Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's all about Abbey

Wow....we had forgotten how much work a puppy can be. Sophie was 16 weeks when we got her over 2 years ago. Turns out there's a BIG difference between 16 weeks and 8 weeks. Abbey was (and is still) just a baby! Though she's growing up fast...weighed her today, she's now 14 she's actually doubled her weight in the last 6 weeks (she's now 14 weeks old, still holding onto gaining roughly a lb a week). IF her weight gain holds with Sophie's (who was 23lbs when we got her, exactly half her adult weight) then Abbey should top out around 32lbs (as I assume at 16 weeks she will have gained 2 more lbs). That's not a bad size, still light enough to pick up...where-as Sophie is well beyond that and feels like you are picking up a boulder.

All is well with the babies, and Sophie has totally taken a role as 'protector/mother' to our little white darling. In fact, just yesterday Jeannie noticed that PG was barking at Abbey as she does whenever Abbey invades her 'space'...and for whatever reason Sophie charged over and made a 'move' at PG, pretty much showing her hand saying "don't mess with my baby". It was interesting...and it got us talking about what would happen if we were out in the yard and another dog came up to Abbey...IF Sophie thought there was any threat we are quite afraid she might just attack...she IS a bulldog and even though she is quite gentle to us and abbey, we're thinking all bets are off if she even THINKS her baby is in jeopardy.

That all said, I have a few more pics before I go (working all night tonight, then heading down to Los Angeles/El Segundo tomorrow night for down there thru the end of May).

 Abbey just LOVES to TRY to play with PG, who absolutely WILL NOT play with her. That said, it's funny how whenever Abbey and Sophie are playing, she will typically be nearby 'monitoring'. Right now PG is throwing iron DARTS at Abbey AND us (as we are allowing it). You may not be able to see it in the picture, but that is TOTAL glare/laser-beams from PG's eyes at me.

 This is more like what we typically see when Abbey comes anywhere near PG...teeth, growling and barking. Lots and lots of teeth. But she's not yet bit her as far as we know...Abbey sure isn't afraid!

 Sophie and Abbey play....a LOT. And many times Sophie will lie down so Abbey can crawl/jump all over her. This is one of those moments...and Abbey takes full advantage of it and goes over the top.

 Another shot of Abbey TRYING to play with PG. And as always, PURE DAGGERS at me for allowing it to continue. Here Abbey is chewing on PG's foot. Moments ago it was all 'teeth'...I think she's just trying to vaporize me with her laser-beams at this moment.

 Being a terrier, Abbey LOVES to hide in/under stuff. Here she crawled under a pillow on the couch to nap. Though you can see she's peeking just a bit (hard to tell peeking from fully open eyes).

 This shot is actually looking straight down on my lap as they are sleeping. You can see how much Sophie LOVES her little thing's for sure: Abbey doesn't go very far alone.

And my final shot for this post: Abbey SLEEPING with PG (who is SO not happy with the situation). At least, that's what she wants us to think...we secretly think she likes the attention. Jeannie took this shot and said there are burn marks on the walls from PG's laser-beams!

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