Friday, June 30, 2017

What time is it? It's TOUR TIME!

Yes's THAT time again. le Tour de France starts TOMORROW (1 July)! Jeannie just changed our DTV package so we now have NBCSportsHD channel. I was going to go for the NBCSports Gold internet package, but we have DSL (not very high speed) and we've had issues trying to stream video. However it would be nice to have an entire YEAR of NBCSports cycling broadcasts for the price of $39.99. I still might go for that, as it will let me watch the Vuelta in Sept, and all the spring classics next year as the cycling package expires June 30th next year.

But enough on that...on to le TOUR!

I have NO IDEA who to root for, haven't even LOOKED at the teams. I guess I'm hitting this year about as in-the-dark as I've been before the start of the race. I was actually still supposed to be in Minnesota but I was able to sneak out a week early (saved a week of my vacation time) as my mom's sister-in-law flew in the day I left. So I only used all my sick-time (I had 2 weeks).

So. Susie, I see you already have your party-pants on and commented on my old post (as I am SO slow in getting a Tour post up). You've got your guide and are ready to go...good on ya! I'm just showing up with the clothes on my back so to speak. But it's better than not showing up at all, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.'s 10pm and I need to get to bed, as I'm getting up EARLY...why you ask? BECAUSE STAGE 1 IS ON, that's why! And I set the DVR to record the pre-show, and the pre-pre show (there were 2 shows before the stage tomorrow). I'll start getting my cycling fix in a big way. Jeannie will be quite sick of it by next Friday (when she flys back east on a girls vacation)...but after that I have Ca-rte-Blanche to watch le Tour till I puke. And then some. to bed. Back after the stage (sometime) to comment. Like tax season for the IRS, Tour Time is the busy season for my site of recent years.



  1. Tour time!!! Know I've been AWOL for a long time.....just too busy with kids, activities & back to full-time work. But its TOUR TIME and I wanted to drop in with a quick hello! Miss chatting with you guys ��

  2. He JD! Good to hear from you and glad you're HAS been a long time!'s TT in the rain....Valverde is OUT? One and DONE? OMG! Just put a bullet to the head of Quintana on day ONE for crying out loud! At least Bobke mentioned the ridiculous steel barricades during the post race discussion...that's exactly what I was thinking! They KNEW riders would lose it on some of those corners...come ON! Hay bails are CHEAP! I can't believe there weren't MORE guys hurt from those dang things! To lose Valverde tho...he may be old but he's a crafty STRONG racer...working totally for Q this year. WHAT A BLOW! That just SUCKS!!! I was really hoping to have a shootout between Froome, Porte, Q and Talansky (yes, I'm really hoping Andrew steps it up a notch and is a real podium contender this year). Not so sure about R. Bardet..just don't see him making podium again this year, but never know.

    What a blow to the race and Movistar especially. I'm still floored.

  3. I've made a new award category this year: the "Breath of fresh air" award. And OBVIOUSLY it goes to Taylor Phinney! Holy smokes, I was SO rooting for him to hold out today in the breakaway! Listening to him after the TT in the studio w/ Paul, Bobke and Christian, and then today after the finish (and winning the Polka Dot jersey) just have to love that man! He has taken Fabians place (in active riders) as one of my TOP fav's overall!

    As to the stage, that crash at 19mi to! Watching Froome and the other unlucky guys slide/bounce up over that thankfully banked curb-edge, that had to hurt! Lucky there doesn't seem to be any damage unlike yesterday, when we lost THREE riders!

    And on a personal note, I LOVE JULY! Something about getting up early, a steaming mug of coffee, having the day off, and le TOUR o the DVR (LOVELOVELOVE the DVR! I can pause it, fast forward thru the the TONS of commercials...just can't imagine living without it!)...ahhhhh! And now the stage is over, I can get on with a leisurely weekend day (and also knowing I have the NEXT TWO days off also, woo-HOO!). NO real plans today, taking a rest day as I rode Friday and yesterday...plan to ride tomorrow and Tuesday...after limited riding the last 2 months I have some catching up to do. Good weather here thankfully, so I just have to pick where to go.

