Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turn out the lights, the party's over

Or actually, I think the party has just least for Team Sky!

And so...can you  BELIEVE IT? The 2012 Tour is OVER! I'm in shock...what am I going to do with my spare time? Oh...that's right...OLYMPICS start THIS WEEK! I guess this year I won't have too long to grieve in my post Tour depression. Next weekend we get Olympic Cycling!!!

I'm sure I'll forget tons, but I'd like to recap and such my thoughts on this years TDF. At the end I must admit I was warming some to Wigg'O'. I did love it when he would be out front pulling Cav as a lead-out man (who just happened to be wearing Yellow and was going to WIN the overall race).

I think it's sad about the riders who weren't there to contest his dominance. Surely Andy on his best day would have had a hard time taking enough time considering how AWESOME Wigg'O' was in the TT's...he surely proved he was indeed the champion in the final TT...he was incredible! That is a serious exclamation point on his win. I would have loved to see how Alberto would have fared this year...I think it would have REALLY been interesting. And I can only hope that next years route has TONS and TONS of mountains, and a Team Time Trial, and maybe ONE Individual TT (and maybe a prologue). THAT will change Wigg'O's chances considerably. Assuming Andy and Alberto will both be there next year, AND that maybe Froome will be on a different team, and Nibbles will have been working on his weaknesses....I can only say it should be a tour of tours, and I'm already excited thinking about it!

I realize on my last post I did Chris Horner a dis-service by NOT mentioning how AWESOME he was in stage 18 (and yes, the ENTIRE tour!)...he hung in there with the "Heads of State" right until the final push by Froome to catch Valverde. Oh...and one thing that just entered my mind....would anybody like to hazard a guess at how many times the word "penultimate" was used by P&P this year? I'm guessing dozens in the last few days...(no, I don't have an answer, but I was chuckling every time I heard it).

I also liked it when George (and Chris) rode on the very front as they entered the Champs...that was pretty awesome! So I take it that means Chris is retiring too? I'm not sure I heard that (for sure anyway) utterly sad for me...they are two of my three fav riders! (Fabian rounding out the top 3, not in any specific order). Thank god Spartacus is a young'un!

And can't take anything away from Cav...he and his team came thru in the clutch...gosh, I really thought that break w/ Jens might just make it this year! But they were caught on the last lap...he sure gave it a HUGE effort though...good on him! (as of next year he will be in my top 3, assuming he returns for another year).

Well...I'm sure there is so much I left out...but I'm tired and need to get some SLEEP! I'm always quit sad when le Tour is over, but I'm thankful for the Asylum and all of my inmate friends out that is where we all came together OH so many years ago over at 'He who shall not be named's place...until we were evicted for being inane. Ahhh...funny how things work out.

And one final Fantasy Tour team finished in a whopping 10,353rd place with an ASTOUNDING 2311 points! Holy cow...I was only a bit over 3000 points off the lead...I was THAT CLOSE! Maybe next year! 

I now bid you happy memories of another Tour that is relegated to the history books, with Great Britain's first EVER overall winner. Great ride Team Sky! And I would be remiss to not say GREAT RIDE Team Radio Shack/Nissan...winning the Team category, and with only 6 guys too! And a GREAT ride by 10! NICE!

Sleepy time. Goodnight Gracie! Turn out the lights when you leave please.

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  1. Place # 7335 for me--with 2707 points. I had Cance, Sagan, Cav, Goss, TJ and even stage winner Fedrigo! left off Voeckler, who I have always included before -- I doubted his fitness, silly me. But even his inclusion wouldn't have made my team competitive, without Wiggins.

    Even with the dominance of Team Sky (and the outcome settled pretty early on), there were many great moments. I tried to watch the last stage into Paris after work, was disappointed to see it was mostly recap, and I couldn't stay awake to see the actual finish. Going to look for a video clip now!

    And, unfortutunately for me, I have to work next weekend when the road race is on -- hope that I can find a rebroadcast of it on Universal or NBCSPorts websites; I don't want to miss it! Remember last Olympics, what an exciting finish with Cance's attack to finish 2nd?

    And next years TdF, agree, should be great!
    Transfer season is coming up, wonder who will end up where for next year. Rumors have it that Cav wants to leave Sky since he won't be the biggest star with so many riders dedicated to him. Since Renshaw has been a flop for Rabo, will they have the cash and the interest to woo him away?