Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oktoberfest, here we come!

Yes....Jeannie and I are headed to Munich for Oktoberfest (among other things). We leave at O-dark-thirty Wednesday morning. We Fly from LAX to Boston and then will spend Thursday and Friday there, which we did to break-up the fight so we didn't have to fly all the way to Germany from Los Angeles in one long swoop (not even sure how long that would be in the air...15 hours or so I'd guess) coach. I'm hoping we get upgraded to at least Economy Plus on the overseas leg as we are flying United, and I'm Premier Gold frequent flyer w/ them. But you never know...IF we don't get upgraded it will be a long horrible flight. I think we're with Delta on the LAX to Boston flight...I have no miles with them so we will suffer in coach...but that's only about 5 hours and we'll survive.

We're both getting pretty excited about this's been a LONG time coming. Jeannie's twin brother John is coming with Peggy, and he will be our tour-guide as he's done Oktoberfest many times. Me, I don't speak any German other than Ya and Nein. I know Jeannie has a folder of stuff for us to do throughout, so we won't be just sitting around for me, for the most part I'm just going along as a tourist, doing whatever she wants to do.

In Boston I want to tour the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)...that's about the only thing I have on MY to-do list. And I think Jeannie said she wants to walk the entire "Freedom Trail", and also we'll go have a beer in the original Cheers bar. If we had more time we'd get up to Salem for a day...but I doubt that will happen this trip.

Take care and stay cool! And for everybody EXCEPT California...stay dry. We do nothing but stay dry here sadly. They can start working on the water-pipeline from everywhere that's NOT California to here any time now...seems everybody but us has more water than they know what to do with.

OK. That's about it for now...I'll be posting updates as we go (I hope) as I'm bringing my laptop. I hope to have lots of pictures and stories.

Later gaters!

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