    Viva le Tour!

  4. Janann! So happy to see you again & that you're watching the Tour! You'll have to catch us up one of these days.

    So, the 1st 2 days rained & you KNOW how I hate that at the TDF! Not only does it break up the TV feed, it makes it so much more dangerous for the fellas & look what happened to Valverde! His loss will really impact Quintana's chances. And look at the time gaps between HALF the Sky guys & all the other GCers! Were they all just being cautious or is something else at play? Duh-duh-dunnnnnnh. At least Taylor Phinney had a pretty good TT & I THINK I like his quirky personality - took me by surprise! I didn't remember him being such a 'surfer-dude' guy. :)

    The massive pile-up on Day 2 may not have been caused by the rain but just "typical Tour Week 1 SNAFU". One thing that irritated me is that P2 & Bobke & CVV only talked about Froome & I wanted to know if the other GC guys were affected too! I finally found out this morning in an online article that Richie also went down & hurt his knee. Hopefully, it's not too bad as he needs ALL the help he can get now after that TT. Of course, pretty much ALL the other non-Sky GC guys are at a big disadvantage after that TT.

    I guessed that Kittel would take the win on Sunday but was VERY happy to see Cav right there! Maybe he'll be able to get a win after all. :) Still, I just don't know how he'll make it all the way to Paris. He struggles in the mts when he's fit as a fiddle let alone after not riding a bike for most of the last 4 months.

    ***Stage 3 Monday - ALERT**** I wasn't able to see any but the 1st 5 minutes this morning but I did check to see who won. I won't tell but I was looking down the Finish list & Talanksy lost 25 seconds for some reason & there was NOT ONE Cannondale guy with him! WTF?! I assume this means he flatted or crashed but WHERE were his guys?

    After all the crap that has come out about Team Sky this past year (& Brailsford acting like such an jerk), I REALLY don't want Froome to win this year. I was hoping Contador could pull off one final triumph but after that TT, it's not looking too great. Of course, it's SO early & anything can happen - look at yesterday! I think this Friday (Sat?) there is an uphill finish wheret ALL the GC guys will want to make a mark so we'll see then who looks good. I'm still not a fan of Quintana so I guess I'll root for Richie & Contador & hope Talansky can make Top 7. And I was hoping Thumper (Fulgsang) could finish at least Top 5 but he shockingly also had a bad TT. I agree with you Matt in that I doubt Bardet will repeat his triumph of last year. It's a LOT harder when there are expectations on you & that guy has his entire country thinking he's their next TDF champ.

    What do you think of Bobke being so skinny?! I thought maybe he's been battling some illness when I 1st saw him - I literally gasped! Do you think he just wanted to be cycling-skinny again? Hopefully, he's fine & just wanted to lose some weight but I thought he looked great before.

  5. And about that Velo TDF Guide. Um, let me mention that I often nod off on the sofa at night when watching TV & reading. It seems I did so last Thursday night when perusing the TDF Guide & the last thing I remembered was reading the section about all the Stages. AND the thing really is half the size it used to be! However, it appears there still is a section on the teams! Yeah! Gosh, I can't believe I didn't realize I hadn't finished going through it. What a doofus! :) :)

    Later gators!

  6. Hi everyone, it's Barbara! I happen to be "in transition" AKA unemployed this summer, so I get to watch TDF every minute while I update my resume and LinkedIn and apply for jobs. I am SO close to being able to retire, but really try to make money until I am eligible for Medicare. Anyway. A friend of mine keeps posting bike rides on FB and calling it "FUNemployment".

    I love coming in here after Susie so I can just comment on her comments. Bobke is indeed looking buff. His arms look like this is intentional. And they are wearing LULULEMON shirts. WTF?

