Sunday, July 27, 2014

Post tour thoughts and chit-chat's in the history books now. It's all over but for the crying (both good and bad).

THE GOOD (and there was a lot!):

Chris Horner coming back for more if he gets a team.
TWO Frenchmen on the podium.
Valverde NOT making the podium.
TJ jumping up to 5th overall (I'm warming to him slightly...maybe next year he'll grow on me). PLEASE lose the "Uhm and Uh" from your vocabulary and I'll do my best to root for you!.
Team Sky (the Yankees of pro cycling...the team w/ the largest payroll) getting zippo after leaving Wiggens HOME and losing their man to crashes. Still smiling at that one. Not a huge fan of Wiggo, but boy did they stick it to him, and did he get the ULTIMATE "TOLD YOU SO"!
Sagan winning the Green jersey (for the 3rd year in a row).He's quite a character and a great bike-handler. Also he apologized to the peleton saying HE caused the Stage 19 finishing crash.
The Panel. LOVED this years panel (both). P&P for most of the call, yet having Todd, Bobke and CVV in the beginning/end and off and on throughout...that was flat out the best overall panel(s) that I can recall. I like P&P but it's also nice to get a break from them, and also they did  a fair amount of cutting over to the threesome over and over during the live broadcast....sharing the air-time. GREAT JOB to NBC Sports on this!
Stages in the UK...watching snippets of the first 3 stages today. THE CROWDS still blows my mind. The first 2 stages were out in the middle of nowhere essentially (as compared to down near London)....yet the people drove and walked a LONG ways to get out to the side of the road, on the side of a hill, or even just anywhere NEAR where the riders were going  to was just SPECTACULAR!
Bringing in riders at the end of every stage to chat with the panel.
Team Saxo/Tinkoff's kits. Love or hate them, they were easy-peasy to spot in the peleton!
Certainly there's a LOT more, buy my tiny brain is overloaded and can't think of any more right this moment.


Jens (not coming back)
Not getting the ultimate GC-showdown that it looked like we were going to get.
Deleting stage 21 from my DVR today, knowing there won't be another stage tomorrow.
Vino running a team, let-alone the WINNING team. That just seems wrong.
The rain in those early stages. Sure, it's part of cycling, but this year it altered the dynamic of the race in a way I can't recall happening before.
Losing Cav, Froome, Contador and Talansky (among others) to injuries sustained from crashes.
Jens not coming back.
Not being able to TRULY believe the winner is clean (I'm NOT discussing it, just mentioning it as a thought that was with me throughout...ok, NOW I'm done talking about it! For REAL).
Team Trek. Where were they? It's like they didn't even SHOW UP, except for Fabian, who left early to save himself and train. He must have been pretty disheartened by the state of the team to do that.
July is almost over, summer's end is just around the corner. WOW did July go FAST (again).
Sagan winning the Green Jersey yet not winning a single stage. Somehow that just seems wrong...didn't Kittel win FOUR stages? I recall a few years back Cav won more than that and still didn't win the Green. I think they need to up the points for stage-wins a LOT. Sure, Sagan was in the top 5 a lot, but not winning ONE SINGLE STAGE yet getting the overall Green?
And just like with the 'good', there must be much more 'bad' that I'm just not thinking of right now.

So..what are YOUR thoughts? Let's keep this going for a bit, to help ward off the post-Tour depression that always sets in. Been great having you here...miss the 'old' days when we were a pretty large group.

And finally, JD, GOOD LUCK selling your house...sure hope it goes smooth and fast so you can get on with your life!

Game OVER.


  1. So much I want to chat about but not enough time right now. Do have a little Tour ditty. Not mandatory to channel Bobby Darin as you 'sing' it, but it helps. :)


    Oh, the SHARK, babe, has such teeth, dear
    And it shows them pearly white....

    D'ja hear about Froomey & Bert? They disappeared, babe
    After broken bones & lots' of road rash
    And then Nibbles rode just like The Boss
    Could be he'll soon be swimming in cash...

