Saturday, July 28, 2012

Buum...BUUM...Buu-Buu Buu Buu Buu Bum-bidy bum-bidy bum-bidy bum-bum-bum bidy-bum bum BUM!

In case you don't understand my Bum-bidy-bum language, that's OBVIOUSLY the opening sequence to the OLYMPIC tune...and QUITE stirring I might add!

YES, it is ONCE again that time...where we get to be enthralled with sporting events of OLYMPIC caliber!

This morning was the road race, and I ended up going out running errands, but I did check back in and zoom to the end, and WHAT an end! Not in a million zillion years would I have predicted THAT! Serves ALL the sprinters teams with the exception of Great Britain right that their sprinters didn't get a chance at the gold. They all said NO, let GB handle it all and we will just jump in at the end when they are all too tired and Cav won't have a shot. LOVE it that they ALL lost out, and how awesome for Vino to go out of cycling with an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL! I'm actually happy for him, though I would lave loved to see Tyler get a chance...but it wasn't for the US to pull the break back, as we had a man in the break (VERY VERY SMART!!) So Gilbert, Goss and all the rest of the wanna-be's totally lost out due to them and their teams being too tactical (ie: STINGY!) for their own good.

If I were on GB's team I would have pulled my guys off the front much earlier and shown the rest that they'd best step up NOW if they want even a remote chance. They did a LOT of work cuz nobody else would.

LOSERS!!!!! TOTALLY serves them right!!!

And I was very sad for Fabian...didn't see his crash (I'll go later and watch to see where he lost it in the turn...I did hear about it and also saw him come in alone dead last I think)...such a shame...but he overcooked a turn and that's what happens. I was also really rooting for Horner to have a great day, and that he would be in the break with a chance to win. I mean, if Vino can win it, so could have Horner! I was just amazed at the other guy up with Vino...shows how young and inexperienced he was that he took his eyes off of Vino for even a MOMENT that close to the line, and Vino pulled off his attack PERFECTLY! Nobody can take that away from him.  Brings me back to that tour a few years back when we were all rooting for Vino...he would be spectacular one day, then crash and be horrible the next...(and then was pulled out for blood doping not long after that). Not a bad way to go out I must say...Olympic Gold...that will surely be a life-long treasure for him!

And so...the TT is on Wednesday....lots of potentials...Wig'O' is the natural fav...but so was Cav in the road race, and look how that turned out. I will be rooting for Spartacus (as well as the Americans of course)....Think it would be cool to have Fabian win gold.

And swimming...sheesh...Ol' Michael Phelps slipped into the 400IM final by the skin on his teeth! That last heat w/ his nemisis Lockte lit up the pool and Phelps's out-touch that other dude by a few hundreths of a sec were all that got him into a final he surely was supposed to be in...again, playing it tactical...thinking he can back it down and it almost cost him a shot at the final! I didn't see much else of the swimming tho...I'll have to record tonight so I can see the finals...I would also like to see the cycling podium ceremony...

OK. Here we go...Olympics are in FULL swing! Woo-HOO! Hang onto your hats! It's gonna be a WILD RIDE! Will Phelps get his next gold tonight to be come THE most decorated Olympian EVER? Or will it be another night? I can hardly wait!

Enjoy the ride!



  1. I wasnt able to see the race--at work-- and can't find a replay-- but I read the race live report at cyclingnews. My goodness, VINO? Whodathunkit? AND Uran? My my.

    And I am SO upset for Fabs, I really thought he was on form to win gold! I hope that injury doesn't keep him out of the TT. Also sad for Tommeke--bad time to have a flat...Oh, and for Taylor Phinney to be so close -- FOURTH!!! The USA team did way better than I expected, made the break (bet Horner had something to do with that!) and had TJ working to make sure it stayed away...
    Gilbert was in the break too, and gave it a good shot, but just like the rest of the season so far, he just didn't have it. Nothing like last year.
    Seemed like a GREAT race, so sorry that I had to miss it!


  2. Oh gosh...must be another senior moment...I TOTALLY forgot to talk about the opening ceremonies! What did you think? Seems like Bejing wasn't that long ago...I can still remember my wonder and awe at those boxes that turned out to have PEOPLE inside...and how awesome that part of the show was. But London...interesing! Just how did they get those smokestacks UNDER the track and field surface?

    And as to funny, well, nobody tops James Bond "ah'eming" the Queen (ACTUAL!), and then the helicopter ride, and then BOTH of them jumping out of the helicopter, and then the Queen actually arriving...obviously she did NOT really jump, but THAT was awesome anyway! And the Mr. Bean stuff...holy cats was THAT funny! When he was 'playing' along w/ the London Symphony Orchestra, hitting the same note ga-zillions of times, and then w/ the umbrella, and finally they were done playing and he was still going...HILARIOUS! And then the Chariots of Fire beach running scene w/ him also...have to give them credit..that was damn funny! I love it that it seemed Mr. Bond walked into the Queens actual office...I doubt it but you never know...the announcers did say that the Queen has a wicked great sense of humor!

    I never did see the torch lighting...I fell asleep during the team entrances.

    OK..back to my Sunday afternoon chores.

  3. Only saw bits of the time trial yesterday--had it on while a contractor was measuring my kitchen--and just saw one shot of Fabs mid race, but could tell that he wasn't himself. His position was wrong, his movement wasn't the fluid spinning that we are used to seeing -- he LOOKED like he was pedaling through molasses! My heart ached for him! BUt what a competitor, to go out and try even though he was hurting!

    Yay for Taylor Phinney, just missed the podium again! Okay, so we are supposed to cheer when they win a medal, but this is a really good result for him at 22 years old -- looking forward to 2016!

    I wasn't so impressed with the opening ceremony--had a lot of "what was that about?" moments (although I wasn't seeing it all, so maybe I was losing the thread)-- with so much history to choose from, I guess they were trying hard to stay away from anything that evoked the colonial/empire periods but really, there is more to boast about than pop music and movies and the NHS isn't there? But yes, the special effects were awesome! The Queen's entrance was so unexpected! I do think that I had seen the Mr. Bean bit with "Chariots of Fire" before.


  4. I watched the womens TT, and then just this morning caught up on the mens...Kristin Armstrong really did the job, coming out of retirement to defend her title..and what a ride she did! I saw her ride the Solvang TT 2 years ago...didn't even get a picture as the women (who rode before the men) didn't have the moto or car w/ their name placard...too bad...I had no idea who was who as they came by.

    And then the men....Rae, yes, poor Fabian didn't look very comfortable. He really looked like that crash on the road race took it's toll..when he finished he was lying there in obvious pain.

    But you can't take anything away from Wiggo...he once again did the deed and didn't just win, he WON! Certainly this year there is no more dominant TT'er than Wig'O'.

    As to the rest of the games, I'm simply overwhelmed. There's just TOO MUCH. But it did completely wipe out the typical "post Tour" blues.