Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today's topic is about happiness.. I believe that happiness comes in many forms. There's the momentary happiness when get when you achieve some task or goal you've set for yourself. It could be a small victory or a large one, and the happiness felt is proportional to the size of the victory. Setting a new Personal Best on a big climb is good, but rather short lived. Being FIRST up the same climb in a tough group ride is even better. Or how about setting a new PB on an entire ride? Or killing said tough group on the same overall ride?

All of these things bring joy and pride in your accomplishment....happiness. As it should. Having goals gives us a measuring stick to gauge how we are doing. Comparisons to ourselves and to others.

But what about happiness in LIFE? Simply being HAPPY?

Yesterday (Monday) was my travel day for driving back up to Sunnyvale for the next 2 weeks. Meaning I didn't have to get up EARLY as is the usual for a workday. I did however voluntarily get up at 4:30am and bring Jeannie her first ginormous cup of coffee of the morning, calling out "COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE" as is our ritual. She then burrows further under the covers, hoping I'll show mercy and let her sleep for an extra 5 (or 10) minutes. She often begs. I rarely cave. After I pryed her out of bed with a crowbar, I was then able to go BACK to bed. This is a very rare day (when Jeannie gets up before me). So....apparently I fell back to sleep, in a state of total bliss. I was surrounded by our babies. They just LOVE to snuggle up on me. Jeannie  took this shot before leaving for work.

Happiness is snuggling babies!

I think this is what it's all about. Finding happiness in your life. It's very simple thing to find. A hug or kiss from a loved one. A sunny day as you stroll outside, reveling in the feel of sunshine. The feeling of the wind on your face as you cruise along on 2 wheels, master of all your survey. There is an infinite number of things that bring happiness. 

Here's wishing you find happiness in your life.


  1. Very sweet post, Matt! You certainly do look happy in that pic :)

    It is so easy to get caught up in life's stressors and forget about the little things that really do bring happiness. Sometimes all it takes is a reminder like this...
    For me its a kiss goodnight from my daughter and rocking my little boy to sleep while he still wants to cuddle. Priceless.

    Seems like you've been gone a lot this year! At least you're going where you can find some good rides and great scenery.

    We're expecting our first snow tonight. ARGH - NOT ready!!!

    Take care all

  2. Very nice post, Matt! And hello to everyone. Have been super busy with real life now that cycling season is over, but things are better under control now. Speaking of Happy - I had a happy #54 the other day, kayaking on Lake Cachuma with my family, then enjoying a lovely dinner in Santa Ynez at the Vineyard House. I keep telling myself it's "just a number" and that's true, it is, but it does seem like a rather BIG number!! ;-)

    The route was announced today for 2012 ToC and I can't say I'm too thrilled about it. Will be interested to hear your take on it, too, Matt. It starts in Santa Rosa, then down to Santa Cruz area, then Livermore, then Clovis, TT in Bakersfield, then to Big Bear, back to Mt. Baldy and ending in downtown LA. I hate it that we head inland and stay there....it might be hard to showcase the beauty of California for many of these stages, but maybe I'm just a little biased from living on the beach.

    I don't actually have news about the merger as far as a job yet - a branding company from Belgium is in charge of everything and I've been recommended to provide content but that's all I know so far. We'll see how it goes. I have other options so am not too freaked out about it yet!

    How is everyone????!!!!!

  3. Hey Cathy...happy belated birthday! Glad to hear you had a nice day, and also that you are looking to still be a part of the Shack!

    And as to the 2012 ToC route, they totally bypass our area again (like they did 2 years ago). Though they are going to Big Bear again...I did like that stage I have to admit.

  4. Oh, if the ToC is visiting downtown LA, ya think it MIGHT get a mention on the local LA news? Since being in the surrounding towns doesn't seem to merit attention...

    Nice post, Matt. I will confess, I've had many many times this year when I've forgotten to be happy (it is often a choice, don't you think?). Much family illness, job losses, distance, work stress...it goes on. To top it all off, last week I totalled my car (not injured other than a few tiny cuts from the flying glass and a large bruise). But, I can choose to be happy about even this--cause my insurance gave me enough to replace my car with a 2 year newer model!

    Happy birthday Cathy! I hope that whatever comes your way will be exciting and satisfying. (Maybe you should send them a pic of yourself with a scarf tied around your neck...)

    We are having "Indian Summer" this week so have been busy on my days off trying to get as many outside chores done, and also soak up as much sunshine as possible. Won't be long before we enter the seemingly endless overcast that is a Columbus winter.