    I also noticed the Velo mag is pretty weenie this year. So we have less TV coverage (I still miss those evening shows when Bobke overdubbed the commentary and I learned SO much from him - he can explain stuff better than anyone) and a smaller magazine too.

    I loved watching Geraint Thomas at the end of the TT, going nuts and he's so adorable. As is Marcel Kittel. Not sure who I am rooting for yet for GC.

    Today (Stage 3) - NOT raining, gorgeous scenery, VERY exciting finish!
    I have no idea what happened to Talansky - I don't remember hearing his name at all today. I really want to see him do well this year.

  7. Yo Barbara, welcome back! Glad you could make it! Lots happening already. Susie, as to Bobke, I was kind of wondering myself...has he been secretly having 'treatment' for something? You never know...he is quite skinny. And he's been bald a while now so we have no clues there. But he looks and sounds good! Same for Christian and Paul...I think it's a good group.

    I also agree Susie that I'm having a hard time rooting for Mr. Roboto (though I DID enjoy his ATTACKS last year...those were something to remember). I was REALLY rooting for Talansky (Just WHERE did he go today on the finishing climb? Maybe they'll let us know tomorrow). Losing guys...I only root for Q as he's new and quite honestly, ANYBODY that can even HINT at giving Froomey a run for his money is ok in my book. Porte seems to be the only man left with any REAL chance, but in all honestly not for the win...just podium. That said, there's a LOT of bike race left and things can change in a blink. I am ALSO rooting for Cav to pull out at least 1 win...he was very close yesterday, that must bring him some good vibes. Today, well...Peter pulled it out but barely. Matthews was coming up FAST on the right...another 5' and he might have had it. But Sagan showed what he's got for sure...pulled away from Porte like he was standing still. GVA was close but no dice...he just can't pull off the power of Sagan on that kind of finish. AND pretty much everybody at the front must have been gasping as the last few miles were pretty wild and fast!

    That all said, I will TRY to only say this once (this year). WTH? Stage FREAKING ONE and Sky has FOUR GUYS IN TOP 10? On an ITT? Maybe it's just ME but it seems very oddly coincidental that ALL the GC guys are withing about 15 seconds of each other EXCEPT for Mr. Roboto...who pulled a minimum of 45 secs over his next closest GC rival. I mean, seriously...that just doesn't seem possible. And uhm, well...we ALL have had it ripped from our hearts when something seems that far out of whack with pretty much everybody else how it was possible. We took it on faith for YEARS that the Devil and nearly his entire team was just that much better than EVERYBODY else, and then we learned how. OK. Done with that...sorry, but I just HAD to say it, as it seems SO apparent ALREADY.

    Enjoyed Stage 3...4 looks to be a bit of a snooze-fest (no real climbs, just miles and miles of watching guys ride and the boyz filling the air time). But's TOUR TIME! Soon enough it will be Stage 18 and I will be looking back on tomorrow feeling sad. Enjoy it while it's here!

  8. Oh gosh...I was so tired last night I totally forgot to talk about Nate Brown! How awesome is it that the 2nd of the THREE Americans (and ALL on the SAME TEAM) went out in the break and protected the KOM Jersey, kept it in the family! And then this morning (Tues) the guys had him on the set...another breath of fresh air! OK...back to stage 4...happy 4th of July everybody!

  9. OK...stage 4 is in the books...a crazy finish, doesn't look too good for Cav sadly. And after watching the finish and contact between Sagan and Cav several times (and w/ my DVR I was able to go frame by frame/super-slo-mo), I have this to say. Cav starts leaning INTO Sagan as he's coming up on him, and you can see Cav clearly starting to shout or something at that time. Sagan is TOTALLY upright as Cav starts to go over...Peters elbow is still IN when Cav's wheels have gone almost into Peter's wheels and Cav is CLEARLY falling. At this point I can't say why the elbow comes out but Cav's bike did almost go under Peters BEFORE the elbow comes out...and if you watch slo mo, it's Peter shifting his upper body towards Cav when the elbow comes out, and I personally think Peter is trying NOT to go down w/ Cav as Cav had already initiated the contact...Peter had to shift his weight to get his wheels back under or he goes down...Peter very quickly shifted his hips left and his upper body conversely went right (towards the already crashing Cav and the barriers).

