Friday, January 22, 2016

What did I do?

The giant pile of brown stuff is the stuffing from TWO brand new doggie-beds that Sophie (aka: the MONSTER Kracken) destroyed the other day. Totally emptied the bed-shells of their innards. This stuff was spread out ALL OVER the house and took us a while to gather it all up. So here she sits in solitary confinement, with all the debris piled up by her cell (so she can think about what she did).

She IS thinking about that, don't you think? Just look at her. I'm quite sure she's sitting in there thinking "Boy, that was a really bad thing I did today....and I PROMISE I'll never do that again! I'm SO very sorry mom and dad!"

OK...I have to admit that it's FAR more likely that she's sitting there thinking "Gee...they sure are moody today. But when I get out of here, I'm going to JUMP in that AWESOME pile of stuff, and then spread it out all over the house! THAT will be SO MUCH FUN!"

Been a long time since we had to deal with puppy stuff. They sure have a lot of energy!

And finally, what about this crazy weather? I FINALLY have my new mountain bike, and this stupid (though MUCH NEEDED) Godzilla El Nino just keeps rollling storms thru with just enough rain to keep everything goopy. I'm doing some small rides in sandy areas that handle the water well...but I'm really jonsing to get out there and start doing my big weekend rides. Don't see that happening anytime soon...not with our current weather pattern.

And HEY HEY HEY! How about the storm spanking the north-east right now! Looks like a DOOZIE! My bro-in-law sent pics from his farm (north-west of Richmond VA) and it's snowing pretty good already. The news says the DC area is supposed to get something like THIRTY INCHES of snow tonight!!! Anderson Cooper just said it COULD be the biggest storm ON RECORD! Won't that be something! Susie, whenever you finally make it back to work, please update us on your super-storm! What kind of power outages did you have? How much snow did you ACTUALLY GET? Were you prepared with food/flashlights/etc? How cold was it? bad  did you get it? I heard from my stepmother that Cleveland got a BUNCH of snow (her son lives there)...not sure how far Columbus is from there...but I'd think you got something. DO TELL pretty-please! Please feel free to chip in and tell your story in the comments...I'm fascinated by winter...really I am! I can read about it all winter long! (GRIN!)

And so...stay warm everybody....or warm and DRY if you're on the West coast. Looks like further north of us is / was getting hammered by more rain today...we were supposed to get it but so far not-a. But the forecast still calls for rain tomorrow too...if not I'm going for a RIDE! If so, I'm NOT going for a ride! Have a great weekend! Should be 2 good football games....woo-hoo! Get those hot-wings and beer ready!


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