Saturday, September 17, 2016's FOOTBALL time again!

Now that cycling season is winding down it's time for the Pigskin to start dominating the sports-scene. I'm pretty excited this Raiders are looking the best they've been in AGES! Among other things, we ACTUALLY HAVE a quarter back! For REAL! SERIOUSLY! And an offensive line who can give him more than a token tidbit of protection! OMG, what a difference THAT will make, having our poor passer NOT running for his life on every play! And hey...we WON our first game! What decade were the Raiders last 1 and 0?? Gosh, I can't tell you...seems like a lifetime ago! I think we can really give Denver a run for their money this year!

And then on to College football...what an exciting season it's going to be! Bama still looks pretty darn tough, as does Clemson (maybe I should have mentioned Clemson first...I think at this moment they are VERY likely to be in the title game again)...the ACC will (as usual) be a very tough nut to crack for all the other divisions.

But HEY HEY HEY, look at Michigan!!! We have a REAL COACH, and they are looking pretty fantastic (IMO)! I think the Big Ten conference will be VERY tough this the East division Ohio State sure looks good again (RATS!) and will be EXTREMELY tough to beat (as always...or at least the last decade or so)...also there's Penn State and Michigan State who are NEVER pushovers (there's also your Turtles Susie, but sadly I don't personally expect them to be vying for the conference title...sorry). Nor do I expect big things from Indiana and Rutgers...but still...the Big Ten East will be a VERY hard-fought division this year.

The West side has it easier...Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue and Northwestern. They are all pretty decent teams, but I expect only Wisconsin and Nebraska to be fighting for the West title come November...if I had to choose now I'd say it will be Wisconsin...they are looking very good again. But hey....I could very easily be WAY off-base...if there's one thing I DO KNOW for a PROVEN (time and time again) fact, it's that I pretty much I SUCK at football predictions. But it's fun to choose my champions, and then to root for them as the season goes on.

So far there's been very little in the way of TOUGH early season games for any of the teams that are still 2 and 0 this far (the exception being Wisconsin beat LSU). As for the rest of the entire Conference, it's all been warm-up. Today there's a few tougher games....Michigan plays Colorado, Michigan State plays Notre Dame, and OSU plays Oklahoma. NEXT week is when things really start to heat up....Michigan plays Penn State and Wisconsin plays Michigan State. And the following week Michigan plays Wisconsin. That these are all Conference games maks them even MORE important in the long run.

Of course, being a Michigan fan, everything really boils down to our final game of the season...this year just after Thanksgiving. We play Ohio State on Nov 26th IN Columbus (urgh!). We don't know how the 2 teams will be faring at this point (will one of them be shooting for a National Title shot?)...but one thing is FOR SURE: the wins and losses of the season don't count for much in this game. It's a HARD FOUGHT BITTER BATTLE between two teams who have hated each other pretty much since FOREVER! I'm really hoping it's THIS YEAR that Michigan can bring that title back home to Ann's been a LONG WHILE since we've beaten OSU.

OK...enough for now...(more to come OBVIOUSLY).

Game ON!

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