Thursday, June 9, 2011

Destination: the GREAT WHITE NORTH

Well, in an hour or so we drive south to LAX to catch our leaves tonight for Anchorage. We get there around 1:30am (UGH!). However we have all day Friday in Anchorage, and don't catch our shuttle to Whittier (where the ship is) until around noon on Saturday.

I HOPE to be at least able to post comments here from the ship (they have an internet cafe) but have no idea how expensive it is. If it's reasonable, I might even be able to post. We shall see soon enough. I figure to take approx. 7000 I imagine I will have one or 2 that are post-worthy (GRIN!)

And my only real goal is to eat my own weight in lobster (and other tasty food). I might keep a log and see how I do. If they take my picture when it's all over and put it on some 'not wanted' list for future cruises (ie: being blackballed cuz I eat too much) then my mission will have been accomplished.

OK..gotta run. So much to do, so little time. I got the 2 doggie-cam's working finally....(web-cams that are password protected)...I hope to be able to access them from the ship and see if the babies are playing poker....(or whatever they do when we go away on vacation).

And so...I'm off! Later gaters!


  1. Have a great time, Matt! Don't let any glaciers fall on your head! I will look forward to any posts from the ship, but it will be okay if you are having too much fun, in fact I hope you do!

    Referring to your last post -- there doesn't seem to be anything harmful in the list of ingredients, but I wonder if there is something not listed? Didn't a couple of doping cases turn out to be just that--taking a supplement that should have been okay but secretly had a banned ingredient?

    I won a case of FRS energy products from Versus, and in March as I was trying to really rev up my workouts (and weight loss) I was using it twice a day, as the label recommended. But after a couple of weeks I was feeling just awful--nothing I could really but a finger on, but kind of had me wondering about my heart health, and workouts were some days REALLY hard to get through. ANd just like Barbara, I would feel like my heart rate was fast, except it wasn't!

    So I quit using it. Just like 5hour energy, it is supposed to be mostly b vitamins plus an apple extract (quercitin). Maybe it is an excess of niacin causing a problem?

  2. Howdy from Anchorage! Sitting in the Sheraton internet-cafe, testing how this will work on the ship. So far, so good. I was able to access both doggie-cams (they are NOT playing poker..Syd is asleep on the bed, PG is asleep on the cough, and Sweet Pea is in the garage (I suspect, only have 2 cams, need to get another one someday in the garage).

    The weather: it's 10am and around 60 just about the same as home. Go figure. Supposed to rain today though...but it's quite green, and boy, are there mountains here! I have no idea what we are doing today...(we don't go to the ship until tomorrow is our day in Anchorage)...I saw in the newspaper there is a museum here...sounds like a destination!

    Later gaters!

  3. Oh, and Rae...I tried the "Free" FRS package months ago (you sign up for automatic shipment to get the 'free' trial samples, and as soon as recieved my free stuff I called and canceled the monthly shipments). I didn't care for it...tasted awful (the powder sports drinks), and it didn't do ANYTHING for me...I'll stick to cytomax for my LONG rides...well, actually now I have switched to CArboRocket CR333 HAlf's a food replacement drink...333 calories per servign (a full water bottle)'s actually designed so you don't need to eat...used it a few times mt biking now, and it tastes great and works great too! I ride my butt off for 5 hours and eat nothing...just drink drink as advertised! I wont' use it on shorter rides though...kind'a expensive, but figure I don't need to buy/carry food...gels/ is worth it). OK...Jeannie is here...we are on the move.

  4. Hooray - you're there!

    Have a wonderful time Matt! I've always wanted to go to Alaska and we haven't made it up there yet. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the trip and seeing photos once you're back. I've also never taken a cruise, so I'll be interested to hear how that is.

    Don't poke any bears while you're up there, but take in some amazing mountain vistas for me :)

    HAVE FUN!!!