Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Yep...our little girl is now ONE YEAR OLD!

She has seemingly stopped growing, weighing in at 54lbs. She's smaller than either PG or Sweet Pea, but outweighs them both. She's built like a block of granite, and I guess that's what all bull-dogs are like. Thankfully she's on the smaller side of what she could have been (they told us 55 to 65lbs for an Old English Bull female). 54 is PLENTY big!

She's still a puppy though in all respects...she's got that nuclear power-supply going for her as she almost never gets tired...and then only for short periods of time (she will take a time-out from playing and lay flat out on the tile floor for a few minutes, then before you know it she's back in action antagonizing PG and/or Sweet Pea). In a way it's sad for her...she's a young pup and living in a dogie-geriactric home. PG and Sweet Pea are both near 14 now (PG we know for sure, and Sweet Pea could be older or younger, though we both believe it's likely older).

Jeannie made a doggie-cake over the weekend...using carrots, honey and peanut-butter. Of course, all the babies will share in the cake later this evening. Here she is with Jeannie and her cake (I took a bunch of shots, can't decide which one I like best, so here they ALL are):

I will tell you the hat was well as getting her up there on the 
couch by herself for more than a moment.

And here's a few shots from this last weekend over at our park...we took all the babies for a walk and Sophie likes to play "fetch the tennis ball".  Too bad she's not very good at giving me the ball back to throw again...we're still working on that part. She runs pretty fast for a little block of granite!

Look at how GINORMOUS that tongue is! No WONDER that most of the time it's sticking out of her mouth...I don't think there's room for it all! (seriously).

And so....our little girl is growing up FAST! Can't believe we'll have had her a year in Dec! Gosh how time flies!


  1. Sorry that I've been absent since the Tour; stuff at work. I'm hoping to get here tomorrow & chat. I was SCHEDULED to have my house's trim/doors painted & repaired tomorrow but it's supposed to storm all day so it had to be rescheduled for NEXT week. My original rain date was for this Saturday but it's supposed to rain then too. POOP! I've put off this work for the last 4 years & must have it done this Fall. Can't believe it's supposed to rain now as we had almost none in August!

    Oh well, are you watching college football? Both of "my" 2 teams (Notre Dame & Ohio State - sorry Matt!) handily won their opening games & good things are expected but you just never know! Unless your entire team is stacked (um, Buckeyes), one or two injuries can wreck your season before you barely get going. I felt so bad for that Va Tech QB who broke his collarbone & is now out most of the season. But, you know, he JINXED himself! He'd been sacked hard in the 2nd half but was ok & joked to the TV camera at half-time that it "would take more than that to take him out". OH NO! As soon as he said that, I just knew the reaper was comin' for him! And then there as the BYU QB, who apparently had endured season-ending injuries the past THREE YEARS & there he was, a senior QB leading his team & down he goes with a leg injury & out for the season! His backup at been on his Mormon mission the past 2 years so not exactly over-practiced & he ends up making the game winning HAIL MARY in the Final SECOND! You can't make this stuff up!

    Hope to chat more tomorrow! Have a great time today/tonight & eat some scrumptious cake for me! :) :)

  2. Hey Susie...thanks for the bday wishes...(I don't do much facebook, but had a ton of well-wishes!) I did indeed have cake...Jeannie brought me home a wicked-awesome Tierra Misu (SP?)...OMG was it awesome! (and I have more for tonight too!)

    Have not seen a lick of football sad to hear OSU is so strong again...rats. I'm excited about Big Blue's season chances this year now that they FINALLY got rid of our old coach and got a REAL coach...but nobody can turn around a team right takes a season or 3 to do HIS recruiting and such. I just hope they make a showing this year and aren't an embarrassment to the Big 10. And my Raiders...well...we will just see. I'm always hopeful for a return to glory (or even a .500 season).

    Sorry to hear about the rains...we'd KILL for that. We're having another week of HEAT...I did a short mtb ride on Monday (Labor day) and it felt like I was riding into a hair-dryer (and that was @ 10:30am). Yesterday and today are supposed to be the hottest days...I know sleeping the last 2 nights was hard (we don't have AC...almost nobody does) and the house was still quite toasty at sleepy-time. The babies are all hanging out w/ their tongues hanging out panting up a storm, drinking a LOT of water. If we don't get some rain soon we're really going to be in a heap of trouble.

    Well...gotta bday is over and now I'm just another year older. Yak at ya later...