Friday, December 23, 2016


Once again it's THAT time of year. Wow...Christmas is HERE! ALREADY! It seems impossible that we've come to the end of another year, feels like it was just summer a few blinks ago.

Per tradition, here is our 2016 Christmas card. This year marks the 19th year (out of 20) that I've made our card. I started back in 1997 when I was out on the ships, but I missed missed 1 year since we've been here in Santa Maria. So without further adieu, here it is.

We're off to Arizona in minutes (It's Friday morning), likely will be driving thru a storm that is headed our way. Gotta scoot, MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Asylum! Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas!



  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, MATT. And to Jeannie & your doggies! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to comment for months, but have been printing out & loving your posts. I especially look forward to & love your annual Xmas card. How long does that take you to write up? It's always awesome!

    It's been a rough year for me & I don't know what's ahead. I can't write more here & still don't have home internet, so can't elaborate.

    Hey, what do you think about the shit finally hitting the fan for Team Sky? On one hand, I think it's been a long time coming but on the other, it's just further proof that cycling may NOT be cleaned up in any team or country after all. One MORE lie fed to fans these past 10 years. Of course, look at what comes out almost EVERY day about past Olympics & Russia! How do you trust that ANY athlete is not using PEDs? It all makes me so sad.

    Anyhoo, stay safe over the holidays & hopefully I'll be able to comment again like the old days. PLEASE keep your posts coming. Even though I can't write much in response, I look forward to them very much.

    And hey, how about that Ohio State-Michigan football game? Sorry for you, but happy for ME. :) :)

    But at least your Raiders are doing GREAT! Are you in shock after all this time?

    Gotta scoot. Merry Xmas to Rae & Barb & to all Inane Asylum folks!

  2. Hey Susie....yes it HAS been a long time since we've heard from you...(I thought you had abandoned us)...SO glad to hear you are still out there, and so sorry about your tough conditions (at work I assume)...all jobs have that going it seems these days...more work, same pay, more stress...we are going thru that (gov contract). But I switched work areas back in April and actually I'm pretty much enjoying my current position (doing the same things but for diff people on diff equipment). Also I still get to travel for my OLD job/people (the Colo Springs trips) which is good...that always was the best part of that particular job (the travel). So now I'm kind of living the dream/best of both worlds. I almost hate to blink or even talk about it...(so as NOT to jinx myself). Hopefully your situation gets is hard enough as it is.

    And JD, Rae, Barbara...hopefully you're all still out there and doing well.

    And YES, the OSU game was DEVASTATING! It's like the Michigan defense (one of the best in the country) didn't even SHOW UP! But the Raiders have been pulling me out of my funk of that game (the recent Kansas City loss was pretty tough...very much like the Michigan game...penalties and just complete collapse of the defense). But the Oakland defense did hold KC to ZERO points in the 2nd half...but the usually robust offense was also stalled and STILL had a shot to tie the game, but a STUPID play call (third and 1 on the KC 14 or so, 2:40 on the they needed to CONTINUE running the ball w/ Murray, it's 4 down territory so they had TWO chances to get the 1 yard, keep taking time off the clock..and what do they do? A TD pass attempt! What the hay? What possible good comes out of that play? Catch it and yes, you get a TD and go up by 2 I think, however you give KC the ball back w/ 2:40 and all they need is a field goal, OR drop it and it stops the clock, saving KC a time out and stopping the clock. So he drops it's 4th and 1, and THEN an offensive motion penalty! Now it's 4th and 6...and the rest is history...did't get it, lost the game that they NEEDED to win the div. BOY did that hurt. However thanks to the Titans last week beating KC (very unexpected) we are back in 1st...just need to beat Indy today IN that and we win the div.

    So....Merry XMas to all...and GO OAKLAND!!!

  3. Hey Matt, I'm SO sorry about the Oakland QB! Hope I didn't jinx you/them! I've not really watched any NFL games this year but do keep up with who wins/loses. This year I want ANYONE other than the Pats to win the SB! In fact, I will not root for the Pats ever again, thanks to Belichik & Brady's apparent political 'friends'.

    But I'll go farther than that. I will also not buy anything from a company (that I know) is owned/run by a Trump "supporter". I understand the societal & economic anger of certain folks but I will NEVER understand nor forgive that 46% of this country voted for a lying/bullying sociopath to be President of the United States of America. After the Civil War, this is the 2nd worst disaster in American history. Yes, even worse than 9/11. What keeps me from totally losing it is the belief that his "term" will be shortened - due to either impeachment, heart attack or violence.

    Hillary Clinton's presidency was STOLEN - by that FBI a-hole (who should be in PRISON) & the Russians. The idiots who voted for her opponent will soon see they not only did NOT help but hurt themSELVES. (The 5 largest Obamacare states all voted for Trump). G-bye medical insurance, you suckas!

    Anyhoo, glad to read your job is going great. You deserve it.

    Well, gotta get going. Hope to chat again this week. :)