Tuesday, January 31, 2017

An ode to Groundhogs Day

Here’s to the special Holiday, so soon after the New Year; 
and with it our weather forecast, that we wait with baited breath to hear.
Just who is this evil sorcerer, who can end winters icy chill? 
Why, It’s the humblest of all the creatures, called Punxsutawny Phil!
He’s just a groundhog, a furry mammal as you all know; 
but every February 2nd, he’s the star of our weather show.
He doesn’t care about politics, nor about what you do; 
Phil doesn’t even care if you’re red or if you’re blue.
He doesn’t even notice, how much money you might make; 
he just wants us all to know, about what’s really at stake.
Six more weeks of winter, the worst news that he could bring; 
but if we’re really lucky, we’ll get an early spring!
Phil doesn’t care, if you’re woman or if you're man; 
he just makes his prediction, the best that he possibly can.
When he calls for spring, he makes most people glad; 
but if it’s more winter, then he makes most people mad.
From the California rains, to the states with all the snow; 
all I can say for sure is, PLEASE LET THIS WINTER GO!
I bring you this meager verse, from the state of Colorado; 
where the winter is REAL and I pray, that he doesn't see his SHADOW!
But don’t blame the groundhog, he just calls it as he sees; 
it is whatever it is, so go on out and do as you please.
I’m doing that here in the Springs, riding my mountain bike in the snow; 
and with these final words of mine, I guess I'll let you go.
Our lives are too short, to let winter stand in the way; 
so even when it’s cold outside, I say go out and PLAY!
I’ve nothing more to offer, this is the last thing that I’ll say; 
I hope you all have a wonderful, fantastic Groundhogs Day!

Colorado Springs, Gold Camp Rd, 1st tunnel (5 miles in), 1/29/17

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