Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas to the IA

As per my annual holiday tradition, here is the virtual version of my Christmas card. This year we printed and sent EIGHTY of them. Anyway, without further adieu, my card to you, the loyal FEW (the proud, the Marines?)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my friends at the Asylym!


  1. Speaking for myself & all the current silent Inane Asylum inhabitants :

    "We don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing we need
    We don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree

    We just want the IA as our own
    More than you could ever know
    Make our wish come true
    All we want for Christmas is YOU, yeah."

    :) :) :)

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, Matt! And to all at the INANE ASYLUM! As always, LOVE the card & your Xmas poem/song! You "sleigh" me. ;) ;)

    I hope & plan to be back Friday to do some chatting!

    (How's Sophie getting along with the "girls"?)

  2. You won?!! I thought you must have lost a bet! Your poem and pictures made me smile, as they do every year -- thank you.

    Merry Christmas to you, Jeannie, and also to you SusieB and Cathy and whoever else may be lurking out there! (SusieB also love your lyrics, Mariah's got nuttin' on you!)

    It is warm and raining, not "Christmas-like" but I will take it (even though I had to mulch mow to clean up leaves, for I hope the last time, on Monday! That is the latest ever!)

    I 'm spending this last hour before I turn in (work tomorrow) listening to the Messiah -- my Christmas Eve tradition, started when my daughter was very small -- I would put it on while I wrapped her gifts. Consoling myself once again for not winning any of the neighborhood decoration awards -- they just don't appreciate the simple, restrained elegance of the single strand of old fashioned lights draped across my porch! What's wrong with them?


  3. Hey there Susie n Rae...thanks for checking in and the kind words on my annual excruciating event I call "my annual Christmas card". Seems I'm getting later and later every year getting it out.

    And no, didn't lose a bet on the Reindeer suit...just keeping Jeannie happy (Happy Wife, Happy Life). Originally we BOTH were to wear the little reindeer hats (like what Jeannie is wearing)...however...she found the "cutest thing" a few days before the party and thought it would be PERFECT...for ME. I of course wasn't thinking such thoughts...but eventually I caved...the things I do for love! (and besides...she now owes me the Mount Everest of OWE...which I intend to withdraw from over and over in the coming months).

    We just got back from Yuma...went down Xmas eve day, got back today (Sat)....heading over to Pahrump tomorrow (Jeannie has to work) Mom lives in Yuma (in the winter) and Dad is in I'm logging the windshield miles this vacation (done the same trips the last few's my best time to see them they are equally far away....about an 8 hour drive to both from home).

    Jeannie will stay home and watch the babies...they are all doing well. However, Sophie has come down with Giaria (sp?)...the intestinal parasite...I guess puppies get it...I wasn't aware of that..(same scary thing we humans try NOT to get out backpacking and such). A friend had her at her house these last few days (can't leave her alone at our house...too young, and can't kennel her as she hasn't had all her shots yet). She has 7 dogs at her house, most are Sophie played up a STORM and is now totally wiped out after 4 days of playing. We took Sydney with us, as we can't leave her alone as she'll just lay there 23.9 hours a day and lose the ability to she made the trip to Grandma's..she did good. Now we have the Kracken (Sophie) back home...(every time I open her Kennel I say "RELEASE THE KRACKEN!" in my best Scottish accent (basicly, when you relase Sophie, chaos and destruction are soon to follow). But she's just SO DARN CUTE!

    Gotta run...lots to do, then on the road again in the early morning. I'll be back on New Years Eve.

    Later gaters!

  4. crap....just had one of those 'comments into the void'...sadly (for you Rae) it was pretty much ALL football...sitting in Pahrump watching football yesterday and today ...some good bowl games for SURE!

    Oh well...I'm looking forward to the BCS games...rooting for Bama and Oregon...(sorry a Michigan fan I CAN'T root for OSU, even though they're quite a good team.....again). And speaking of Michigan...Woo-HOO! Getting Harbaugh from the Niners...I was torn as to him going to the Raiders (who also NEED him) or Blue...I'm happy that MI is getting him...we need to beat OSU again...been awhile!

    Happy New year to the Asylum! Be safe and have a great time!