    I know in regular speed it totally looked like Peter knocked Cav into the barricades...and I actually initially thought that. I hope the jury takes the time to watch this and they will see what I did...but we will know in the morning. No matter how it plays out it's a tough break for Cav, and I HOPE he's ok to go on. Peter knew there was contact and immediately came to see Cav...I don't think it's Peters fault...I think this one is just part of sprinting...Cav tried to shoot thru a spot that wasn't really there. As Phil calls it, the "argy-bargy" of sprinting. I know Cav's team managment is mad and CAv probably feels like he got knocked down...but watch it in super slow'll see Peters elbow doesn't come out until WELL after Cav is going down. Just my 2 cents (w/ my DVR I watched it about 15 times back and forth stopping it and backing it up 1 frame at a time).

  10. Barbara, so glad you're here too! And hope you find something that's perfect for you soon on the work front.

    I wasn't here yesterday so couldn't respond but I'm STILL flabbergasted about Stage 4! During 'LIVE' action, I thought Cav was fine to be coming up along the barrier & that Sagan actually moved over towards HIS line & then elbowed him into the barrier. But after looking at the constant replays, I'm not sure if Sagan was really elbowing him on purpose or just trying to get his balance like you say above, Matt. I thought MAYBE Sagan would get relegated but I never dreamed they would actually kick him out of the Tour! I don't agree with that at all! It's bad enough that Cav won't be able to continue, but to have one of the only other 3 superstars now out of the Tour too?! So STUPID! I must say that Cav has REALLY matured a lot these past few years as he handled it all very well! Man, he has had a crappy year so far.

    And Matt, I'm glad you mentioned about the Stage 1 ITT as I haven't stopped thinking about it! That almost HALF of Sky finished in the Top 8 while ALL the other GC guys finished within 15 seconds of each other more than 35 seconds behind Froome? Come ON! I know the rain played a big part but that is just too unbelievable. I read that the Sky skinsuits may have contributed & at 1st, I scoffed, but heck, remember the "rubber suit" era of swimming? Certain materials really do have an affect on ability of the wearer to cut thru wind or water.

    If Sky stays in yellow this entire Tour, I will THROW UP! At least Froome didn't thump everybody yesterday. He rode well but didn't dominate. Gives me SOME hope. Although I do think Quintana will be lucky if he gets on the podium this year. WHY did he ride the Giro?! Did he not expect to do well at the Tour because of this year's course & attempted to "hedge his bets"? I was a bit disappointed in Richie as I was so hoping he'd put some time into Froome. I do NOT understand BMC's tactics at all yesterday! WHY tire out your whole team the entire day?! I understand Richie needs to make up time but I don't think that was the way to do it.

    I hope Contador gets better each day. He didn't do terribly yesterday but it was another reminder that his 'ass-dancing' glory days were a long time ago. Still, he looked better than Quintana!

    If Talansky can even get Top 10, that would be a surprise, unless he starts getting a LOT better soon. Based on the results so far, I don't think he's even his team's GC guy any longer.

    I know you don't much like the sprint stages Matt, but I just love watching & listening! I always wonder what it must be like to live in those towns. To me a 'perfect world' would be to be AT the Tour de France AND be able to watch & listen to NBCSN's coverage too! Would NBC's cycling "gold" package be blocked if you are over in France?

    Oh, & speaking of sprint stages, it seems the French guy that won Stage 4 REALLY went off HIS line by cutting off the guy to his left. If that guy had crashed, the French guy SHOULD have been relegated! Yeah, like THAT would happen! Humpfh!

    Can't wait to hear from everyone. Rae, Janann, still watching?

