Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Kracken grows!

Who would have thought that when we brought home a puppy, that in reality she was a little baby Kracken!

Yes, Sophie the Victorian (aka Old English) bulldog pup is in reality a mythical monster. At least part of the time...the rest of the time she's the sweetest, cutest, and most amazing little puppy we could wish for.

When she's the Kracken the house is pure madness...multiple dogs growling/barking/running around (most of the running is Sophie, sometimes being chased by PG trying to boss her around). She gets into the play mode and there's just no letting up, right up until she drops for a nap. It's almost like a light-switch. One moment it's Kracken...then "click"'s Sophie. We relish the Sophie times, and survive the Kracken times. But she's growing pretty quick (she weighed 23lbs when we brought her home just before Christmas, and she's right at 30 now just a month later...holding to about 3 pounds every 2 weeks. Her birthday is August she's coming up on 5 months old. She's definitely bigger when we compare to her older sisters. It's going to be quite interesting as she gets closer to full size (and the bark/growl)...what will the pack dynamic be then? Will she challenge PG for leadership? We hope not...we're afraid she'd have to kill PG to take that away...she's quite spoiled (PG).

But's a couple MORE Sophie pictures (I can year you all groaning, knowing you're in for years of Sophie pics on a regular basis).

 No matter what she did, you simply CAN'T stay mad at her for long!

Jeannie making a full-on Turkey dinner for New Years, with her pack of help

 Sophie letting us know it's dinner time (that's her bowls on top of the crate with some extra blankets)
 You can see how big she's getting in comparison to PG

And here's another sleeping shot...when she crashes, she crashes HARD! That's one played out Kracken!

 Here he Kracken peers over the top of Jeannie's chair, looking for where
she can inject mayhem and madness into our lives.

And is just a blur right now, work, home, Kracken and babies. Thankfully our April launch has been pushed out a few months so we get a break and did NOT jump right back into full on launch prep mode as soon as we reported back after the Holidays. Gives us (me) time to catch my breath, get re-acquainted with my bikes (which I had almost forgotten what they looked like), AND start back up working on the house/yard. Jeannie is still after me to paint the entire interior...I'm putting it off as long as I can, as that will wipe me out and take weeks (of MY spare time).

OK...I'm out of here, it's dinner time. Hope your winter is mild and passing we ALL await the March time-change that signifies it's time to get warm again (not that we can complain too much on that score...we're having some downright nice weather ever since the Holidays).



  1. you making out in the "Historic" storm over there? It looks like you're missing the bulk of it, which seems to be hitting not too far north of you. The news showed it's looking bad all day in the NE...sure glad I don't live there...I HATE winter!

  2. My niece lives in MA, near Springfield. Current temp 18, "feels like -5" She and her husband are from So. Cal....good luck, kids!!

  3. Hey, Matt - I got off easy! SO happy too! It started snowing here yesterday morning, but very light & off/on & did not start sticking to the roads until after sundown. And by the time I got up this morning, we only had about 3 inches (although some places close to me got 4-5). Those POOR people in Boston, Long Island, & other parts of New England! Supposedly VERY windy too, which means their 2-3 feet of snow can drift 6-7 feet! Good gawd!

    I've been trying to get here to chat for weeks but it seems I always run out of time. LOVE the Sophie pics - KEEP EM COMIN! She is so damn cute! Hey - I think the adult version of your dog breed is in one of those TV commercials! I never paid attention to that ad before I noticed the dog.

    And don't want to rub it in, but WHOO-HOO, Ohio State's win in the NCG! They truly were a team of DESTINY this year.

    What do you think of DEFLATEGATE? Will you be rooting for one team over the other in the Super Bowl? I'm not a big fan of either but I'll probably pick one to root for when the time comes.

    Hey - did you see that Horner's team did not get an invite to the Tour of Calif? That would have been the only race I'd get to see him this year. Do you think some of the top-level teams DID offer him a contract but the money was too low for Horner?

    And yeah - Rabobank.... you KNEW something smelled back in 2007 when Chicken was kicked out of the Tour. What he should have done right then was hold a press conference & spill EVERYTHING right then & there. Would have made Deflategate look like a fricken fairy tale.

    Meanwhile, how many Astana guys have to test positive before they are actually barred from the GTs? Is there some new regulation in place that ASO HAS to invite all the World Tour teams? How much MONEY do you think the Kazaks have paid (off) the UCI/ASO honchos, hmmmmmmm?

    And will SOMEbody tell Tygart that USADA's witch hunt of Lance did NOTHING but keep cycling almost completely off American TV. It certainly did NOT "clean" up the sport! The clean-up that has happened (such as it is) was already underway.

    Alrighty, am leaving early so gotta run. Later gators! :) :)

  4. I've never been a fan of the Patriots (I'm a Raider fan, and we have played each other before years back to see who went to the Super Bowl...that's the year when one of their big jumbo defensive guys took Gannon down and then ground him into the turf on fined for it, Gannon was hurt and out of the game...and he was then bragging about it (the fine) as the best money he's ever spent. Really disliked them since then. Personally I think the deflategate game should be forfeited and they do NOT go to the super bowl. After all, they cheated. You can debate all week long if/how it affected the score, the fact remains they (someone, and we'll never know who unless they find some lowly lackey to scapegoat) did that on purpose. And won the game. Don't cyclist who cheated 9and get caught) have their results stripped? So... that game is gone, and the Ravens go to the Super Bowl. THAT's how you send a message that you aren't going to put up with cheating in ANY form. I'm pretty disgusted with the mamby pampy response by the NFL, and hope they (New England) get their hats handed to them by Seattle.