 10 minutes left in the 3rd period was pure genius by the Canadian lady (she was blocking our goalie and just praying for one of the US ladies to push her out of there so she could be like a NFL punter and give an academy award performance...drawing the penalty and the ensuing power-play/goal...the 2nd and tying goal w/ less than a minute to play was a back-breaker...the US ladies were THAT close! And they held off valiantly in OT but the Canadians scored was a very tough and hard-fought game for sure. The mens loss to Canada, well..what can I say...they're ALL pro's so I don't really give a hoot. The ladies aren't though, so it's much more interesting.

      As to the figure the short program when the Russian 15yr old went down, and THEN was scored into SECOND FREAKING PLACE?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? From that moment it was obvious there was something going on. (she was eventually pushed down to 3rd if I recall, not that it matters to ALL the ladies who skated well and didn't fall down yet were behind her). Kind'a reminds me of the China Olympics/gymnastics thing a few years back. How old were some of those girls?? Old enough to BE in the Olympics? NOT!! Did enjoy Ted's run...was on the edge of my seat as he fought thru the slushy stuff, thought he lost it there for a moment..but he had a second and a half cushion, and he used over a second of it...whew!! And the US kid who won the half-pipe/ski's...very cool! And the US ladies bobsledding...that was awesome x two! Missed gold by a tenth of a second...very exciting!

      Only now I'm two days behind in my viewing...I've about worn Jeannie out on Olympics I'm afraid. Getting rather tired myself...staying up too late and getting up for work ...brutal as always! Keep the POOP coming!