    Oh, the SHARK, babe, has such teeth, dear
    And it shows them pearly white'
    Just a bike has ole Nibali, babe
    And he rode it (up mts) out of sight...

    Look out, Old Vino is back!

    Later gators! LOVED having everyone chatting again! :) :) :)

  2. Sing it SUSIE!!

    Just another addition to the 'good': Ji Cheng (China, riding for Giant/Shimano)..."the breakaway killer". Finished as this years Lanterne Rouge, more than 6 hours off Nibali's time (the largest gap between 1st and last since 1954). Also he is the first Chinese racer in the TDF ever! WAY TO GO Ji Cheng!!!

    (here's a little VN article about him:

  3. Hi Matt! On Saturday I was headed down Painted Cave Road (home) to visit In-and-Out to honor Chris Horner and I passed a skinny guy in complete Sky kit going uphill very fast. I said to my son, "That really looked like Chris Froome....nah, what would he be doing in Santa Barbara?" The next morning of course there he was being interviewed from Bacara in SB - I have a good eye for skinny men in spandex, I guess!

    And regarding the Vuelta, it will be live every day on Universal Sports - saw an ad for it the other day while watching beach volleyball.

    Glad everyone enjoyed the Tour - too busy every day to check in, but we had a good Tour with the two Kristoff stage wins and a few battles for polka dots from Purito. Bring on la Vuelta!!

  4. Wow...just lost an entire comment (I've heard others here talk about that, but it's never happened to me until just now).
    ANYWAY, welcome back Cathy! Was wondering when you'd check in, and how things were vicariously thru need to know where you're at and such!

    I saw the Froomey interview from SB and immediately thought to myself I should go ride Gibraltar/Painted Cave...might see him out...and he WAS! (only I didn't go, rats!) Sure was a blow to the world not to have him and AC fighting for the win...I will have to up my DTV programming to get Universal for the Vuelta..thanks for the heads-up. Of course, Jeannie won't be too thrilled...but at least they don't have Phil & Paul...I think Phil's voice makes her CRAZY! (or maybe it's the 4 or so hours a day for 23 days that breaks her). I liked the balance they struck w/ P&P and Todd/Bobke/CVV this year...nice blend and going back and commentary ever IMO. Will you get to to go Spain for the Vuelta?? I LOVE SPAIN!! MUST get back someday! (ahhhh...the TASTY Sangria...and the siesta's too! And LATENIGHT dinners that go-on for hours....I could live there!)

  5. Hey Matt - I've been trying to get here the past few days but work has kept me away. And I'm leaving in less than an hour for my tooth extraction & won't be here tomorrow (& yes, I'm VERY nervous), so can't write much now. Your Good/Bad list is pretty close to mine although I guess I like Tejay a bit more now (that he never gave up really impressed me & yes, I agree his interview skills need improvement but do think he came off a bit better in the interviews he gave Frankie -see's videos) & not as much of a Sagan fan (his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!)

    As usual, I'm trying to get thru my PTD (post-Tour depression). Anyhoo, hopefully I'll be here Friday & will have some time to chat here some more.

  6. Hey wishes on the tooth extraction (eeek!! Any trip to the dentist for pretty much ANYTHING other than routine cleanings are BAD!) I've never figured out why our Gov needed to 'water-board' or any other form of 'torture' to get bad guys to talk. I'd just give them "dental care"...pretty much any dentist worth his salt has MANY ways to get even the hardest criminals to sing like a bird! AND after their "dental care", we'd have all the info we'd ever need, and they'd have a pretty smile! sheesh...sometimes I think I should be in charge!

  7. I don't know if any of you are much interested in the Tour of Utah, but I was delighted to find that a 1 hour recap of each stage is being broadcast on FoxSportsOH every evening! (unfortunately, the commentators are Craig Hummer and Todd Golgulski (sp?)


  8. I just saw that news (that Fox Sports is showing some Tour of Utah) in the paper today (during lunch) ! How EXCITING!!! I'll have to find it and record it on my DVR!! SWEET!!! (and I'm getting jazzed about the Vuelta...plan to up my programming to record all of it....daily coverage says Cathy!)