Thursday, May 19, 2011


Bob Roll was in town again tonight, and my brother Greg and I were fortunate enough to see him speak. It's a low-brow affair...the local bike shop (Main Street Cycles in Santa Maria) has him come and speak to a small crowd every year that the ToC has gone thru the Central Coast. The owner is a friend and Bob 'rolls' thru town on his way down from Paso Robles to Solvang and gives us lucky few a chat. He is SO FREAKING AWESOME in's like the zany Bob Roll you get glimpses of on tv except on crack! He is just amazing...his voices, stories....I can't think of any cycling personality I'd rather listen to tell stories!

Here he is sitting in the 'throne' in the center of the shop...and I can tell you, the stories are 'rolling'! He talked to us for well over an hour, telling stories, answering questions, and many times his answers to questions slid right into more stories. It was just an amazing evening, and the bike shop even supplied beer and snacks!! My brother Greg drove up from Simi Valley (a little over 2 hour drive) for the chance, and he wasn't disappointed. Tomorrow we head down to Solvang and plan to pre-ride the TT course. We will be riding from the half-way point, and plan to stop in Solvang and schmooze around some, then finish the course before they shut it down (probably sometime around 10am). After we get back to our cars we will load up our gear and ride to the Ballard Canyon climb, stake out a piece of property, and await the riders. It will be a GRAND day! How often to you have a chance to not only see the pro's, but to see them one at a time? I'm really glad the tour came back thru our neck of the woods this year.

Here's Greg and I with Bobke after the 'talk'. He is just such a class act! It's really hard to describe how awesome this little event is, but if you EVER get the chance to hear him speak, don't miss it! NOTHING gets you in the mood for cycling like Bobke! (except maybe P&P...tho Bobke gives you some serious inside scoop on those guys and every time I will hear any of them on the telly I will be chuckling to myself).

Well, I need to pack up my gear for the morning and need to get Rolling (HA!). I will have my fingers crossed for Chris Horner to hold his lead over Levi (tho I am also rooting for Levi). But I REALLY would love to see him pull off the win this year.  Gotta run. Keep the rubber side down, and RIDE LIKE THE WIND CHRIS!


  1. What a great surprise, Matt! I had stopped in a few minutes ago and saw the old post - came back and like magic a great new post with pics of Bobke even!! Sounds like a GREAT night. Hope you have wonderful weather and get a super position for the TT again.

    The reason I stopped back.....
    I thought I'd check out the results of the ToC today because I had a Kindergarten music program to attend this evening and missed the broadcast. Opened up VN and HOLY COW. The web and the blogosphere is lit up with the Tyler Hamilton story. The timing makes me sad though. The race is doing so well and it seems like people are so very enthusiastic about it - now this.......AGAIN. I'm not surprised by the content (I was surprised at how old TH looked in the video preview) but it is just crappy timing. I'm not sure how long the standard "most tested athlete in the world" response from Lance is going to hold any water either. George's "I gave my report to the grand jury and have no comment" did say a lot to me about the entire situation...

  2. Cheer on Chris at the TT for me too!!!!

  3. Hey! I posted a lengthy comment before the one above & it's gone. I SAW it here! I checked after I put in the passcode thingy! What happened?!

  4. Bummer Susie - that has happened to me once also....
    I did catch your comment over at Rant's place though :)

    Sort of deja vu tonight - just substitute GEORGE in for Tyler. Tyler is easy to discredit for sure (though I just read that he gave back his gold medal which would have been a sacrifice from him), but George? How can he possibly attempt to discredit George? I wonder how far this will go.

    But if anyone is still paying attention to the races.....
    DZ ROCKED it today! I was really cheering for him, as I'm sure you were Matt. Can't wait to hear about your day at the TT.