    Ok, gotta run. Later! :)

  11. Susie, interesting that you brought up the French Guy's HORRIBLE line during the Stage 4 sprint! It was his line that Sagan was following...he had his head down and was very close to his wheel...he was drifting towards the barriers and then veered wildly out towards the middle just before the finish. To throw Sagan OUT of the entire Tour? Claiming it was for "improper sprinting" and then let everybody else stay in and not even relegate them? On the one hand they claim to be setting a new standard, and then in the same STAGE they don't follow it. And quite honestly, if they hold this NEW standard to all sprinters there won't be any left by Paris! (and quite honestly, can you imagine the uproar if they HAD relegated or GASP thrown out the French guy after finally winning a sprint, 1st in like 11 years? It would be carnage and mayhem on the streets, full on riot! Had he punched someone and maybe even stabbed them I think he'd only MAYBE be relegated. Even tho Sagan is one of the most popular cyclists riding today, he's not French (riding in the biggest race in the world, which happens to be OWNED by the French). Politics rears it's ugly head even in the TDF. STILL can't believe they DQ'd him...seems to unbelievable! I'd boycott the rest of the race if there was any way I thought 1) the ASO would know people are truly boycotting their race, and 2) if it would do even a tidbit of good. Sadly neither would happen, I'd just miss the rest of the race...stabbing myself in the eye to spite my face so to speak.

    Agree on Talansky...however, he (and Cdale) claims he's just sitting in the weeds biding his time to STRIKE (yeah, we'll see). I sure hope he does strike...any time now would be good...yesterday would have been better (rather than losing more time). And Q...just not seeing it. Same for surely looks that barring some big unforeseen thing happening Froome will stay in yellow the rest of the way now. And you're right...vomit. HOW can one team (in this NO DOPING era) be so dominating? I just don't get it. ALL the other GC guys (the best the other teams have to offer) are very close, but quite a ways from Froome. Just seems so unlikely, AGAIN. OK...gotta scoot.

  12. Hey guys! So with kids heading to activities (and for some reason wanting to do something else with their summer besides watch the TDF) I have to watch on my DVR (best invention EVER) late at night. Difficult part of that is that I have to stay off of the internet all day so I don't ruin the race! I usually finish up @ 2 am and then don't have energy left to check in here, but I'll try 😊

    Crazy Tour so far! I am NOT a fan of anything or anyone Movistar, so losing Valverde didn't bother me, though I hate to see anyone get hurt. Cav & Sagan are 2 of my very favorites, though, and that situation is just infuriating! They are letting Demare sprint like a crazy person and then send Peter home for trying to basically keep himself upright (I watched it many times, too, Matt). Ridiculous!! My husband has quit watching after that. Just heard during the interviews after today's stage that Bora appealed the decision about Sagan but were told too bad.

    I've been cheering for Porte, though I'm not sure if he has the team to help him as much as he'll need. I'd really love to see Talansky perform well....
    I love Taylor P and really enjoy his attitude & appreciation of the event. His ordeal has shaped his world view & attitude. I'm enjoying his videos so far.

    Loved seeing G Thomas win that first yellow! He certainly deserves that. And the polka dots with the Cannondale boys has been a fun surprise.

    Guess I'm hoping we'll get some moves to make this race GC interesting, but with Froome already in yellow and that "superman" team you've already mentioned...not sure that will happen - still hoping though!!

    Very brief update on whats been going on with me:
    #1 daughter turning 12 next week & little guy just turned 8 (time flies!!!) Cant remember if i told you about my husband's bike acvident 1.5 yeats ago. The car won & it was a long strenuous road to recovery for him & the family. He is doing amazingly well & fully back to work now! Lost 2 of my 3 horses last year, so it was a rough year. Looking forward to a family trip to the Pacific NW at the end of July! I haven't ridden my bike since my husbands accident, but hoping to get over that & get on some trails before the season is over. Having a great summer so far & hitting the pool often with the kids.

