Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Kracken grows!

Who would have thought that when we brought home a puppy, that in reality she was a little baby Kracken!

Yes, Sophie the Victorian (aka Old English) bulldog pup is in reality a mythical monster. At least part of the time...the rest of the time she's the sweetest, cutest, and most amazing little puppy we could wish for.

When she's the Kracken the house is pure madness...multiple dogs growling/barking/running around (most of the running is Sophie, sometimes being chased by PG trying to boss her around). She gets into the play mode and there's just no letting up, right up until she drops for a nap. It's almost like a light-switch. One moment it's Kracken...then "click"'s Sophie. We relish the Sophie times, and survive the Kracken times. But she's growing pretty quick (she weighed 23lbs when we brought her home just before Christmas, and she's right at 30 now just a month later...holding to about 3 pounds every 2 weeks. Her birthday is August she's coming up on 5 months old. She's definitely bigger when we compare to her older sisters. It's going to be quite interesting as she gets closer to full size (and the bark/growl)...what will the pack dynamic be then? Will she challenge PG for leadership? We hope not...we're afraid she'd have to kill PG to take that away...she's quite spoiled (PG).

But's a couple MORE Sophie pictures (I can year you all groaning, knowing you're in for years of Sophie pics on a regular basis).

 No matter what she did, you simply CAN'T stay mad at her for long!

Jeannie making a full-on Turkey dinner for New Years, with her pack of help

 Sophie letting us know it's dinner time (that's her bowls on top of the crate with some extra blankets)
 You can see how big she's getting in comparison to PG

And here's another sleeping shot...when she crashes, she crashes HARD! That's one played out Kracken!

 Here he Kracken peers over the top of Jeannie's chair, looking for where
she can inject mayhem and madness into our lives.

And is just a blur right now, work, home, Kracken and babies. Thankfully our April launch has been pushed out a few months so we get a break and did NOT jump right back into full on launch prep mode as soon as we reported back after the Holidays. Gives us (me) time to catch my breath, get re-acquainted with my bikes (which I had almost forgotten what they looked like), AND start back up working on the house/yard. Jeannie is still after me to paint the entire interior...I'm putting it off as long as I can, as that will wipe me out and take weeks (of MY spare time).

OK...I'm out of here, it's dinner time. Hope your winter is mild and passing we ALL await the March time-change that signifies it's time to get warm again (not that we can complain too much on that score...we're having some downright nice weather ever since the Holidays).


Friday, January 2, 2015

It's a VERY Happy New Year indeed!

Wow...a lot going on right now. The house is out of control with the addition of a's been 13 years since we had a puppy (well, call it PG is now 13). Wow...what energy! Three old dogs and the baby....she wants to play nearly all the time (the rest is eating or sleeping) far only PG wants to play with her...though her definition of play is not quite puppy play...she's busy TRYING to show her she's in charge. LOTS of barking and growling, though all of it in playful tones...tails wagging...Sophie doesn't back down an inch from PG the queen of all she surveys.

Sophie on the nice chair

Sophie hanging out with Sweet Pea

We still keep a Christmas jingle-bell collar on Sophie so we have an idea of WHERE she is at all times....the house-breaking thing is going poo in the house for's just the piddle that seems to have her mystified. She does good one day and then the next has 2 or 3 'accidents' (though in all fairness it's still OUR fault...either she's playing and just doesn't yet see the need to go to the door, or we wait too long to get her out between potty's.

Puppy's have rubber bones and can be comfortable in CRAZY positions
Here's Sophie hanging out with Sydney

But all in all she's a barrel of fun, chaos, and noisy madness. And she's been a real boon for Sydney (who must have had a small stroke earlier in the year....she doesn't walk so great as the left side isn't under total control). Before Sophie arrived she was quite content to lay back on the bed most of the day, only walking around when something was going on. Now something is ALWAYS going on, and Syd is now out in the mix just due to pure jealousy I think...but no matter...anything that keeps her moving around is a good thing. Had Sophie to the vet this morning (more puppy stuff to get over)....she's up 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks...she's now 4 months old, 26 lbs.

 Here Sophie got hold of the "Kracken smacker" (the Sophie "NO, BAD GIRL" control wand)

And here she is playing with the Christmas Alligator AND the deer antler chew toy.

OK...enough puppy talk. Now it's time for College Football! Got to watch a bunch of bowl games earlier in the week...and totally missed the 2 best games thus far: The Sugar bowl and the Rose bowl! I had dreams and hopes that Oregon and OSU would both win, but if I were betting money I wold have had to say it would be Bama and FSU. OMG!!! NO SEC TEAM IN IN THE BCS BOWL GAME!!! It's a dream come TRUE! Not that I was ROOTING for OSU mind you...that would get my Michigan fan club card revoked and I'd be stoned by the Blue faithful. No...not rooting for them, just wanted them to win over Bama. And HOLY SMOKES, they DID! And then Oregon knocked off the defending Natnl Champs Florida State! GO DUCKS!!!! I'm DYING that I didn't get to see both those games...but very happy!

And prediction is Oregon by 12. I'm still in a daze that neither Bama nor FSU made it...HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! No, Happy isn't the right word....ESTATIC!!!'s now Jan 2nd, and tomorrow I'll likely be taking down my Christmas lights. I've been busy busy and not getting anything done...only 3 more days and then back to dreaded WORK!! But I won't think about that just now....hope to get a bike ride in....I've only got TWO rides in the last TWO months! Not a good record for me for fitness is GONE withe the wind (and cold...BOY it's been cold here in the mornings....hovering around freezing, and I am NOT going out in that).

Time to fly...just wanted to say Happy New Year to the Asylum!