Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why we drive old cars

Well, things are actually going pretty well here. We hope it stays that way for a while. PG is home, she's got the stitches out, and she's pretty much back to her ol' biddy self. Jeannie took her down for her post-surgery appointment on Monday and had a pretty good report. The feeling in her leg is creeping's moved like a half-inch in the last 2 weeks or's now below the knee and on the move. THAT is a huge thing...of course, she will be wearing some kind of a wrap/brace until it eventually works it's way down to the tippy-toes (so that she doesn't hurt herself, such as breaking toes or something as they have no feeling and bending them backwards).

Here is the scar back AFTER she had licked out the first half (you can see the remaining half). It goes all the way from her knee almost to her tail. The black sharpie half-moon near the tail is the line of doom: it's the high-water line of where the giant blood-clot reached (that would have been contaminated with tumor cells, as all the leaking blood passed thru the tumor). The surgeon wants to keep this line available in case it suddenly becomes prudent to take the leg shows how high they have to go (it's clear up past her pelvis...they'd have to take some of that too). We don't intend to go this route unless there is NO other way.

Here you can see the entire 'splint' they have on the leg, protecting the area with no feeling. She can stand on this (in fact, we are under orders to get her to put weight on the leg multiple times a day to help strengthen the atrophied muscle, as she hasn't used this leg for over 3 weeks now). Of course, she doesn't really WANT to stand on this leg...we have to get her relaxed and standing (on 3 legs), put this foot to the ground, and gently raise the good leg. She fights this and you can tell that as we lift the good leg she is lifting herself even as the good leg is off the ground, putting almost no weight on the bad takes some work to get her to actually bear weight on it..and we do that a few times for 10-15 seconds at a time.

And here's our little angel (devil) snoozing. She jumps up/down of the couches with ease (even though she's not supposed to be doing that). We do our best to keep any moving around to a minimum. The Dr. is afraid too much movement could get the tumor bleeding again. That is indeed a scare, but at SOME point when she's healed, she will be running/jumping around per normal. I'm not sure we can live our (her) life in fear of that beginning again. You have to be able to LIVE. But for now as she heals we follow the directions as best we can.

She's eating good, and we don't have much left in the medication department (HOORAY!). We are off the 'get up in the middle of the night' routine for giving her meds..she now gets them morning and night, and I think we are down to two of six. She's eating good, and she should be happy about that part...she's getting chicken and broccoli (with cheese...we have to sprinkle cheese on top or she will turn her nose up at the broccoli). I'm hoping that someday she will eat the broccoli without the cheese sprinkled on top. But no matter...she's not getting any sugar foods (breads, etc)...just meat and veggies which is supposed to be good for fighting cancer/keeping her tumors in check.

And so...we are quite thankful that the recovery is going as well as it is. Her sisters treat her about the same as always (Sweet Pea will knock her down to get out the door first, or to the doggie food bowls first, or pretty much any other reason there is to knock PG around). So we are always on guard for this...sure don't want her to get hurt by her sisters, as they certainly don't understand the 'recovery' thing.

I will leave you with a post surgery picture of the entire pack. Jeannie has PG covered in a blanket as she has no hair on about a third of her body since they shaved her pretty well for the surgery. I had been sitting where the green pillow was, and amazingly they all stayed put when I got up. You can see PG is quite happy, as she's NOT wearing the cone of shame anymore, and she's getting LOTS of attention.

Jeannie and I fly to Virginia this Saturday, and will be spending the week at her brothers place (the farm). I'm hoping for a relaxing week for the both of us, and that we don't stress too bad about leaving the babies. We have two different doggie-sitters coming over to feed them while we are gone. I've also setup my 'doggie-cams' (webcams) in two main locations so we can peek in on them anytime to see what they are up to (lying around sleeping is pretty normal). They have doggie-doors so have total access to the fenced three sides of the house (so we never have to 'let them out to go'). Thanksgiving is right around the corner, can you BELIEVE IT? I am still in disbelief!

And with that, I wish you a nice weekend. I'll check back in and post something from Virginia most likely.



  1. Have a great time in VA, Matt & hope everyone at the IA has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    If you get a chance, Matt, can you keep us posted on your East coast activities & also update on PG.