    I've missed your Tour Talk & will try to stop in whenever I can finish the race early enough 😉

  13. From Barbara (for some reason I can't sign in with Google) Agree, Sagan wasn't the culprit. And he has a great reputation. I think relegation at most. But I don't understand the appeal his team has filed - clearly he can't rejoin the race. Maybe it clears his record.

    I sure hope that a breakaway succeeds during this Tour. I love seeing them succeed, and I am so sad when the whole peloton passes them like they're standing still. Love seeing them all high-five each other at the last gasp.

    Janann, I'm so glad to know that your husband has recovered - it's so easy to lose sight of what a dangerous sport we play at. Happy this summer is going well.

  14. Hi Janann, I did not know about your husband's bike accident & am SO sorry for what he & your family had to endure. It sounds like things are now on the way up & thank goodness for that. I worry all the time about all my 'virtual' cycling friends, especially those that ride on roads. And I can't believe your little girl is almost 12! Seems like yesterday she was 4! And your son is 8? No way! :) Too bad you haven't been able to entice (or flat-out bribe) either into entering the Tour Tomb with you. :) You'll have to tell us how your West coast trip goes. Hope you all have a blast!

    Today (Fri) was another hot day at the Tour & apparently it went thru an area the Tour had never gone before! Wow, didn't think there was a corner left in France that the TDF had not traveled thru. SPOILER ALERT - it was a sprint finish & while I won't say who won, I will tell you it was REALLY close! As in I don't think the guy they chose as the "winner" really had his wheel in front of the other guy's at all. From the photos I've seen, it looked dead even. Which makes me think, has there EVER been a tie on a TDF non time-trial stage? I can't remember one, can you guys?

    Oh, & before I forget, MATT- Saturday's (tomorrow) LIVE morning stage is NOT on NBCSN but on NBC! And there will be no Primetime show. There's also no Primetime show tonight for East coast viewers (boo-hiss!). There is a broadcast which starts at midnight, but I'll never be able to stay awake for the whole thing. Damn NASCAR!

    One more thing about the Cav-Sagan saga, there are apparently "memes" out there (but of course) & I saw one for those who thought Sagan was in the wrong - it was a penguin video & one penguin is standing still & this other one comes up to pass him on his right & the 1st penguin hits the other one upside the head with his flipperthingy & the poor guy falls into an opening in the ice. OMG, I almost peed my pants. LOL!

    Both Saturday & Sunday's stages have mts & even though there are not mt-finishes, they probably will still be impactful for the GC. ESPECIALLY if some team decides to turn things upside down. Maybe Contador will try something! Did ya'll see Andy Schleck the other day on the show? Gosh, I guess it's been at least 4-5 years since he rode the Tour, right? It's still so sad to think how his career ended.

    Alrighty, I have to run. Have fun this weekend & we'll chat some more next week! :) :)

    1. Hey JD...great to hear from you, glad you found some time to stop by! So sorry to hear about Alan...WOW! I had a few close calls about 2 years back or so, and pretty much stopped road riding for well over a year...just recently getting back, but only in groups...not to keen on solo rides like I used to do (where I had my close calls). At least this way I'll have company in the hospital if I get hit. Riding solo I think the car might just drive away leaving me to die (or already dead).

      Still mt biking way more than road....tho now that it's summer it's FREAKING HOT inland (where all the mt biking is) I will ahve to do more road riding. It's crazy that I feel so much safer on my mt bike than on the road...only cows n my own skills (or lack thereof) to worry about really. And I still carry my SPOT unit so I can push my 'help' button and get rescued anywhere in the world.

