Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Back's that time of year again. The dreaded time change.

The fall change signifies a few things, one of them being that all of a sudden it gets dark early. Also it means that it's going to get colder soon (if it hasn't already). It also means we are deep into football season. Pardon me while I briefly diverge into the realm of the pigskin. Michigan lost yesterday to Iowa...rats. They had SUCH a great season going. Today being Sunday, that means Pro football. I just woke up a bit ago (working nights here in Sunnyvale), and I'm watching the Raider/Bronco game right's turning into a pretty good game. Tebow is playing his heart out for the Bronco's, but the Raiders are putting him in the grass almost every play. And the Raiders new quarterback Carson Palmer (who they JUST picked up from Cincinnati about two weeks ago) is doing ok too. Raiders/Broncos is always a HUGE grudge match...this one is being played right here in Oakland giving them the edge (Raider stadium is called "the Black Hole"....which is not a very friendly place for visiting teams).

OK....enough football..sorry about that little detour. Back to the original line of discussion. Fall. And cold.

Well, lets see...what else does the time change signify? How about the impending HOLIDAY'S? There is certainly that! Lets see...we are down to what, about 48 or so shopping days until Christmas? Gads, don't you HATE that? The GOOD thing about the impending Holidays (for us anyway) is that we are going to HAWAII over Thanksgiving! Woo-HOO! It's so close now I can almost TASTE it! I have SEVEN more work-shifts up here in Sunnyvale...head back home a week from Monday. Work my 'day' job on Tuesday, and Wednesday the 16th we fly to Oahu! We will spend a few days there staying down in Waikikii, then we fly over to the Big Island and will be staying in Kona with Jeannie's brother John and his wife Donna. They have a timeshare there and we did this same vacation about 8 years ago. I know Jeannie and I are REALLY looking forward to this. WARM! SUNNY! Both qualities we are typically lacking in our hometown. Well, we do get sunny...just not WARM all that often.

Speaking of WARM, it's certainly the Anit-WARM right now. A huge storm system moved over the area last Thursday....and it's been crappy ever since! I've only gotten out for ONE bike ride since I drove up last Monday. That was on Wednesday, and it was pretty decent. Trails were nice and dry, and the weather was mid 70's. Just about perfect. But we've been getting just enough rain seemingly every day to make the trails all gooky, and the roads (at least the roads I WANT to ride...deep in the redwood canopy) quite wet most of the day. And the temperature's been holding in the 50's most every day. Oh sure, I can already hear you all moaning...50's isn't cold! YES IT IS! It''s FREEZING! I even have the heat on in my hotel room!

And so, with no riding going on, my life on the road is pretty much work and sleep. I HOPE to break out of this horrid cycle tomorrow...but haven't yet seen the forecast (I'll catch that tonight at work during our 'lunch' break at 2am).

And so. Another dreaded time shift is in the books. That also means that I'll have to charge up my headlight when I get back home. Oh, and let's not forget Veterans day coming up fast. Evey year, Jeannie (a Gov employee) gets that hallowed holiday off. While I (the Veteran) get to work it. sure, I could take a vacation day, but quite honestly, I shouldn't HAVE to. It's a nice little annual jab in the gut. Not quite sure why it isn't a federal law that ALL Veteran's get the day off, and all NON Veterans get to work. Now THAT would be a Veteran's day holiday to remember...a true THANK YOU for your service! But alas, that's not the case. And this year I'll be on the road anyway, so can only give Jeannie a hard time over the phone. It will be observed on this coming Friday this year, so she will get Thursday off.

The only good news I can typically think of at this time of year is that we are FAST approaching the Winter Equinox. And soon the days will be getting longer instead of shorter. And there you go.... another year has past. Just like that.

Don't let the darkness get you down. Easy to say, hard to do. Here's hoping you Fall-Back into good times!

(Note: The following tidbit doesn't fit into this post, but I wanted to slip it in anyway).

I was on Moffett Field the the other day, and this plane had just landed. It's a Russian heavy lift cargo-plane similar to our own C5. The official name is an Antonov AN-124. Being as it's here in the area I'd assume it's here to pick up a spacecraft. It won't be one of ours (Lockheed Martin Space Systems spacecraft I mean)...but there are many other satellite manufacturers here in the Silicon Valley. I'll keep my ear to the ground to hear if any new spacecraft pop up at a launch site. If you are interested in the dirty details of this awesome plane (it's actually BIGGER than our own C5), here's the Wikipedia link: Antonov An-124


  1. NOOOOOO! The dark time is here! Such a shock to see the sun heading down at 5:00. I hate it.

    Happy belated Birthday, Cathy!! I wish you a wonderful new adventure and much happiness in this next year. It was great to hear from you. Loved Rae's suggestion to send a photo of you with a scarf LOL. I looked at the ToC route but it doesn't mean much to me, as I'm not very familiar with the terrain/roads there.

    Oh, Matt, you're KILLING me already with your talk of Hawaii - torture indeed! I'm green with envy --- but still wishing you a wonderful trip ;) Hoping we'll be treated to some more beautiful photographs from paradise.

    Hope you're all doing well

  2. Ha, that is funny about the scarf!! ;-) I did hear this week that I'll be offered the job, so I will keep my fingers crossed that it all comes through, a good contract, a good rate, etc. I hope to have it all put to rest in the next few weeks and thanks for all of your good wishes!!

    My husband is a Penn State alum so needless to say it has been a tough week. Our entire family are big Nittany Lions fan, as well as loving JoePa, so we're all a little sad and conflicted about the scandal that has rocked that awesome school. We've enjoyed going there several times as a family and of course Rob has fantastic memories of his college yrs there.

    On a happier note, I'm having dinner with Horner tonight, so I'm sure there will be laughs galore at the dinner table!