Sunday, September 20, 2015


We are alive and well here in Munich. We're staying at the Munich East Marriot, and HERE is a picture of Jeannie with my newest BESTEST FRIEND in the entire world: a SUPER DUPER HOOPER SNOOPER COFFEE MACHINE!!!!

You put your cup under the awesome spout, hit a button and FRESH GROUND coffee, espresso, or CAPPUCCINO comes streaming out! Stir it up, hit it again and MORE comes streaming out in a little brown stream of GOODNESS!! Here Jeannie is showing how an American does a DOUBLE DOUBLE cappaccunio! (I had the same fact, as of my typing, I've had about 8 of these little liquid morsels of DELICIOUSNESS).

And with that, we need breakfast, MORE coffee and then to go find us a power converter so I can charge/plug in US based devices. Have a wonderful Monday and I will update pics and story as the days go by. And btw: dinner last night was a wicked tasty plate of pork cutlets and a two weisse beers that were flat out incredible!!! Asta la vista BABY!!

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