      Just finished watching yesterdays stage (Thurs, stage 6 I think?)...nothing exciting there, except for the LACK of Cav n Sagan. Agree JD...what did Bora think, the CAS would be able to put him back in the race after missing a stage? Actually it was the UCI who provided the 'jury' I heard..not the ASO (who owns TDF and other races)...they call it impartial that way. So boycotting the Tour doesn't even send a signal to the owners. Boycott ALL PRO cycling and that might...but how do you do that and get them (UCI) to notice? That is the question. The jury obviously had no clue sadly. Team Bora should pull out of the race entirely to show their protest of the most unfair and ridiculous DQ'ing. But then next year they might be 'penalized' and not invited never know...the ASO can be pretty nasty if they feel they've been slighted. And in THAT SPRINT, watch as Demare was free to swing wildly clear from the right barriers (where Sagan was following his wheel and the Cav-Sag-gate occurred) clear over to the middle/left of the road at the finish, totally cutting off other riders doing their sprints...and not even relegated AND keeps his win, points AND the green jersey! SO not fair! Where is the jury for that? Oh, he was French. Never mind.

      OK...need to go watch todays stage...just back from LAX...dropped Jeannie off early this AM for her annual girls vacation back east (flew to VA today, then I don't know where all she's going). I'll miss her, but I also now have FREE REIGN to watch le Tour as much as I can bear! (she hates Phil's voice, makes her ill after all these years of me watching, so mostly I'm doing a JD...watching after she goes to bed, which is why I'm SO tired at work lately). Been staying up way to late trying to finish stages. July always kills me with goodness!

      Later Gaters...have a GREAT Weekend!

      I just don't see anybody in the entire GC list who I really think has any shot whatsoever at beating Froome. So unless he beats himself (crashes, bonks, etc) and w/ his SUPER team, it's pretty much a lock. It's 2nd and 3rd that are up in the air, along w/ the rest of the top 10.

  15. Oh, and Barbara, I'm ALWAYS rooting for the breakaways...sure miss ol' Jensie being out there! And I'm LOVING Taylor Phinney...and his little video diarys he's doing every day...that man cracks me up! He is a riot! Totally near the very top of my 'fav' rider list! If he could win a stage, that would just be the BEST!

  16. Just finished watching today's stage (7). That's a SERIOUS photo-finish! Not sure I've seen one closer. Of course I was rooting for Dimension Data's Boass-Hag...they could use the good news, and it was THAT close...but they gave it to Kittel. I can't argue it, as I don't have the ability to move the video 1 frame at a time and see which wheel hit the line we have to take the word of the 'judges' (uhm, are these the same judges who threw out Sagan? If so then maybe they need their eyes checked?) So a totally boring stage followed by 30 seconds of absolute mayhem...yep..a typical sprint stage. No crashes tho...that's good. Is anybody else already getting tired of the Froome and Kittel show? I'm afraid we're in for a lot more of both in the next 2 weeks.'s only 7:30pm and I can actually watch SOMETHING ELSE! OMG..what will it be? I think I have an episode or 2 of "Better Call Saul" from my MN trip that I haven't seen yet...if you watched "Breaking Bad" and liked it, then this show is a must! OK...Better Call Saul! (what should I call him?) Happy Weekend everybody!

  17. Matt, the thought of you "getting rescued anywhere in the world" gives me great mental images of Mission Impossible type shenanigans!

    So happy for Dim Data today without Cav! SO close. I dont remember thete ever being a dead heat, but i wish thrte could have been. I've gotta say though that I'm REALLY missing Cav & Peter. Yes, seeing Kittel win every sprint will get boring fast. Did you see that clip of Greipel hitting the man w/camera toward the finish? Yikes!

    Thanks Susie! Yes, he had 22 fractures (9 spinal) & his helmet is in 15 little pieces. Without question saved his life. He still rides to work....has no memory of that day.

    I didn't know it was on regular NBC tomorrow - thanks.

    The thought of Jeannie getting away from Phil's voice makes me smile 😊

    Great to hear from you also Barbara.

    Here's hoping that someone will take off & animate the race this weekend! Oh, and I really miss Jens too, Matt!

  18. Oh, I almost forgot! Speaking of the Sagan Saga and memes.....this is a video that cracked me up. Happy weekend all!