Friday, May 27, 2011

The beginning of summer (or not) we are: the unofficial beginning of summer. The end of the school season is at hand, high school graduations are taking place all over the country, hats are being tossed high, and it's just a great time of year. Who doesn't look forward to the beginning of SUMMER?

And hey, if you haven't been to Fatty's today, check it out. I'm FAMOUS for a brief moment of time. I didn't expect him to post this, I did it just as a joke cuz I know he is a VERY funny man and can surely take a joke. (oh, and Angie, I just saw your comment at Fatty's, picking up my bet with Greg on the purple tights/tu-tu.....thank you so much...that is very funny!! However, IF you were to win this bet, just know that he will be riding WITH us the entire 100 miles wearing said purple tights and pink humorous as that will be!)
And now for a tiny bit of unpleasantness....I thought I should go ahead and post to let you all know that just this morning I got the results of my eye-blob biopsy (I had it done on Tuesday afternoon). I talked to the Dr. this morning, and he said the pathology came back as a basal cell carcinoma. He was quite surprised, as he was fairly confident it was going to turn out to be a "Glandular mass" of some sort (whatever that is). He says however that it's NOT the scary kind that can spread everywhere and kill you (WHEW!).... this one is the kind that will just keep growing and it needs to be removed.
It's on my lower left eyelid, right at/on the eyelashes. He said that the prognosis after removal is excellent, they just need to make sure they get it all. I go in next Friday for my pre-surgery appointment where he will go over everything. Jeannie researched it online today and told me that they will probably have to take most of the lower eyelid, and then do some sort of reconstructive surgery (but in 5 or 6 months it will look like nothing happened). I know that I WON'T be going online looking at the pictures....that would be too much information I'm sure.
I'm thankful that it isn't anything more serious, but obviously I'm still just a tiny bit nervous about the taking part of my eyelid part. 
Otherwise, all is well .....and as I said, it could be SO MUCH worse. I thought the biopsy was scary enough (he had to inject the eyelid w/ lidocane, and after that got numb he he snipped away the bigger part of the blob with little cutters)...the only real problem was that I was staring at the procedure at quite close range...(and hearing the snipping was a bit unnerving too I might add)...but all in all he said it was quite routine, and Jeannie says this surgery I'm going to have is also quite routine. I'm assuming (hoping/praying) that they put me out for this so I don't have to watch and listen.....but it will be what it will be. Both my Mom and Dad have had their eyes done (new lenses put in and such), and Jeannie has had Lasik (also pretty scary, but pretty cool to watch on my part), so I guess can't be too much of a baby. 
I'll keep everybody updated as I learn more. I'm just wondering if I can get a cool 'pirate' eyepatch for my recovery? Maybe a black one that has the skull and crossbones on it in white? I'd look like a real badass riding my bike in that for sure!

We leave on our cruise in less than 2 weeks (we will be gone from the 10th thru the 23rd of June on the Alaska cruise....we fly to Anchorage and finally end up in Vancouver...this has been planned/paid for many months ago), so I hope to have this done after we get back. 
OK..enough on that...hope everybody is ready for a GREAT long memorial day weekend. Somewhere out there it IS actually the unofficial opening of summer, but it sure isn't here. We have been cold with HOWLING WINDS for the last two plus months (going on three months!)...which is much longer than usual. Our 'normal' high wind period starts around mid March and ends mid to late April, sometimes early May. We've had a smattering of nice days making us think our normal weather was back, but no. It could end ANY DAY now and go back to our 'normal' winds...but our holiday weekend forecast is for the winds to be over 20mph. I'm REALLY tired of that...but much like my little upcoming surgery, it COULD be SO much worse (as it is for MANY people). 
And how about the REST of the country's weather? I can't fathom all the people in Missouri and Oklahoma (and everywhere else that is getting hammered by tornadoes). THAT would be SO horrible. So I guess I won't complain TOO loud...we've still got it made in the big scheme of things. (Theresa, if you are still out there, aren't you in MO somewhere?? Hopefully you and yours are fine...drop a comment sometime to let us know how you've been and that you're ok!) 
We don't have much planned for the weekend, but I hope to do some biking (SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE!) Actually I hope to ride both Saturday AND Monday, and Sunday we will be going to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival (just about 15 miles up the 101 freeway from us). Of course it's going to be low 60's and windy...but we will make the best of it. Hopefully you all will have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day Weekend yourselves. 
And don't forget the reason for the holiday....paying homage to our heroes that made this country what it is (was?). I saw on the news this morning the Army was placing flags on every grave at Arlington, as they have every year since sometime in the 40's. I've been there a few times and feel quite choked up, looking at the unimaginable number of headstones so perfectly placed. The cost for our great country's freedom has been (and continues to be) OH so very high. And watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers fills me with pride each time I see it. If you haven't ever had the chance to witness that, well, you're missing something really special. 
OK...with that I'll sign off. Have a great weekend and be safe!


  1. OK, I give up. I've edited the post several times re-adding in the line-breaks after the paragraphs, and they keep disappearing. The only thing I did different is I did a cut and paste of some of this from an email I did for my family. Funny...I guess I won't be doing THAT anymore! (that's why it's blue text..cuz that's the color my email text is...I could change it back to black here, but the line-breaks would still be gone and I'm not about to re-type the whole thing). It's always something.

  2. No--riding--in --the--mountains--with--an--eye--patch!!!!

    Seriously, Jeannie is absolutely correct in her research. And this isn't melanoma or some other icky bad cancer. It is self contained and all you'll need to do is keep wearing sun screen, have Jeannie do a skin check periodically and go to the dermatologist once a year. Definitely a bummer place to have a lesion. So sorry you hav to go through this! Tell your babies it's your turn for support and sympathy. Then take a page from their book and keep your tail wagging.

    Big hugs you both of you. Cat