    And Im so sorry Janann for your kitty. Hope your daughter is doing better now. Gosh, I can STILL remember & FEEL some of my childhood pet deaths & they leave a mark! Give both your kids some extra kisses from me. :)

    BTW, I'm still torn on my future cycling viewership & fandom but MD said he will be going to the 100th Tour next year so I'll HAVE to at least watch & read about that! Personally, I think next year's Tour will either be 'crickets' or a TOTAL circus (even more than usual)! Maybe Marty's doing a sequel to his LA book - 'Catching Lance'? 'Crucifying Lance'? ;)

    When ya'll pull away from the table, let's chat! :)

  2. Hi Susieb, and Matt, Janann, Cathy and anyone else out there-- hope you all have had or are having a wonderful day! I just got home from work, where we had an awesome potluck; so I am stuffed even without the traditional turkey dinner (which I will fix with all the trimmings on Sunday).

    Right now I need to go take a little stroll, but I did want to stop by to wish you all a fun and grateful day! And now I can properly enjoy the music, lights and decorations of Christmas--all of which I love, but NOT BEFORE THANKSGIVING thank you very much!

    Susieb, maybe cycling isn't quite what you thought in the pro ranks, but by golly it is still the most beautiful sport and there is no way that I won't be watching again come the Tour of Australia! I might even view a little cyclocross or 6-day madness to get me through the darkest days of winter -- since I am not an omnisports fan, football, basketball and hockey don't do a thing for me--
    I haven't seen Mr. Dugard's blog for a long time, I'll have to check it out. Has he commented on the scandal at all? I do remember that he strongly hinted that Floyd had admitted cheating to him (or for some reason believed that he was guilty); did he ever say anything about LA?


  3. Hey Rae, after 28 years of watching the Tour de France on TV & the past decade of watching & reading more about the sport than I ever dreamed would be possible back in the days of CBS Sports Spectacular's weekend taped coverage of the TDF, the sport itself stopped being a shock a long time ago. What HAS shocked, disgusted & enraged me the past 2 years is the comprehension of the almost TOTAL SATURATION of GUTLESS & HYPOCRITICAL ass-wipes that populate the sport. Specifically, pathetic AMERICANS out to save their own skinny asses by attempting to cloak themselves in "truth" & faux, meaningless "begs for forgiveness". It makes me RETCH.

    I awoke this morning somewhere between 4:30-5:00 & I'd fallen asleep with the TV on CNN & when I focused my eyes there was a show being broadcast called "The World According to Lance Armstrong". Once AGAIN there was Betsy Andreu being all self-righteous (please, PLEASE could someone just ask her WHY she felt it was SO important to stick herself into the accusations & then case against Lance back in 2005? Couldn't POSSIBLY be because her husband had been DUMPED from the team as he just couldn't keep up anymore & she was pissed because Frankie & Lance were supposedly 'best friends'?). Anyway, the only surprising thing was seeing the actual videotaped depositions of Lance & various others in the 2005 case. Is that even LEGAL to show taped depositions without the signed ok from those involved?

    To witness how this man's entire career & reputation has been DESTROYED for doing the same thing that almost EVERYONE in not just that sport but in most professional sports of the past 3 decades has been akin to watching those deemed "criminal" put to death by hanging back in the day. Hundreds of people used to crowd around the gallows & cheer. It was ENTERTAINMENT. Have we really evolved AT ALL over the past 400 years? I used to think we had. Now I know I was mistaken.

  4. Hey everybody....sorry I wasn't able to update/post from the farm...John (my bro in law) changed the internet from Hughes satellite (too expensive) to his cell/3G...he has a cell amplifier thinggee, and the data rate is ok for a phone, but not so great for internet/laptop...(and I didn't want to hog up all his bandwidth/airtime)....

    the week has FLOWN by, as always it's sad to nice out here...peaceful. Hunters are all over deer rifle season opened last weekend, and there are trucks for dogs everywhere (they use hunting dogs to chase their deer into the open here...most of the dogs have radio tracking collars on so they can be followed/found).

    Anyway...we leave here within the hour, fly out of Richmond this evening and will be home around midnight....(I then fly to Colo Springs tomorrow rest for the weary).

