Friday, July 20, 2012

Home Stretch

Well...the mountains are past and Sky/Wigg'O' have maintained their world-domination and GC positions. Today I thought for sure Froome could have taken a huge time chunk away from Wig if he dared...but he played the loyal teammate which was good to see. Not sure what Wigs really had left in the tank in each of the big Mt stages, but it appeared Froome could have dropped him on every one. But we will never know how it COULD have turned out...only how it did.

And poor Cadel...fighting on to the end, but losing more time today. And I can't understand why Nibbles dropped back after catching the breakaway...surely nobody in the break wanted him up there, but it would have been the MOST pressure Sky has seen...maybe Valverde promised him something...(or threatened his family for all we know....just kidding there, but I sure would like to know what was said between those two before they shook hands and Nibs backed off).

Nice to see that the KOM jersey didn't change today ...I have become a real fan of Voeckler in recent years...he is just SO animating and unrelenting in the mountains! I'm glad he didn't lose it...and did you see the polka dot bike he was riding today? He is SUCH a character! I've never seen so many faces from one man. Next year no matter what I'm picking him for my fantasy team!

What else...oh..CAV!'s like he was rocket-propelled when he passed the two final men in the breakaway...gosh he went by them SO fast it was unbelievable! Not another sprinter in sight...(though I see they gave the same time to all of them...I thought he had a big enough gap to earn a seperate time, but I guess not).

Actually tonight I watched yesterdays AND today's stages as I worked late on Thurs and got home in time to eat, feed the kids and hit the sack...I was beat. So tonight was a double...whew...that's a LOT of tour for one evening!

And's almost over...a TT and the ride into Paris...anybody think Cav won't be up for the win on Sunday? I think we saw a glimmer of the Cav from prior years today...and I think he'll be on fire in the home stretch and free to fly, what with Wigs pretty much a lock for yellow barring an asteroid strike or some equally horrific catastrophe.

Ahhh...relish the final days...soon it will be in the history books, with only the OLYMPICS to console us for the next MONTH! E-GADS, I'm going to be dead tired by the time they are over!

Take a deep breath...and enjoy the tail end of the 2012 Tour. It'll soon be in our rear-view-mirror.

Viva le Tour!


  1. Ugh - can't stand it. The end is bittersweet!

    It sounds like my time was similar to yours Matt––constantly trying to catch-up, after work took away time from the earlier viewings. Your recaps helped tremendously.

    Now if I could just get the lyrics outta my head, "just you wait Henry HIggins, just you wait." For years now its been, "just you wait Bradley Wiggins...."

    I think Cav will have it in him tomorrow! But my heart will be with George for every lap.

  2. oh and thanks for linking that Sensenbrenner (sp?) letter! It was as if he plunked direct quotes from Lances camp, many of which are legally competent arguments.

    I have mixed feelings about Gil Kerlikowski. He came to Seattle as Police Chief, after leaving Buffalo (same position) for what was a very short term in NY. Think he lasted there only a year and 1/2. It's like Chiefs are the drummer of the police-set. While here, he seemingly tried hard but came off as a bumbler. A real "keep up the company policy" kind of guy.

    We should have some nice weather for your PNW visit Janann! Cool but sometimes sunny.


  3. Hey, Jessica, I completely forgot you were out that way! We've been suffering all summer with temps in the 90s and HIGH humidity with not a drop of rain in sight, so we're hoping for a bit of cool and refreshing with maybe even a little rain :) I was sort of wondering what to pack. We've been in nothing but tank tops and shorts since @ April! Must keep reminding myself that we're headed to a different climate completely.

    I thought Cav was AMAZING yesterday!!! wow wow wow. It really shows the difference in closing speeds of the sprinters vs breakaway specialists too. they are in a completely different class at the end of a race! I loved having Wiggo lead out the world champion - it even softened my heart just a bit towards him. It just wouldn've have been a complete Tour without Cav crying on the podium, so I was happy we go that in ;) that Henry Higgins song is in MY head! Very clever.

    Well, Wiggo really demolished all comers in the TT today. That was a real show of dominance. And, while he's not my favorite rider (or even in my top 40), you have to give him the respect he deserves as the definite and deserving winner this year. TJ did a fantastic job, though I just cringed for poor Cadel when he got passed. He has carried himself like the pro and world champion that he is this year in defeat. He faltered but can be proud of himself. TJ is going to be a force to be reckoned with soon!

    Hard to believe it is all over tomorrow for another year......sniff.