    OK...gotta run (pack the laptop, check that we haven't left anything important).

    Later gaters! (oh, and TODAY is the BIG hame...Michigan vs Ohio State...Mich has a good record, are barely in the top 25...but OS is this is a HUGE game for both...and typically a brutally fought game. and I won't get to see any of it starts when we are on the road heading towards Richmond airport). GO BLUE!!!! Hail to the Victors Valliant, hail to the conquering heros, hail, HAIL Michigan, the Champions of the west.

  5. Sorry, Matt, I've been rooting for OSU all season & was THRILLED when they finished the season UNDEFEATED (yep, pull out that dagger fast, it's less painful :). As long as Urban is head coach, I'll be cheering for the Buckeyes.

    And my other 2 teams won too! The Gators CHOMPED on instate arch rival Flori-duh State & the IRISH beat hated rival USC to finish UNDEFEATED & NUMBER ONE! Annnnnnnd headin to the BCS Championship Game! WHOOO-HOOOOO!

    Looking back, I think the sporting gods felt sorry for me what with Lance's destruction, Sweet Cheek's egregious season-long misuse by the most PATHETIC team in the NFL, & then finding out my alma mater (Univ of Maryland) is now governed (cough, spit) by a feral, avaricious pack of carpetbagging aliens! So, they got together & hammered out a plan so I would not send myself over a non-fiscal cliff & having all THREE of my chosen college football teams do FREAKIN FANTASTIC this year was it! Thanks SG! But, er, if you could do SOMEthing for Timmy, I'd promise not to even drive within 5 miles of any cliffs! Pleeeeeeeezzze!

    1. Urban has cememted himself forever into the hearts of Buckeye Nation, for he BEAT MICHIGAN!

  6. Hey Susie...I was really hoping ol' Blue could pull off the big upset...was on the road all day Sat...stopped by a bar in Richmond airport and asked, a lady said the score was 21-20 Mich at halftime...I was JAZZED! Then to hear the final..rats...must have been good D on both sides...mich got zero, and OS only got the one TD the entire 2nd half..but it was enough. it when we can be the spoilers (as they would love it to do it to us)...oh well.

    I'm in Colo Springs right rest for the weary...traveled all day Sat, then again all day Sun...I'm tired.

    Gotta run..need some shuteye...

    Later gaters!

  7. Hey Matt - you ok? How's Colorado? How's PG? I completely forgot about your CO work trip. How long will you be there? Did you see any of the big ski races the past week? Think they were in Aspen or Beaver Creek. Ted Ligety crushed 'em all in the GS!

    Meanwhile, up in OH Canada, Lindsey hit a home run at Lake "Lindsey" - won ALL three races! Whoo-hooo! And here I was so worried about her last week when she had to go into the hospital for some kind of "stomach ailment". When she raced one race last week in Aspen, she didn't ski like herself AT all, you could tell she was very weak. I'm thankful she didn't get hurt!

    Can't wait to hear about your Thanksgiving trip & your time in CO.

    Catch ya later!

  8. Hi all! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Christmas season. We had a very nice family Thanksgiving on an aunt's farm.

    Thanks Susie - my daughter is doing much better. She had a really rough week when the kitty passed and her teacher contacted me, as she was failing tests, etc. She is doing well now and trying to prove to her father that she is responsible enough to take care of a new cat. It was heartbreaking to watch her pain of loss. We lost the dog when she was four, but her added maturity made this loss so much more difficult for her. You're right about those childhood memories. I still can remember the depth of sorrow at losing a pet while growing up.

    I'm with you Rae about saving Christmas until AT LEAST after Thanksgiving! Makes it less special somehow when the season keeps getting longer and longer. We cut our tree on Saturday (which is pretty early for us) and are in the process of decorating. A process that takes me 3 times as long with all of the "help" from little hands :)

    I forgot that you would be in CO also, Matt! Please give us a puppy update when you get the chance and tell us about the farm.

    Well, once again I'm up WAY to late at night. Just finished up some on-line Christmas shopping. I'd better head to bed! Have a great week everyone

  9. Hope all is well with you, and your whole "family" Matt.

    It really feels like winter now. The next two weeks will be busy, I hope that everyone here remembers and is able to enjoy them!